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Evan Carmichael
When you’re giving up. Someone is still going.
“Start where you are and with what you have.” – John Johnson #Believe
“When it's work time work! Focus your energies on the tasks that will explode your business and ignore the d ...
The @EvanCarmichael Entrepreneur Champion of the Day is @GabieBoko - Thank you for everything you do to help entrepreneurs!
You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great.
“Our passion is and always should be to make life better.” @MarthaStewart #Believe
“When you stop innovating and learning your business will start to decline.” – Evan Carmichael #Believe
#SeeTheMomentWhen you finally believed in yourself enough to start your business. Believe again now.
The @EvanCarmichael Entrepreneur Champion of the Day is @richardbranson - Thank you for everything you do to help entrepreneurs!
You never fail until you stop trying.
“Passion. That's it. When you believe in what you're doing, that's it.” – Dov Charney #Believe
“If you want your company to grow and become successful, you need to continue to grow as an entrepreneur.” – Eva ...
“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey @Oprah #Beli ...
“It's better to take action, get it wrong, and course-correct than to take no action at all and miss out.” – Eva ...
Thank you SO MUCH everyone - it was super fun #MSBizTips
Killing yourself for a company that doesn't appreciate you while sacrificing the best years of your life isn't winning. #MSBizTips
"I couldn't rent a car when I was under 25 so I was always taking taxis to see customers." - Bill Gates #MSBizChat
"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment." - Paul Meyer #MSBizChat
Big things go in first. Block them out. Give yourself the time you need to do big things. #MSBizTips @Cindy_Bates
To stay organized you need to make a calendar. #MSBizTips @Cindy_Bates
If you go for entrepreneurship, it’ll be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. #MSBizTips
"Don't confuse action with productivity." - Robin Sharma #MSBizChat
"I take 2 weeks a year to just go off and read and think." - Bill Gates #MSBizChat
If you don't have the $ and need a partner then make that decision carefully. Partners are like getting married. #MSBizTips @thexiv
.@fitbit has gotten me to take 20,000 steps every day. Insanely effective tool :) #MSBizTips @ryzeonline
Passion HAS to be at the core of everything you do :) #MSBizTips @peterelvidge
Way more important to upgrade your microphone before your video camera :) #MSBizTips @CommsBar
Nobody in my family ran their own business so I didn’t have any role models to look up to. #MSBizTips
"You've got to enjoy what you do every day." - Bill Gates #MSBizChat
The fact that you're not where you want to be should be enough motivation. #MSBizChat
I don't even have a phone line anymore... 100% skype :) #MSBizTips @Cindy_Bates
I use skype for calls, Facebook messenger for chat, and Google hangouts for youtube interviews #MSBizTips @Cindy_Bates
Whatever email program you use, you HAVE to set up rules and filters. Insanely important. #MSBizTips @ryzeonline
Yep I'm a huge fan of @Upwork to find people for your team. #MSBizTips @ryzeonline
Getting an editor for my YouTube channel took me from 1 video to 14 videos per week #MSBizTips @tameraweeks
Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. #MSBizChat
Believe that if you keep putting in hard work every day the momentum will grow. #MSBizTips
"It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." - Bill Gates #MSBizChat
Agreed - love having a physical copy of a book instead :) @CommsBar #MSBizTips
I'm not a podcast fan. I'm all in on YouTube. #MSBizTips @peterelvidge
I haven't tried pomodoro - I find 90 minute chunks of time are ideal for me. #MSBizTips @RishyCupTV
Do you guys have fav YouTube channels? #MSBizTips @FlyDuoATL
It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. #MSBizChat
When you believe, others around you will as well. #MSBizTips
"Everyone needs a coach." - Bill Gates #MSBizChat
"My best business decisions really have to do with picking people." - Bill Gates #MSBizChat

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