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Alli Speed
youtube social media girls 362,481 followers
My #motd and #ootd :: shirt/uniqlo :: pants/jbrand :: bag/burberry :: shoes/kork-ease
Ever eaten a Lorna Doone cookie with vanilla frosting all over it? Yeah. You should work on that.
CHICO WINS THIS ROUND! The haul will be posted another day :) In the meantime, enjoy this ridiculously adorable puppy
So, I’m gonna leave today’s video up to YOU! I have a goofy little video of Chico, or I could post a haul. Which would you like today? :)
Don’t you love waking up super hungry to a photo of your friend’s amazing breakfast? YAH I DON’T EITHER WHERE’S MINE BETCH
Her favorite grandson. #chico
Hey whatever happened to FUBU
Sooo... the Skype "update" was so they could run ads.
I kinda feel like a hotdog right now… No, I mean I physically feel like a hot dog. This is odd.
Editing the last Contiki vlog. I will post it tomorrow! So sorry it took forever. I was out of town and sick and *INSERT LAME EXCUSE*
Investigating mom's juice. #chico
WHY DO I STILL FEEL SICK. I’m over it, body! OVER IT.
Orchids in the botanical gardens. #atlanta
Don’t shame skinny people if you’re fuller, don’t shame larger people if you’re small. Be proud of YOU. It doesn’t have to be a contest.
Sometimes it's good to be weird. #atlanta
Shopping with the cuh. Found this Free People number. So fun!
Atlanta peeps: what’s good to do around the city on a weekend? We are readyyyyyy to partyyyyyyy ;)
One and a half of my cousins. #atlanta
So, I’ve been on a weird hiatus for my birthweek. Working on the final Contiki video, and something a little especial ;)
Today feels like a Cuban sandwich kind of day. Thoughts?
Delish birthday dinner with my fam. Thank you everyone for the kind words today! Love you guys and gals <3
Happy Birthday to the adorable @davedays :) so glad to share a birthday wif youuu