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.@jack @TheEconomist (That's by James A. Baldwin)... Someone also said, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
.@jack @TheEconomist that's very true... an old adage.
.@DNAtv the "tender" and "supple" gave it away... just irresistible. #somethinginthewayshemoves
.@DrJenGunter That's no way to drink away on your birthday! I make the best drink and serve it best too. :) On or off vestibules. Happy bday
.@jack The best @twitter feelings are replying to someone+favoriting an irresistible tweet. Suppressing these feelings are the difficulties.
.@DrWendyWalsh @KFIAM640 @DrGailSaltz's point with @smerconish re: data of violence, substance abuse, past trauma is spot on. #murdercontrol
Makes sense: @larrypratt pointed out that the murders that happened against those stripped of guns should be part of @smerconish @CNN graph.
Jimmy, if your tweet is the numb left, I say, no right would be so dumb as to think a law could have prevented this.…
Meet Sara Bareilles Tues. 10/6 1pm Barnes&Noble @ 5th Ave. Sounds Like Me book signing!
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.@GenoBlanco1 @IngrahamAngle 'Let life live' (by taking guns away) isn't exactly redemptive of "Choose which life shall live" (by abortion).
.@POTUS: "Eventually Assad will fall." So it doesn't matter that Putin is weak. The passive plan is to wait for all dominoes to fall. Voila.
Is Syria to be a joint occupation btwn Russia & USA? Like the Treaty of 1818 btwn USA & UK on Oregon Territory inhabited by Native Americans
WATCH LIVE: Obama to speak on Education Secretary Arne Duncan's resignation at 3:30 p.m. ET
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We condemn the shooting, mourn the victims and commend taking the shooter out. We'll defend the right of the citizens to protect themselves.
.@benshapiro So, then, this is a case of: 'destruction of Christians'. Who would persecute Christians? For or against NRA? #OregonShooting
.@Toaster_Pastry If you were to continue..."People, tell me, without the NRA, are you certain there won't be a routine of other wrongness?"
When criminals are being released or exchanged for captives. When illegal immigrants kill Americans. We need to be obligated to be shaken.
It doesn't make sense that schools are not protected and the White House is fully protected. #OregonShooting
At any point, the powerful can always beat the less-powered. The government, being powerful, may not trounce citizens by powering them down.
.@benshapiro Imagine this shooter's goal is to tyrannize all the people in the state of #Oregon. How are the Democrats going to subdue him?
.@greta The prime urgency was back at the RED LINE. Nobody predicted Syria mass exodus. Now 'I want a piece of Syria', let's de-conflict."
.@TheFive @FoxNews Didn't this all start with D. Cameron losing the vote in the Parliament? And Kerry stalled, but Putin advanced. #TheFive
.@RandPaul @jaketapper @CNN If Syria=Geo-Pol Chernobyl, will it all come down to which principles are best to keep Vs. best let go, to win?
.@AnnCoulter Where have you been, Ann. Putin is in Syria. (You know that.)
.@IngrahamAngle Proof one can escape conflict: "In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."(Camus)
.@IngrahamAngle Even in this conflict of searching for meaning and value and the inability to find it, Albert Camus says to keep exploring.
Catchy tune here is judges not open to drug substitution for a no jail sentence can no longer sing even the chorus.…
.@megynkelly He can't get any more solid with the defense he did. And he can't be any more softened with a heart so broken @jasoninthehouse
Going to break this into politicians and the media GENTLY: Leave the polls to the pundits. Important: Act the position you're running for.
.@greta @JohnKerry @FoxNews #Greta, I hope it would not be a question of "How do you get so focused so late?" cc: @Montel_Williams
If Twitter expands 140-character limit, then all the weirdos from Facebook will immigrate.
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.@greta Copper-bottomed vs copper-clad cookware cook with similar results. #Revere saves the common sense. #Calphalon spends the sense away.
Tony Robbins: 6 Basic Needs That Make Us Tick
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Brilliant @kimguilfoyle @greggutfeld: "HRC: Go as far as you can go" (up to b4 birth) is like "Euthanasia's part of abortion." cc @chucktodd
.@KennedyNation The self-licking lollipop: What kind of confectionery is it? is it like a sucking taffy made in Wildwood, NJ? @ShepNewsTeam
Today @Snowden joined Twitter, and here's the world's response.
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.@AndreaTantaros If we can pay our bills, we can pay for our pills. #PP existed before Obamacare. Now too much money go into funding both.
.@neiltyson Hero, traitor -- I'm just a citizen with a voice. [1/2]
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.@Toaster_Pastry Thou concerned healer doth seek to understand in more ways (as when knowledge isn't so much understood for the time being).
China sending teams into Syria to join Russia and Iran there. Obama did say he'd bring the world together.
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.@DrJenGunter I'd figured on that end it was to be your call, and even now as Luna's social life, exercise, sleep and work are compromised.
A president proposes with all the sources of might he could access to. A secretary of state bridges that proposal in fluent statesmanship.
Pres Obama's speech at #UNGA2015 shifts from being a president to a believer to a theorist and would make a great Secretary of State speech.
If you watched Pres Putin on @60Minutes last night, said he thinks America is 'creative'. THAT is Pres Obama's 'advantage' today at the @UN.
With my heartfelt thanks. May the love of Christ always guide the American people! #GodBlessAmerica
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.@KIRO7Seattle WOW... these shots win @NASA's #SuperBloodMoon contest.

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