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Alli Speed
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FINALLY got my vlog to upload! Here's the kickoff before the kickoff of the @contiki #RoadTrip14 :)
Attempting to upload a vlog at the moment. It’s being a bit finicky. Bear with meeeee🐻
Sangria with my gurl in Barceloneta. #RoadTrip14
Oh my god. There are two women on the “plane train” next to me speaking castellano. I am reinvigorated and excited about Spanish. Holy hell.
Can't believe I'm leaving this for, like, over a week. #dogp0rn
Come see Chico open the house tour video for me ;) he's such a HAM! Well, technically he's a dog, but...
Editing this psycho house tour for you hahaha it’ll be up soon… If I can get Chico Pico to stop STEPPING ON MY LAPTOP!
UGHHHH my friend sent me a recipe for flippin churro waffles and like juice sounds good and healthy and all but CHURRO. WAFFLES.
“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” -B.F. Skinner
Lady almost backs into my car, I put my hands up to say WHOA, her husband flips me off. #logic
My #ootd with one of my all-time favorite shirts :: shades/rayban :: shirt/thesequietsounds :: shorts/blanknyc :: shoes/adidas :: bag/katespade
Just received a lifesaving email about penis enlargement. NOW ALL OF MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! Thank god!
Forgot to mention this! I did an interview at VidCon with a couple of USC students. They were awesome. Check it out!
Disappointed. Damn. I don’t like when days start out like this! I still have time to fix it, though :)
Here's a video I've wanted to do for a LONG time! Hope it's helpful! It's been awesome for me. Enjoy!
Just remember, when one door closes, another one opens… And then I close it before you walk through, because I’m a dick.
Bleggghhhh another MA plane gone down for unknown reasons. This is just awful :/
So a lot of you said house tour… I filmed something else cuz I got inspired suddenly, but I will do a house tour for my next vid! Deal? :)
Getting ready to film a video. Still haven't decided what it'll be. I'm thinking a little bit beauty, a little bit nerdy. Thoughts?
Treating for bugs. I always feel bad about this, but not as bad as I feel when I crush a roach with my bare foot in the dark.
Sometimes I accidentally dutch oven myself. #wakeupandsmelltheuhhh
Merci, gracias, obrigada, grazie, danke, vinaka, arigatou, THANK YOU
Posting dat vid super soon! Got caught up hanging blinds for like six hours. MEGA excitement around here.