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amanda ang ✧*:・゚✧
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bryanbby's photo and ur face got me like 😍
meeting my favorite person @lunarlxy for strictly pancakes!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
been so long since I woke up this happy
i rly like the process of everything falling back into their places. it's true that a rainbow comes out after every storm 😊🌈
Moving a project forward can be quite time consuming today bec... More for Virgo
sad moment when a fried chicken gets more likes than ur selfies :(
hahaha this is so absurd but wtf I CAN'T DEALLLLLLLLL
lol i can't stand 90% of the ppl on social media
but even the sun sets in paradise
The next person who actually stays , I'll love you so hard you'll be scared
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always trust the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie
cats are so scary somebody help 🔪😩
my sisters just toasted some biscuits with Nutella and marshmallows in between!!! it's so good I am in love (*≧▽≦)ノシ))!!!
why do I always get hungry after I've brushed my teeth at night 😡
You work best when you have a detailed plan that you can execu... More for Virgo
我喜欢吃炸香蕉 🍌🍌🍌
what goes around comes back around
this (silly) aunty just asked me how do I do my eyeliner so nicely and then she went "are u even 13 years old?" OMG 😡😡😡
breaking news: u can do a romantic gesture for ur partner and not take photos of it to put on twitter and it will still count. amazing
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just wondering if u have shit for 3 meals bc u're so full of it lol
never ever give somebody the power to make u or break u, i repeat, never ever 🙅
aiyo why are all my friends so pretty.... they make me sad 🔪
LOL wth this must be the most legit and serious conversation I've had with my pal @MANFREDEEZ "in all honesty" wtf HAHAHAHA
don't need much in life, just 2am bitching sessions with the funniest people can make ur day
it's so easy to make me happy. just a packet of roasted pumpkin seeds and a really good book 😊
some girls are so pretty, it's unfair!!! 😡
You may encounter an unexpected speed bump on the road of life... More for Virgo
man, to think I opened up to u, lol!
favourite past time: stalking cute white boys' instagram accounts
u can bully anyone but my family or friends because I swear to god I will kill u if u ever hurt them
The act with the lowest votes and leaving the competition IS... ...the incredible @JayJames. Wow... 😥
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'shake it off' has got to be my anthem!!!
thunder really gtg it's so scary I hate it 🙅⚡️
I'm proud of my 25 games for the Dutch national team, but I'm so gutted with my injury... I'll stay…
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can somebody get me cake from awfully chocolate
u still mean everything to me, ure just not worth the fight anymore
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