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Brianna Aguiar
"He's a grown ass man." "He's just receiving the affections of the young children!" #oops #soundspedofilic
There is a rogue sprinkler. #nofilter #stonehillprobz
When your whole outfit on point and the squad cancels on you
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I just want to pet the baby animals but I'm stuck in class. I vote we all lead a mutiny.
"I am the danger... I am the one who knocks." Thanks @BreakingBad_AMC for the marathon! Really helps my mood (and my procrastination)!
I should go home more often when I'm upset. Free retail therapy is exactly what this girl needs 💳👛
Freshmen out and about at 9:15pm with their biddie skirts on already #blesstheirhearts
News flash: Acting like Regina George doesn't make you cool. It just makes you a mean girl. (That goes for men too. Don't be a mean girl.)
Trying to nap but the million and one things I have to schedule are rushing through my head. #ThisIsWhyNoOneShouldBeInvolvedInCollege
Minutes ago the Pentagon unfurled an American flag in remembrance of the September 11 attacks.
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Sometimes I call myself an idiot for making choices that end up being amazing. Let's hope this is one of those times.
Last night was magical for the very fact that I was breathing the same air as Ed Sheeran #GingerGod @teddysphotos
Sometimes all you need is a good friend and a good chocolate chip muffin to get you through the morning. #FoodForThought
Sometimes you just need someone there to tell it's going to be okay
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People forget that cars are good for more than just transportation. They are the perfect place to cry and eat. You can even do both at once!
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I feel way too old to be at this @edsheeran concert #ohwell #GetOnMyLevel
So excited to finally see @edsheeran live!! Wish I could actually meet him after the show though #mygingergod @LiveNation
Buyin' drinks for everybody, But the pilot, it's a party, Got this 737 rocking like a G6. #DierksBentley
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Raise your hand if today sucks!🙋🙌
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I have one day to commit all @edsheeran songs to memory before this concert #leggo
Just realized I was basically a commuter my first year at Stonehill because I lived in the Sem #semprobz #stonehillprobz
You write her name on it, Spin your tires on it, build your corn field, whiskey Bonfires on it, You bet your life on it. #FlaGaLine
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There are a lot of things I want, but on the top of that priority list is for my professor to not show up right now #exhausted #IHateMondays
The fact that when the door to Stanger unlocks, it sounds like you're getting shot 3 times. #NowIKnowWhyItsCalledStangBANG
More men should love us because of our proclivity for buffet style ribs
The things Ivy and I do for all-you-can-eat ribs. #wearemen
Trying to get a jabroni to look over at us by loudly stating phrases like "let's watch the game babe," "mmm beer," and "fantasy football."
"Tell someone you love them because life is short, but shout it at them in German, life is also terrifying and confusing" @BlaineTheGinger
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“@budder_muffafa: @PortableShua try japanese candy.” Hong Kong is currently in China
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Buddies, I'm going to be in Hong Kong for 18 Hours. Please tweet me the one thing I MUST DO and the yummiest Dim Sum spot?!? Thank u!!
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"I love life!" Words you will never hear come out of Emily Zygiel's mouth again!
Wanted: anyone willing to take this spider down. Applicants should send their resume to me. #thatshitisterrifying
As rough as things get, good things always happen. Excited to officially be hired as the social media leader and to make the program amazing
If only time could heal the constant puking that has made up my morning #subtweet #ohwaititprobablywill
It's the second week and I'm already skipping class #dontworryihatemetoo
do u think a stranger has ever tweeted about something you’ve done in public
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College cost $45K per year but they don't include A/C in the dorms and don't let us bring our own....
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Learning to realize who truly cares and not to settle for those who don't #realtalk
my anaconda dont want none unless you've got financial stability and are looking to improve yourself as a person hun
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My #wcw - she makes me Asian by Association