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I miss Justmine tbh #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
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I'm not a directioner but their music makes me so so so happy
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Food is amazing, don't get me wrong, just not in my stomach
Who needs food anyway
A chance to come meet me at my album release party. follow me on LINE here…
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Meetings at the label today in nyc about @justinbieber and @CodySimpson. Everyone is blown away!! #music. Here we come!!
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@NickDeMoura let's get it to #1. Proud of u bro.
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There's too many things to be excited about in 5sos land so I'm going to have a nap
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I think I'm gonna buy ice cream and pity over myself, even though it's gonna ruin my diet
I'm not even gonna cry over her seriously I'm not
Keep telling yourself that you're a mum
I fucking wish she would die
I'm so fucking done.
Oh so it's not okay for me to state my opinion but it's totally fine for you to hit me, mother ☺️ of course ☺️
I'm obsessed with phone cases and ice tea
Things I Want Miley To Do: Grow Her Hair Make A Country Album Do Some Movies Date Douglas Booth Collab With One Direction & Justin Bieber ♥♥
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Justin Bieber sleeping with two black prostitutes.
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Food makes me sick
I don't want to go out with my friend today but I also don't know what else to so and I don't want to be alone, what a struggle
I wish I wasn't such an failure
If I ever tell you that life is beautiful I'm trying to convince myself more than you
My mother sucks at being a mother
13 months til I can move out
When I am here no longer, you must be stronger
You're too young to live this way
Does it worry adults & parents that most problems teenagers are facing nowadays are stress, anxiety and depression
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I wish everyone would get the support and help they need.
@almostrauhl my irrelevant back lol. you made it through yesterday, though. you can go through today too.
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"You made it through yesterday, you can make it through today, too."
@almostrauhl: I hate my life and myself and I'm tired and no” same
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I want to kill myself but I also want to move out, get a great job, feel comfortable in my skin, learn how to be happy See the problem
I want to lose 5000 pounds in two weeks, how??????
I hate my life and myself and I'm tired and no
"@almostrauhl: I just woke up and I already feel like shit" Me everyday
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I just woke up and I already feel like shit
at a concert: 85% fake fans 12% people who think it's fun 3% members of the twitter fandom who actually deserve to be there
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