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some people are just assholes with a face
perfection of your face slows me down
There's a fine line between acting on your impulses and just d... More for Virgo
why do i always feel insignificant and ugly and pathetic and boring
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you make my heart feel like it's summer when the rain is pouring down you make my whole world feel so right when it's wrong
let's get drunk on our tears
so hungry....!!!! i rly want twister fries 🍟
yeah you show me good loving, make it alright
ya i'm prettier in pictures, sorry you can't view me from a strategic 85 degree phone angle in warm lighting 24/7 ok i'm upset about it too
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omg I miss @Pigudong_ so much, this is really tragic why must God separate two ppl who are genuinely in love with each other 😢💟
Interpersonal communication might feel strained now, but maint... More for Virgo
it amazes me how people can come up with such ridiculous and blatant lies to get themselves out of situations 🌵😄
#TBT: Watch Scholesy's screamer vs Barcelona again, and again, and again...
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never religious but it's only you i talk to God about
lol fuck u and fuck off
LAST 3 DAYS LAST LAST 3 DAYS!! ATLANTIS 8! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! $35 FREE FLOW!! Contact me now at 94890045!!
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You are reluctantly dragged into the spotlight today, but you ... More for Virgo
rly want to shove all ur lies into ur nostrils and cut off ur ears and staple them onto ur forehead
cause the power that you're supplying is electrifying ⚡️⚡️
Tell me, do I keep you up at night the way you keep me up at night?
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lol loser lameass wannabe
feels like I'm constantly playing a game that I'm destined to lose
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Schweinsteiger following his new team mates in order of position is the most satisfying thing we've seen all day.
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love every single facial expression that u make unconsciously
You can't help but be nervous about sharing your goals with yo... More for Virgo
Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret.
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you don't like me but who the fuck are you
yj people need to stop gossiping bc walls have ears + they honestly don't realize how stupid they sound
You have plenty of responsibilities on your plate now and may ... More for Virgo
as long as you love me
It's nearly impossible to be efficient when you believe you're... More for Virgo

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