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Brianna Aguiar
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I have a feeling that watching the West Wing isn't an appropriate form of studying for my American Gov final but oh well.
If you aren't going to buy the item, don't stand around it and then walk away at a pace of two baby steps per hour #BreeGoesXMasShopping
Hey @LeoDiCaprio you should support the @borgenproject in their goals to eradicate global poverty #makeadifference
Thanks to a great mentor @randyjose for a great semester! I'll miss you (and our unproductive meetings) while I'm abroad!! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas from Admissions!
#tbt to the good days of Christmas with my big bro and when I was actually super cute #ChildModel #ToddlersAndTiarasHadNothingOnMe
My #mcm goes to @wolf_of_stonehill for letting me take this ridiculous amount of weird pictures of you
Majority of my Christmas shopping done, just a few more things to purchase and then I'll be worry-free (at least about presents)! 🎅🎁
Thankful for this idiot today 🐔 #ItsATurkey
#selfies cuz I'm bored on this campus all alone
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm absolutely obsessed with #5SOS
Is it weird that I'm craving pizza this early in the morning? When did this addiction begin? When will I be normal again?
First Mr. Stonehill selfie with Billy Benson @mr.stonehill #MrStonehill
An unexpected Connolly reunion last night!!
I just got 153 ups on a yak and I've never been prouder of my accomplishments...
.@taylorswift13’s "1989" has only been out a week and has already sold a million copies. Well that was swift.
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Stonehill keeping it classy with the buzzers at the hill
Help me in supporting Borgen Project Fundraising Campaign on…
Happy birthday to a great friend I've known for 6 years. Who would've thought we still would be best friends? (Remember when you figured out I was moving next to you and I was terrified and now here we are!) Welcome to adulthood! Love you!! ❤️
I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been dancing around my room dancing to #TS1984 since my roommates gone...
Happy 21st to a great friend, suitemate, and all around amazing girl, @ahulverson ! Stonehill would not be the same without you, and I'm so glad to call you my friend! Now drink and be merry, it is your birthday after all! 😉
So excited for the @taylorswift album, and thanks to an amazing friend @wolf_of_stonehill for the belated birthday present since it's everything I've ever wanted #1989 #imobsessed #listenedtoitonrepeatlike8timesalready
67 days until my plane leaves for España so I guess it's time to start studying up! #EuropeanAdventure #StudyAbroad
Found this gem #happyhalloween from Lara Croft
We meet people for a reason, we impact them as much as they do us. And, for this pure fact, life is beautiful and amazing ❤️
This past week, I've decided on a minor, that I'm going abroad, and my Halloween costume. Guess which I'm most proud of? #itsthelatter
I really just want Chipotle, but I am a) at work and b) broker than an abstinent prostitute. Anyone wanna help a sister out?
We were built to fall apart, then fall back together. #OutOfTheWoods
We woke up like this #models
The amount of Chipotle I've eaten this past semester could pay for my flight to Spain. #thoughts
When you get all dressed up, but the squad cancels on you.
Sometimes I just want to be the strong, African-American protagonist in a Shona Rhimes show. Is that so much to ask?
I made a new friend at the Disney store as I emerged to adulthood #HeresToMyTwenties
Fall has made everything beautiful again #stonehill #fall
Feel like shit, get treated like shit, gonna do shit on my exams. How's your week going?
Thanks for an amazing night with an amazing man for my pre-birthday celebration ❤️ #wegotdressedupforPFChangs #youknowyouaintonthatlevel
A #flashbackfriday for you all! Happy birthday to one of my best friends and my amazing roommate! I cannot believe you are no longer a teenager and I'm so proud of everything you do. Love you girl ❤️❤️
Guys, I'm in a Stonehill publication. Granted I'm super small and you can't seem my face, but I'm still there #stonehill #model #waitingforthecallfromvictoriassecret #ultimategoalscomingtrue #getonmylevelgisele
My ladies of the night 💜
I think this just about defines our friendship
I'm sorry but if someone pulled out a pocket projector to make a point, I would never be able to take them seriously.
About 6 people that used to have read receipts have turned them off and it's a struggle #WhyYouGottaDoMeLikeThat