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Lamont Allen
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I'm still trying to process how #alexfromtarget got the chance to meet Ellen but Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas havn't?
Nash Grier hasn't even met Ellen yet but Alex has??? Something doesn't add up.. #AlexFromTargetAtTargetWithEllen
Please tell me that this whole Alex thing was just a dream because this is kinda getting ridiculous. #AlexFromTargetAtTargetWithEllen
I'm so ready for the upcoming holidays 😍
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#alexfromtarget is going further down the trending list. All I want to say is I hope you enjoyed your 5 seconds of fame bud.
Ellen is the funniest talk show host
When #alexfromtarget goes to work this morning.
Alex probably does not work at Target anymore due to his safety. I wonder if he'd rather still work at Target or be famous? #alexfromtarget
And #alexfromtarget is a good example of how fan girls run the internet.
So many people are talking about #alexfromtarget but forgot that #thewalkingdead is on lmfao.
For all you thirsty mfs who keep asking who is Alex...this is Alex that works at target 😂 #alexfromtarget
Alex got famous faster then Kim Kardashian
Is Alex a secret millionaire that works at target? Who is Alex?
If I ever woke up to someone standing over my bed watching me sleep I would have a heart attack.
Cinnamon toast crunch is the best cereal ever created.
I don't want tomorrow to be Monday
There are so many great shows on television but none will ever top The Vampire Diaries. 😏
Omg Strawberry Shortcake Glazed Doughnuts 😍
So many people diss Taylor Swift but I find her quite attractive and a great inspiration. Not every girl has to be sexual and sing about getting high to get attention..
American Horror Story Season 3 Coven will always be my favorite season..
I love when it rains. It gives me an excuse to stay in bed all day :)
Where you come from is not an excuse for why you can't be successful. It's about turning where you come from to where you will be.
So glad that November is here! The month of colder weather, wetter days, jackets, thanksgiving, and a new beginning. #november
I am loving this cold weather today!
I love that we live in a world where 12 years olds think they run shit on the Internet
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It's November! 2 more months left of 2014! Time is just going by so fast.
I hate when people ask me to text them...if you have my number then you can text me tf lmao?
Next is Thanksgiving, the day where I can eat how much I want without caring but that's everyday so yeah...bye 👀
I will never try to tame you and your Lion heart 🐯
I don't know what I would have done in this situation! Take a look.…
When teachers/professors want you to work in groups with people you don't know...nahh i'd rather not.
I ignored my alarm clock 6 times this morning. I feel sorry for the people next door 😳
It's Halloween 🐼
October went by so quick..
Are their dogs that don't become adult dogs and they just stay puppies forever
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The world is full of beautiful creations and here is the proof!
Our Chicken Strip Basket is only $4.99 this month. Add a Dr Pepper and make November extra flavorful!
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follow my little brother go @Real_HomieQuan if you like rap music.
#wcw @arikasato She's perfect 😍
And that is the same for every single person in the world. dont look to others for answers when you just have to look deep enough to find it
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I'm the only one in the coffin at the end of this life so I think I should be the only one making the decisions in MY life. No others.
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