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I got caked! Well not literally lol just the cream splashed on me jahahaha
The crowd sucks, place chibai small some more.
Lol damn I can't enjoy trance...
Can someone pls carry me to Steve aoki boat later hehehehe
Conclusion is I like, rave with less crowd LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL stab me
But sometime being in the vip sucks, no high or that adrenaline rush feeling and fucking far from the stage -_-
Haih I forgot how I hated not being in the vip in rave the queue is ridiculous man and fucking crowded ~_~
Who's going Steve aoki tonight?
I'm at Yi Cha Cafe 一茶 鲜捞飲 - @YiCha_Malaysia in Subang Jaya, Selangor
Every emails means a lot me, u guys inspire me.
Happiness is when getting emails, msgs from my readers especially for my recent post handling haters how it inspired them. :')
I'm at Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya, Selangor w/ @vetriana_96
Need new spec :'( can't see shit
28 more days - 18 days - less than 10 days
What to wear for Steve aoki man.... indoor rave some more
I'm at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus - @TaylorSMalaysia in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Selangor
Feeling really really sick.
Something is definitely wrong with my body
Appreciation post: Before I met you, I was incapable of loving someone other than my family because I was a completely broken person. I have so much flaws, too much flaws than you think I have. People oversees me because of my flaws, but you my dear, you embrace my flaws as if it's the most beautifu
Wtf fucking insonmia
curse my expensive taste and low budget
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"@marguliesbetty: Last Christmas, I ...... But the very next day, you .... 😭�" hahahahahahahahahahahanahahaahah
Throwback candid because I have no pic to post. Lol. Anyways I shared my experience on bullies/haters and how I deal them on my blog, believe it or not I received death threat from anonymous before... "if you have haters, basically you've succeeded"
My last 2 RTs :)
Spot my name! Ya'll probably think why my name is there and if you passed by bintang megamall miri... if you never noticed, it's okay well now you know and you should notice it! XD and check out my blog what is really going down this new year's eve! Crazy, I'm getting nervous now xD www.missa
Pre-birthday celebration for this beautiful @thedinlowe with coursemates :) stay amazing Dina!
Just chillinnnnnnn. If you haven't read my blog read up! And it is updated againnnnnnn on my experience sleeping in the airport, but then again it wasn't a bad experience ;)
While @spinzer thinks that sex is fun, what do you guys think? Whose responsibility is it when it comes to safe sex - the girl, the guy, or both? Hmm.. I personally think it's both but how about you? #SomebodyLikeMe is curious and would like to know what you think of this: Ps:/
Happy December guys, super excited for my fav season of the year (Christmas) but I don't have a long holiday. Shucks. Anyways I just updated my blog again! Read up ;) #throwbackpic
It's 1st of December , means it's WORLD AIDS DAY!!!! It is a day where people worldwide unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate those who have lost their lives to the virus. #SomebodyLikeMe is here to show my support and would l
Guess what, I decided to publish the post in collaboration with @lazada_my today because I'm happy with the pictures outcome taken by @samanthaocy_ today 💕 anyways my blog is updated on Lookbook in collaboration with Lazada, I can assure it's a fun read because I had fun writing it 👉👈 http://www.
A lookbook in collaboration with @lazada_my will be up sometime next week! So excited to show you guys what I'm gonna present to ya'll. 😍😍😘 statement necklace sponsored by @lazada_my
Went to 7E and bought condoms and the cashier giving me the weird look, anyways......Went I first saw condoms when I was young I thought it was a balloon so I wanted to fill the condom with water, but I threw it away because it gives this eeky oily slimy texture that grossed me out a little bit. #so
When I decided to be less lazy and reconstruct my look, a vain self-took portrait is a must 😏
#somebodylikeme would like to know what do you think about casual sex? Sure sex is fun, but the consequences of it - HIV could change your whole life.
Guess who decide to bring this little hero to kill all the germs that accumulated on my body today? #dettolphbalance
A selfie with awkward hands (actori I'm a cat 🐱 or rabbit 🐰) is not necessary but goodnight.
#Kifvalentine concert with these gorgeous bloggers 🌸🌸🌸
Excited to watch Kif Valentine circle by world class maestro tomorrow! #kifvalentine
Mr. Henry seems comfortable in my arm 🐻
Tea session with @daniellwh
🌞 bag sponsored by @lazada_my
Not ready for the camera lol 😂
Just hanging out with @daniellwh @zenneuro @dave_thay