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Althea Vergara✨
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It'll take a great deal of courage for me to be able to watch White Collar's final episode. 😩😩😩
A slumber party with girls from ages 5-21 and a guy in a trainer costume >>
It must be obvious that there is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness.
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"We do not have to choose between a healthy environment and a healthy economy." - @HillaryClinton. RT if you agree.
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I have to kill this essay
Helen Mirren could be Jennifer Lawrence's doppelgänger. Think about it.
Me: Ma, I'm so hungry. Her: There are plenty of Cadburys in my kitchen drawer. #parenting 😂
It's depressing that there's only two more episodes left of White Collar. I mean, you can never have enough heist shows. 😪
Keith won!! I would've preferred Will to take home the crown though. But it's all good.
Karun ra n sink in imong pgkanindot kasabot namo ni @yukocanga yesterduhhhh! 😂�@altheavergarara
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An ancestor of mine conspired to commit rebellion. 👏👏
It's crazy how it's pre-mid week and all I foresee is a stress-free week. Must be the absence of digest work 🙌
Sheppard's Bombs Away 💣
Papa just had to wear an ombré shirt for tonight's vinyl time. 😂💽
Nothing but the best greetings to the girl who planned my birthday surprise but didn't show up. Miss you special person! 😘😂
The best I can come up with after weeks without instagram
If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too. - Dr. Seuss
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We should be prosecuted for the wastage of hundreds of trees for the sole purpose of hurting our hands. #savemotherearth
Momentary absence ✌️👉
Talk about excessive use of apostrophes #sugarrush
There's no room to whine about my teachers' tactics as long as my mother's in the vicinity.
There is really no need for you to tell the whole world every traffic situation you encounter.
People should know when to stop boosting others' ego in the manner that I do. It's not rocket science.
Apparently, classes start tomorrow. I absolutely have zero feelings in lieu of this, neither excitement nor dread.
Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress; u get there a little at a time, not all at once #consciousdaily
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Nothing but a sharp intake of breath
Who am I kidding? Those who are "closest" to me are the very ones who do the things I disapprove of. 😐
White Collar's sixth and final season. I'm not ready for this. 😭😩😟
So I watched nine episodes of Arrow today. I call that productivity.
The latest episode of New Girl is probably one of the funniest yet.
If you type in those words one more time... 😣😡👿🔫🔪💣
Oh yeah, I drove a truck earlier today. Pardon me, Im only a proud kid. 😭