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I ruined a tendon in my arm 😤 it's super sore. I just wanna go ape shit in the gym tomorrow too.
Everytime I got to IHOP I'm reminded of when @ConnCourt was drunk and threw up all his food in the parking lot... Memories lol
Talk to me when you got a crew of dudes that push more weight Ina. Session than most cars weigh.
No definition having sloppy eating drinking every day doing child's play workouts from the intent could never be so alpha get real
People who post snaps of their pussy ass workouts need to stop, y'all don't even know how to lift and your bodies been the same for years
Don't listen to @ROLVND his bitch ass is a cavs fan. He ain't jumping ship to the next best team.
These days I try and sleep as much as possible, because when I'm up I'm in a bad mood.
Your dude is 100 pounds, get real ain't no one worried about that. 😵
I walk around like I got a S on my chest, feel free to come try and take it off if it bothers you. Please humble me 😤
6 god is trash, he really is flowing about nothing lol. I mean it's decent, but for drakes standards it's garbage.
This generation is shit and so are the people n it. Ppl wanna act something they aren't and wanna disrespect anything they don't believe in
But people are dumb as shit and say you're whipped or some shit. Na nigga it's called being respectful you ignorant fucks lol.
I'm do what I gotta to make a relationship work, make sure I'm perfect on my end, if it don't work then I know it ain't my fault.
That Arizona Defense tho!
Jesus, palmers passes are on point right now.
Carson fooled me on that pass lol
Cardinals Boutta eat today 😤
Seattle is so bad smh... How does a team do a complete 180 in a season.
Most people lack communication nowadays. They don't know how to correctly express themselves. Fighting and cussing somebody out isnt the way
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Lmmaoooo 😂😂😂😂�@BarryClerjusteerjuste: But yo who is dat handsome number 2 😍 >&"
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Seattle team chemistry all fucked up... That's why they keep losing.
My boss texted me talkin bout every single person who works today called out. I'm like welp that sucks. It's my day off. Go Hawks!
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Kobe is a virus, the lakers won't go .500 this year.
Lynch gone next season? Not sure how that's a good move for him lol. No teams gonna give him touches and love like they do here.
This Nigga Catchin The Train To Go Fight In The Cell Games
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When you see your ex and they still use your Netflix subscription service
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Jobs getting limited for niggas.. Shit getting too real out here smh.
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When it's all over
Miss this fool @So_Alpha_Travie at work too bad he's ignorant lol jp we should kick it tho
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its only 9 and im debating going to bed
Drake got twitter poppin off that Heat of the moment joint... #goodmusic
Yo i need people to play nba 2k15 My court mode with... #ps4
Milton residents hate me because my stereo too loud
I can't eat chicken anymore.. I killed the taste
Just having a girl who has a good personality is better than hanging with a model...least she keep me entertained ..looks it's all
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What's going down tonight?
So many women have mustaches.... And instead of shaving it they put makeup over it, it looks worse and you can still tell. 😂😂