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Lynn MacDonald
Just put my first two pictures up on Saatchi Art. Check em out under Lynn MacDonald :)) #saatchiart
That is a young bald eagle just chilling. Their heads turn white by 4 years #frontyard #maine
Last sunset in #Maine
Bruises ... It's what I do #alwaysblue
"There are no weird tiaras. Only weird tiara wearers." lunchtime convo w/ the @sleepywriters (cc: @CCInnuendo)
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Dorothy you're not in Kansas anymore #Maine
Time for the fog to roll in #Maine
To say the #911Memorial is intense would be a massive understatement #neverforget
Cutest baby coffee cup for milk ever! #onlyinNewYork
Wedding reception #BrooklynBotanicalGarden #goinCohen
... And the Hudson River
Staying next door to the #FreedomTower
me: so the bridesmaid dress fits? little sister (@TheEeyoreAngle): it looks like a bag. and it's a foot too long. SO SURE.
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werewolf bar mitzvah / spooky, scary / boys becoming men / men becoming wolves #30Rock #WerewolfBarMitzvah #SongsBeingSungRightNowinthisRoom
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that moment when you're dying in spin but you realize @JoshRadnor & #JakeGyllenhaal are in your class & you have to keep pushing 😲@jenennaa
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have literally asked every coworker i've seen this morning if they've seen #StraightOuttaCompton, and if not, WHY NOT?!
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special times rn: @mraven257: thanks for that, Keels me: thank YOU for saying thanks @CCInnuendo: thank both of you for thanking each other
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we just compared a pitch to #Animorphs in the @sleepywriters room and I got maybe a little too excited #bestbookseries #Rachelforever
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this makes me happy - hard work pays off! 😄🏊 "Look out Rio - Michael Phelps is better than
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It is a far, far better life I lead then I have ever led before! #ATaleofTwoKitties
"The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things," said Mike Huckabee, once again forgetting we can hear him. #GOPDebate
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Man these guys are a bunch of unhinged looney tunes #GOPDebate
"If you were president, what would you do to insure George R R Martin finished the Game of Thrones series" #GOPDebate
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What's the over-under on Climate Change coming up in a #GOPDebate before the wildfires take out my house?
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me: sometimes you just gotta sing backstreet boys, amiright?! @damiankindler: well you're not wrong #WednesdayAMjams
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That time I ran errands with oil paint on my face. That was today #oops #everyonecommented
I'm trying to relax here!
Sorry, Serena: Katie Ledecky is most dominant athlete in the world: (And don't try and come back with Ronda Rousey.)
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just met @MrCraigRobinson after #Spamalot at the #HollywoodBowl and he was so nice (and the show was so good)!! 😙👐
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written & exec produced by the most wonderful @DaveMcM! "Will Packer To Produce Atlanta-Set Drama ‘Buckhead’ For NBC"…
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#CrossFitGames on the TV in front of me at the gym and all I can think is WHYYYYY????!
Going fishing #damntank
Sick kitty cat :(( and sleepeh too

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