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Brianna Aguiar
Ambassadors getting ready for #DiscoverStonehill #Stonehill2019
Sometimes a little bit of nothing means a whole lot of something.
"Every Thursday is a constant internal struggle deciding whether or not to do a #tbt."
Tonight is a stay-in-and-watch-TV kind of night. #letscuddle
"Save some Sprite for my chicken." "Your chicken's gonna be thirsty?!" @mike1993m and I take on the casino...
Germany won. I once went to Germany. Therefore, I win. #WorldCup
Today I had the actual thought: "Time to start brainstorming what Christmas presents to get people!" Then I realized I may have a problem.
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Got my first "thanks for the great tour" email... I'm like a celebrity now. No autographs, please
@BeWeaIthy: They say you are what you eat, which is funny because I don't remember eating a fucking legend”
I feel the sunburn hitting my face #LobstaFaDays
The real Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, was cellmates with Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong and credits him for his current good fortune.
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Summer at Stonehill is turning out to be magical #summer2k14 #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #picoftheday #love #friends #amazing
Yesterday will probably go down as one of the best nights of the summer #Unforgettable
If you're having a bad day here's a picture of a baby in a penguin suit.
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When the doctor takes blood work and then, after I get bandaged, I start profusely bleeding and I'm not even phased #whatachamp
Having lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings alone because I can #imanadult #treatyoself #personaldate
I woke up today & proceeded to shower, do my laundry, do the dishes, clean the house, get gas and clean the car all before work #dedicated
PSA: If you have lost interest in the high school musical marathon, the Hallmark Channel is showing Christmas movies. #turndownforwhat
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Is it bad I'm trying to fall asleep now because my chest pain is back? Why do I have so many medical issues? #breeprobz
But no matter what happens, this has been one of the best summers of my life and it's only July. I wouldn't trade my friends or my fun.