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Brianna Aguiar
Thanks for a great summer at our own personal summer camp. Now jetting off to South Africa #nbd see you in two weeks!
@taylorswift making an explosive finish with "Shake It Off" at the #1989worldtour last night #hatersgonnahate
Thanks @taylorswift for a great Friday night at Gillette Stadium. Every single second was magical, moving, and just so perfect. Your music has helped me through so many hardships and changes in my life, and I'm so proud to call myself a Swiftie. I still remember when 1989 came out and I was able to
When @wjreilly_ makes a shout out to me - the mom of the group
I honestly don't know what I would do without him ❤️ counting down the days until this goofball can hold me in his arms again
Polo and Del's, how more Rhody could I get? #rhodeisland #newport #summer
Happy friggin birthday to my bb @higginstori - I cannot wait until you get here so we can celebrate only like you can. You are possibly the greatest person in the world, so live it up today biatch 😘
I have a feeling George R.R. Martin sits home and reads fan theories all day and laughs as he continues to just kill our hopes and dreams...
#summer #squadgoals
Because @wjreilly_ broke out the lederhosen
Sorry Santi but I gotta trade my #mcm today to the lovely Chris Pratt because... Well... Just look at him 😍😍😍
Killing it. Happy (almost) 16th birthday to the realist cousin in the world, @adamrom77 #swag #mymomdroppedthecake
Because we had a fun photo shoot, I have to post multiple #Stonehill
We fancy #stonehill #seniors #nofilter
I don't want my time at #stonehill to ever end #seniors
#toothirsty for that chicken doe #shihtzu
My #wcw goes to @emilybroe who clearly is beginning a new fashion trend #holdontoyourlanyards #freshmenpayattention #stonehill
For those of you who do not know me, my name is Brianna Aguiar. I'm an intern at Imagine Scholar...
Hi everybody! So for those of you who do not know, I am traveling to South Africa at the end of J...
I'm raising money for Imagine Scholar Fundraising. Click to Donate:… via @gofundme
Happy summer from Stonehill
The actual best #mcm goes to my boyfriend, who's willing to make these faces for me, read my million and one texts fangirling about dogs and Taylor Swift, and watch Blacklist with me over Skype. Miss you (and wishing you had an Instagram to tag you rn) ❤️❤️
My brother let me straighten his hair. #imthebestsister #futurestylist
Saying goodbye is too hard. Here's to my last night in Bilbao and all the memories I've had here. Can't wait to come back soon. Agur!
"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." Thanks for making this journey one of the best in my life and I look forward to us. ❤️❤️❤️
What do 12 year olds do on dates? Watch re-runs of The Suite Life while holding hands? Share some chocolate milk? I need answers people.
Happy Mother's Day from across the pond to the greatest mother a girl could ask for. Thanks for being there even when I act like a brat, for making me soup cuz you know I love it, and helping me achieve my goals no matter what. I love you mom! ❤️
Also, I pet a camel #lifegoals #guesswhatdayitis #mikemikemike
When you find a spanish renaissance fair #okay #wecutethough #secretprincess
He only judges me some of the time.... ❤️
I found Dori hanging with Nemo and Marlin in Copenhagen #fishies
Santi hates me #truelove #datenight #hedoesnttakepictures #soobviitookaselfie
I have the best boyfriend ever. Diamond bracelet from Turkey? He must know I love all things shiny 💎 ❤️
Waiting for my boy Papa to come say hi #Vatican #studyabroad
No caption necessary for this one #Roma #studyabroad
Got my name written in Greek on a necklace #Greece #studyabroad
Found the beach on an island in Greece. Also found a lot of stray cats and pistachios, but that's a whole other story #Greece #studyabroad
My #wcw goes out to @ezygiel aka Emmy, Phlemily, Mackayla, the Zigs, etc etc because we have a million and one names to describe this beautiful gazelle (as Ivy would say). HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY :) I love you so much and can't wait to see you in Copenhagen in a few weeks. Be prepared for a great time a
I think I convinced Santiago to get a pug with me over the phone... #hesperfect
Ancient Greece #nbd #acropolis #studyabroad #athens
View of the mountains from my hostel in Athens #greece #studyabroad
People keep speaking Greek to me and I want to take it as a compliment but then I awkwardly have to say "WHAT?"
Made my first friend in Greece. He tried to lick my hand so I had to tell him I had a boyfriend. #studyabroad
Also a stray dog came up to me and tried to lick my hand. I had to tell him I had a boyfriend #nochill
In Thessaloniki alone. This is interesting
I've seen 8 stray cats... 8!
A little rain couldn't stop the romance of the city #paris #studyabroad
A dream is a wish your heart makes ❤️ #disneyland #paris #studyabroad #dreamsdocometrue

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