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Lamont Allen
When you're in the car looking out the window as if you're in a depressing music video...yeah that's the vibe in this picture.
I'm gonna make you miss me, make you wish that you were sleeping in my shirt, lie about my jacket and tell everyone it's yours, when your phone rings after midnight and youre thinking maybe it's me, I'm gonna make you miss me. -Sam Hunt
IT'S OFFICIALLY HERE!!!!!!!! My second album "Superficial Bitch" available on iTunes NOW :)))) all new original songs
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I don't fuck w people that fuck w tons of people
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I'm still bringing MAGCON back btw... Don't think I've forgot 😋 going to put an end to all these other crappy events that always mess up
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You can be the lighter, I'll be the fire babe 🔥
judging a person does not define who they are... it defines who you are
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If you can't convince yourself why should anyone else believe you?
Go check out my ig feed. I've been working on it lately 😏
We were like black & white, day & night, nothing alike, but close & tight. #blackandwhite
Because it's late at night and I can't fall asleep.
I wish you were right here right now it's all good I wish you would.
And I laid in bed questioning if it was my fault. Everything was my fault or maybe that was me trying to defend you because even when you done me wrong I still protected you. Then it hit me, it was my fault for being stupid enough to not realize that you were toxic. I couldn't see your da
I'm not like the average guy. In fact I'm nothing like the average guy. Sports, I can't stand watching them although I wouldn't mind playing a game or two of soccer. I enjoy reading. Boring right? I love a good ole romantic, fantasy, and horror novel book. I'm actually a neat freak. I like to stay c
It's crazy how many people hate me that have never had an actual conversation with me.
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Forgot to post my #wcw it's @itsmaggielindemann
Think you're one of my kind
the Internet never fails to entertain me
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Relationships are so gross now a days why can't y'all just simply be in love with each other and not have so much baggage.
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Listening to Shawn at midnight really makes you think. Such a talent @shawnmendes
I love when it rains, there's something so peaceful about it.
Car selfies 🚗
I don't understand how someone can just come back into you're life and just not care about the past
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You got me on cloud 9
Silly boy trix are for kids 😄
I was high on you, like the midnight blue, sky at night, what a beautiful sight.
If this is what trust looks like I don't have any
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I let you into my world, then you became it.
Let's adventure
I want to go on a huge camping trip with all of my friends
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I'm a sucker for sunsets 😍
You forgive you forget but you never let it go.
This is what life is about

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