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Fuck you all
Everything hurts
I want to die
I'm so hungover and I'm so tired and it's so hot and my fucking bus won't come and Charlie is so awful and I feel like I'm gonna throw up
I feel so shit
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
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If you're 15 + you have the Internet congratulations. You have a world of influence to educate you + a PC dialogue wide open to be discussed
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,@realDonaldTrump u are a great troll account 10/10 now where's the real good candidate
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Hydration? What am I gonna do with that? Feed a family??
My head hurts
Omg@my head fucks me up I'm gonna force myself to sleep
Charlie stop snoring you ugly ass
I think I'm actually hungover lol this is a first
Like it's a bit hypocritical to "fight" with people and then act like you're best friends idk she does it with everyone
I love Taylor but she's literally so far up everyone's ass
Literally Avril lavigne will forever be one of my favorite artists
I remember sitting in the bathroom for hours talking to ange about how our life doesn't make any sense and we want to die oops
Last night was too wild
I think I need to throw up but I'm not sure so I'll just stay in bed and see what Happens lol
You know what Justin? You deserve every love of this damn world. Keep doing what you love, we will always be here for you.
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Avril lavigne fucking slays
I'm a bit disappointed in badlands tbh. It's too pop for me
And once again I'm a belieber. Hell yes to his new song.
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I'm starting to unstan so many people and it actually hurts
harry: taylor? like swift? & smiles @ a haylor poster liam: talks about taylor & sings 22 taylor: likes the video of liam singing me: cries
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I already miss being drunk tbh oops
Justin really fucked up with this Instagram thing tbh
I'm sorry I'm always so myself
I love you Charlie
I'm always sorry
Charlie hates me I'm sorry
I'm not drunk at all hahahaha
you were red and you liked me cause i was blue you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky
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They think I'm insane, they think my lover is strange But I don't have to fucking tell them anything, anything
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I CANt believe we finally have album date
Justin Biebers new song is acually really good!! #fangirling #WhatDoYouMean
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We are FREAKING OUT over @justinbieber's brand new single, #WhatDoYouMean 😆😝😭 Who else…cKl
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you got the song & the lyric video. Now the #whatdoyoumean music video comes out on @Vevo 11pm est on sun after #VMAs
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I'm overwhelmed, humbled, and grateful. I didn't know how you would all accept me. Thank you. #WhatDoYouMean thank you.
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yep. new album coming november 13th. pre-order on my store to unlock the album art
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Reminder if you buy my album at @Target you win a chance to be flown out to come hang with me ✈️
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"What was my little escape is now yours"

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