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Althea Vergara
To those who quoted Green Day 29 days ago, wake up!
The next two weeks are scary as shit. 🙊
What just happened?! 😱
Happy birthday to my favorite grandfather (coz there's no competition 😂)! Thanks so much for fetching me every night from school and for patiently waiting on days when it's the other way around. Thank you so much for trying to spoil us. Couldn't be more proud to be related to a superstar. 🌟 And y
Commit to other people's happiness 'cause then it'll be hard to think about your unhappiness when you think about other peoples' happiness.
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Technology has a way of disappointing you in times of dire need. #badlaborluck
Someone's going to have to drag her ass to school tomorrow. 🙈
Back in this quaint city after three years
Can I skip the part where I have to answer an exam and go directly to that where I go on a road trip
Never let go of an environment that makes you want to thrive.
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Wake me up when September 18 ends...
i’m the nokia phone in a room full of iphones
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REALLY, IT'S NOTHING... Like OMG @thescript, this made my day. My whole week, possibly. 😱😱t6s
Five months... And because it is possible to upload this one without having to crop it
Today had us all... 💀🔫💣🔪
Your snaps kind of broke my heart... but it still feels like I'm nearby. Happy birthday again, @miggredelosa! 💋�Ch
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It's always a group shot.
With all of the procrastinating I have to do I doubt I will have time to get to that homework.
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It's hard to enjoy Sundays when all you can think about are Mondays. #3moreweeks
"I don't like this crowd." "Me too" "Same" This is why we're friends. 👊
This is how our rivers should look like. If people in rural areas can……
This is how our rivers should look like. If people in rural areas can maintain their rivers, why can't people in the metropolis do it too? The greater population in urban areas is not an excuse. #TeamKalikasan 🍃
Today was fun despite having to pick up someone else's trash. #TeamKalikasan #USCBuhisan2015
What truly matters should be kept as low-key as possible.
I'll probably be waking up to finals week tomorrow. Have to let that sink in... #onemoremonth
From routine trips to the library to spontaneous trips to nowhere in……
From routine trips to the library to spontaneous trips to nowhere in particular 🚶🏃
“The face you give the world tells the world how to treat you."
Amazing how some people can recall the subjects that were hard in their UPCAT. All I remember is that everything was hard. #UPCATmemories
To swim with dolphins #bucketlist 🐬🐬
It just has to be pasta.
Tonight's Never Have I Ever was intriguing. 😏😏
Creatures + Ate's special guest
Mother Creature, hello! 🎂
It just so happened that all movies & shows I watched today were all set in NYC. Every few minutes I'd be like, "@jayneilouise's there!"
Charlize still killed it even with a buzz cut and half a left arm in Mad Max. 😍
Why does The Astronaut Wives Club have to be a limited series? 😭
Woman in Gold is just awesome. Art history + Nazi involvement + Civil Law + Helen Mirren's timeless style 🙌
That's it. I've been to too many intramurals openings. 👵
Came across this photo from last year. Hi invinnity…

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