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Alli Speed
New video tomorrow, babes! It'll be an August Favorites :)
My little Rancor. #chico
My dessert tonight! Strawberry, banana, apple and chocolate PB smoothie. YUM :)
Just drove by a restaurant called Moon Wok. God bless this country.
So ends my insanely obnoxious tweet spree. Thanks for listening/ignoring, folks.
Nice game, guys. Interesting. #FSUvsOKST
And here we are, back at a three pt game… #FSUvsOKST
Oh no :/ I hate to see a player down, no matter what team. #OSU
Wowwwwww what a catch. He earned that shit. #OSU
Look at their little matching hats! #OSU
1) I care about the Seminoles because FSU is my Alma Mater 2) I’m sorry to everyone who has notifications for my tweets turned on
Dude. They are in sync right now. Amazing freaking completion. #Noles
How the fuck did he stay standing?! I’m always floored by these guys. #Noles
I love seeing @HarleyPlays on my TV.
Holy yardage. Nice play! #Noles
I like Winston’s squinty face. #Noles
Apparently I’m Hagrid now and leave consonants off the end of words
Alrigh, #Noles. Let’s do this.
P.S. Chico is fine. He snuck some grass last night, and it made his tummy upset. Little stink!
Chico hurled this morning. I heard him heaving and shot up out of bed in time to get him off the carpet! Alli - 1, Puke - 0
I love falling asleep with this little guy. Well, this big guy. #chico
@RightThisMinute: Because you never forget your first time… via @AlliSpeed #pets” YAY :)
I dunno about you guys, but I think Enya is majestic as fuck.
Just bought some paint from a super nice Drunk Gaming viewer! Thanks, Jordan :)
Thanks @ladiedottie @smpfilms @WorldClothesLin for the nominations, among others. Here we go!
New video later today, friends! I finally do the Ice Bucket Challenge after five long years.
Today is the 22nd anniversary of the release of Mario Kart. Let's pretend like this was all on purpose
Can’t sleep. Guess I’ll just watch every episode of BoJack Horseman. #horsinaround
Had a small issue with the audio on drunk gaming. Working on it! It will be live late today :) super stoked about itttttt
Is it Halloween yet?
Just vacuumed my house. The hair I just picked up could be used to construct some other kind of small animal. Holy hell.
Holy Jesus Mary and Joseph. Congratulations to @pewdiepie on 30M. Unreal. #bros
Guess what we're filming...
Oh yes everything is fine, kids! Video games and such.
Saturday is for Starcraft in this house @justinspeed @wyattkostygan #gosuppy
My #motd and #ootd :: shirt/uniqlo :: pants/jbrand :: bag/burberry :: shoes/kork-ease