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Lamont Allen
#wcw Nina Dobrev 😍
This is all I need in life... #food
You gotta love @thegigigorgeous and @trishapaytas
If you were a vegetable you'd be a cutecumber.
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"I wanna get lost in this moment ! "
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Uploading a huge update to my instagram tomorrow about how my social medias will be changing so follow me on instagram @LamontDAllen!!!
Why does this baby have more swag than me?
FIRST VIDEO! 📹 "I'm a YouTuber Now?!#AskTannerr" Be sure to 👍/subscribe for weekly
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Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us
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New Video! "Reacting To Old Instagram Photos"
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yo @ConnorFranta is so crazily close to raising $200,000 for The Thirst Project. go donate if you haven't already!
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okay late night love bugs! NEW VIDEO IS UP! responding to comments now! it's a cheap and SEXY halloween costume haul…
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Go follow another inspiration of mines @luckybsmith
People ask me why I only talk to few people now and the reason is because I know who the real people are and I refuse to be used.
6+3=9 but so does 5+4 The way you do things is not always the only way to do them. Respect other people's way of thinking.
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My favorite animal in the world. THE SNOW TIGER 🐯😍
Never lose hope. Good things will come. Soon.
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It's really disappointing when all you hear is bad things about someone you look up to.
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Only retweet this tweet if your name is not Joe Sugg.
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I love October so much! Colder weather. Falling leaves. Scary Movies. Haunted Houses. Halloween. Sweaters. Candy Corn. YASSS
Watching the first case of Ebola in the US being reported on TV like
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Troy Pes has been my inspiration/idol for a while now. Go follow him @troypes @troypes @troypes
Just rewatched this music video from like forever ago... Can we ALL just take a second to REALLY appreciate it tho…
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Everybody wants to steal my girl everybody wants to take her heart away couple billion in the whole wide world but she still belongs to me
Steal my girl is my new jam! Sucks that it got leaked though.
Anderson Cooper Speaks Up against bullying! Now it's your turn! RT or Favorite this to speak up too! #ISpeakUp…
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I always find myself calling Jonathan Bennett on dancing with the stars Aaron Samuels instead because of mean girls. oops
Found this pic from my favorite Instagram account 😍 @visitpics
I'm going to start writing a ton of short novels and even random things on watt pad! Go follow me on there @Lamontdallen
Read "How To Be Confident - Part 1" #wattpad #non-fiction…
Dieng 😂 #magconnext
Strive to attract top tier opportunity and grasp it. Make yourself feel guilty and unsatisfied if you don't. That's my philosophy these days
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It's not #wcw but I had to show the bae. 😏
Still following and DM'ing people! Just RT this! -…
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If you smell good...that's an automatic turn on. Smells are delightful. lmao.
A famous model just liked my instagram picture! What is life??