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amanda ang ✧*:・゚✧
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worst thing ever is to see somebody slowly losing interest in u lol
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gotta $tay high all my lifeeeeee
so bummed for dortmund :(
for my whole damn bloody life, I've been giving in to others just so that they can be happy. but what about me?? lol
lol I fell asleep while watching a horror movie 🌚
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can somebody get me famous amos chocolate chip cookies 🍪🍪🍪
don't text me if u take forever to reply me thx
hush little baby don't u cry, everything's gna be alright
i was 22 degrees fahrenheit, u're the sun and u could melt me at ur fingertips
saw u through ur worst and u left me at ur best lmao
ppl always leave me at the end of the day. the one thing I would have never done to them, they did it with no hesitation.
@FootballVines: Liverpool fans with a message to Luis Suarez” HAHAHAHAHA LOL
i want to watch the bayern/ mancity match but it's at 3.45 😭
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wtf why are all the 9pm channel 8 shows so 贱 😡😡😡
Where's the good in goodbye, where's the nice in nice try. ♬ ♬ @thescript
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apparently I sent to the group a photo of somebody i RLY hate (he's not v good looking too) and....
but i get my hopes up and i watch them fall everytime
damn, to think i trusted u lol
my sister fed me Panadol when I told her to feed me candies. how could u drug me???!!! 🔪😡😡😡😡😡
wtf can't believe I got a long lecture from my godmother for not being superstitious like her and not kneeling down to the "chinese God" 😑
if u wanna use some real life w/o makeup pics here u go but if u want to take screenshots of mid talk video ur stupid
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pls don't speak chinese to me irl I'll just be like "waddafak u talking bout" 😩
need somebody who can love me when i'm at my best, worst or when i'm nth but a potato:(
why am I not a Caucasian :(
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to future boyfriend: i wonder what u're doing right now bc ur girlfriend(me) has been lazing on her bed for 2 hours