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To keep it 100 weekend aint even all that..I rather be at work cashing out
My all red vans got so dirty last night 👀
But understand nothing was done for I don't plan on stopping at all.
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Can't wait till I am 27, that's when your body is capable of putting on the most muscle mass. You just man strength
I need to eat more peanut butter, im out here looking and feeling skinny
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Let's get this work then. Chest day
Don't bring people into my life that aren't a positive influence in my life. I don't need distractions, once I classify u as one its a wrap
I just can't orrtend
Our generation is so confused and misguided.
As weird as it may sounds im kinda hyped it's raining. #bittersweet
It's crazy going to work and not dreading it... I really don't mind my job, blessing really. Way better than the trash security jobs i had
265.30 feeling leaner 😋
Shoulder day 👀
I been watching this show called weeds it's pretty funny lol.
Sometimes you gotta sit back and look at where you are in life and what you have. It could be worse.
Drake that guy man.. He always been making the same type of music so meek mill a clown for that.
I watch Seinfeld every night before I pass out. Lol
It's crazy I never had a lock on my phone before and the majority of people I know do. I got nothing to hide, what about you?
"I'm tired of living with demons because all they do is invite more"
Speak your mind, don't hide your emotions behind those 150 characters on Twitter... We grown
if u got it good, cherish that shit.
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It's 5 AM and i'm so hungry right now😩
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All you Seattle cats is wack and are minimum wage working mfs quit with the classy act. 😂😂😂😂. Keep serving those drinks and that bar
I need more because what I got now ain't no where near enough
Gotta respect drake tho , all these niggas dissin him , and he still minding his business , outselling all these fuck boys. Lol
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LMAO Kramer's dad tried to clown me on snapchat Hahahaha he said you lift all them weights but you gotta little dick. 👀
If we can't connect mentally there is nothing between us.
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Something about working hard and being busy all day that makes you feel good.
Only dumb people don't know when to listen. If someone has more knowledge on a subject than I, I am gonna listen and absorb what they sayin.
I about had it with working out before work. You can't push hard enough when you half asleep. This shit meant for cardio runnin fags
I'll roll solo then 💪 lets get it

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