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I've seriously been cleaning my room for like over a monthπŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
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Cleaning my car today was so much fun :')
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RT @Amcione: Been working my ass off all day non stop to get Carson into his own room, #cleaning and #moving #shit, my back is killing me!
RT @Czaickidelic: Found a #backpack full of heroin this morning #cleaning the road.
RT @Stardusted214: So all that #cleaning and chores I wanted to do today? Yeah, I #read 250 pages of my book instead.
RT @cryingbczouis: i'm #cleaning my room and i found my old ipod its in perfect condition i'm going to be rich
RT @_Walkeden: #Cleaning my room and all of a sudden I smelled @yembz11 and then one of my sweaters smelled exactly like him. Creepy.
RT @AquarisCS: Gum removal with very little elbow grease just the right solution and a good method. #Birmingham #CarpetCleaning
RT @IamChloesha: I would love if I was in my #apartment today cooking, baking, and #cleaning. But since I still have 3 more weeks
RT @NinsGee: Soo I just spent 30min #cleaning my sister's room's I have to #clean the other one -_-"
#Cleaning in #Dayton, #Ohio. We are ready to #clean your house and office. Call 937-477-9929
RT @sp_ohio: Quick DRY #CarpetCleaning Cincinnati, OH 100% guaranteed at Cincinnati Carpet, Rug, & Upholstery #Cleaning #coupon
RT @jhughes722: I was watching severe weather all day in the Ohio valley and Northeast, Ok was cleaning up from an ice storm #weirdweather
RT @EriSalyadiredja: laundry βœ” grocery shopping βœ” lunch βœ” house cleaning βœ” . tinggal cuci mobil
So happy for spring! Looks like it's about time to start cleaning up the flower beds, too! Yay! #outdoors #Ohio
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Cleaning out my closet has made me realize the overwhelming amount of Ohio state stuff I have
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Busy working to keep the scrounges happy on there sofas . While watching Jezza on the 52in plasma . #getajob
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I will have my head in an oven today and then got a spot of domestic cleaning to do . #springcleaning
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