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It took 3 years to build this body, why would I destroy it one bad meal at a time?
Niggas wanna small talk because they ain't as big as you
Damn they fucked fife up lol it's all warehouses and fucked up roads... Shit crazy
Hardest shit I have heard in awhile... Whole tape hit
Maturity comes with experience, not age.
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@ImKive Oh shit, Velen - No mans Land and Novigrad are all on the same page.. so Novigrad is the big city?
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I use to think 50 cent was yoked... But he's a child to me now.
I been in a funky ass mood the last month. I'm trying to get out of it but that sometimes that shit keeps a grip on you, ya know?
Oh, and Graceland is on Netflix so I guess that's kinda dope.
But my circle stronger more than ever.. I know If I got a problem the few I call bruhdrens got me, and that's what it's all about.
I don't do that apologize shit. Everything I say is 100 honest. So if you feel some type of way about that maybe you should change yourself
Wow get on fb see two people having kids so I get off
I wish I knew people that were stronger than me so I could push myself to even higher expectations.
Powerlifting for mfs who couldn't make it bodybuilding because their genetics are trash... Get real
Your two homies are up in here getting a pump @trevorlefevre
People barely notice things right in front of their eyes, you have have to find it.
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500 on deadlifts for 2 I'll take it... 😁
Even tho Kevin gates weird as hell that murder for fire go hard.. New gym music
I love being woke up early... 😎 fuck
My shoulder still healing too
Walked up to 275 on the bench cold and did it 20 times. 😏
I'm getting so strong im starting to impress myself.. And that's hard to do im a tough critic.
People really don't like it when you call them out lol
So let me get this right, we had 3 days off and now the sun wants to come out... Haha the sun be playin
There's just something relaxing about cracking a gatorade open freshly out the fridge...
A man will speak his mind and confront you.. So run it
These fife born and raised cats needs to chill.. Been going to school since preschool and shit.. 😂😂 can't make it in the real world ass mfs
Every action has a reaction...think about the shyt you do before you do it..
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I know niggas out for my life, gotta look to my left and to my right.
I wish niggas would stop huffin and puffin and just blow the house down already.
Shorty think she the shit, but she could b a lil thicker
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Guess I should get this chest pump in
Three day weekend doe
Hahahahah yo that white dude got balls I seen him get rocked…
What's the move tonight tho?
From one GOAT to another GOAT. This is 🐐🐐�
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I put a video up on fb it gets 600 views ... I need a YouTube channel
Man I wanna leave work so bad... But 3 hours will go by quick
That can't be real

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