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Alli Speed
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I told him it didn't belong to him. He obviously doesn't care. NEW-NEW CAMERA! #chico
Click the link in my bio for the tutorial on this Fall Makeup Look!
I honestly don't even know how to caption this. #chico
Shooting some photos with Wyatt! I have no clue what to do with my hands. Or my face. Or anything, really. #notamodel
@AlliSpeed I was gonna keep this hushed until Thanksgiving but... I couldn't. Here's festive Chico! :D
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This happened during Drunk Gaming. Click the link in the bio to watch us play Destiny! #drunkgaming
He insisted on helping me edit. #chico
HAVE YOU SEEN MY VIDEO TODAY? Link is in the bio! (also, why does my finger look so weird lol)
Sometimes my dog glows. #chico
Here's the before... #haircut
Hangin on the couch with this fool. #chico
A grainy morning. #chico
Graduated from sweet tea to mimosas, and I ain't even mad about it.
That one time in Itaewon where these kids had some INCREDIBLE Silent Hill costumes. #itaewon #seoul #korea #silenthill #halloween
Smudged after a long night out in Seoul, but here's how it ended up! I had a blasty blast this Halloween :)
A work in progress. #halloween
I eat this abomination in my newest vlog! Link is in the bio! #kuro #black #burger #japan
The long way is rewarding, but shortcuts can be surprisingly fun. Crossing the Kamogawa. #kyoto #japan
The torii gates of Fushimi Inari. #kyoto #japan
Met a guy dressed as Frieza in Harajuku. Life = Complete. To see my vlog from Tokyo, click the link in my bio! YAY! #tokyo #dbz #japan
One of the many incredible gardens in Nanzen-ji. Although the original burned down, the first building stood here in the early 1200s. So crazy. #kyoto #japan
@UberFacts: 15 amusing challenges that are nearly impossible!” THAT'S ME! lol