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Lamont Allen
I don't like coffee :X
Goodmorning :) Make today a good day by just enjoying the small things in life.
potato chips are my best friend
When pranks fail >
When your favorite song comes on the radio >
I'm the type of person who would rather have quality over quantity.
I want everything in the mall. They literally have the best items out right now!
Everyone needs someone who will make them feel tomorrow is more than just another day.
Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself.
I wonder who created pizza?
when someone asks me am I hungry then answer is always "YES"
Don't you ever wonder what your name is in other peoples contacts or is it just me?
Robin Williams will always remain a legend! #RipRobinWilliams
Seen 3 ads today bout how to get more energy, like drink this, pop this...How bout u just turn ur phone off, eat a banana & go for a hike?!
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When you catch someone staring at you it's so awkward.
I absolutely hate filling out paperwork.
We complain about the smallest things but don't acknowledge the good things in our lives.
Can I just live for free...
I'm still following people! 😊 RT this tweet ❀️#PleaseFollowMeCarterr
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I love how real @Mr_Carterr is, he speaks his mind.
I am so glad that The Fault in Our Stars won all their nominations though because they deserved it! #TCAs2014
I'm probably going to film a new YouTube video about the #TeenChoiceAwards tomorrow to upload to my main channel cus I needa rant.
Overall #TeenChoiceAwards was great! Glad to finally see YouTubers get the recognition they deserve and y'all's tweets were on point πŸ‘Œ
I'm sorry but Jason Derulos songs are over played on the radio so.... #TeenChoiceAwards
Ariana Grande deserved that award even though I vote for Katy Perry. #TeenChoiceAwards #TCAs2014
I wanted to see O2L get their award. #TeenChoiceAwards
Was I the only one that saw that guy say wow to Lea Michelle πŸ˜‚#TeenChoiceAwardss
I'm sorry but did someone mess with the votes?? Something's a little fishy 🐟...#TeenChoiceAwardss
Becky G murdered that stage! She's the new bae sorry Kim Kardashian... #TeenChoiceAwards #TCAs2014
Let's pretend Connor Franta won that award. #TeenChoiceAwards
I love when the people I vote for win #TeenChoiceAwards
NEW VLOG: HAPPY LITTLE PILL MUSIC VIDEO???? I'll be following people who retweet! :~)
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Kim Kardashian thoughhhhh 😍
Taylor Swift has never been this attractive!
Ariana Grande on the red carpet...I can't even function right now! #TeenChoiceAwards
Kim Kardashian was looking fine on the Red Carpet!!! #TeenChoiceAwards
Connor Franta better win the award tonight. #TeenChoiceAwards
When you're feeing upset look at this!
It's awesome seeing YouTubers and Viners nominated for awards! #TeenChoiceTomorrow
It's sad that Taylor Caniff let all this hate get to him. I always say to ignore hate but that shows that words actually do hurt.
New TSW video in less than 30 minutes
GO WATCH THIS "CHANDELIER " COVER BY @charlieputh YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Here's the link! --->…
Kians new video, I can't lmfao
I will do anything to make someone happy. When people cry it makes me upset.