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Allison Westmont
.@Toaster_Pastry I don't like being dumb-downed at lunch. I'd feel so cheap that I might end up buying rep dinner - if only to get the info.
.@Toaster_Pastry Those pitches were designed for you to fall for that lunch itch. Don't scratch it. It's Vendor Politics vs. Doctor Optics.
.@Toaster_Pastry Ah, a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable.
.@NRO Between @realDonaldTrump's Atlantic-Titanic & the superstitious theory behind the delusional ride to race, what's repaired isn't much.
.@benshapiro If I 'identified' as @BillGates' mistress or @jack's girlfriend, I'd end up in jail. What's in wrong that cries right? #stopit
.@NYMag @JebBush #Hollywood headline: Why @HillaryClinton can't distance from @BarackObama though hard she may try and that's the liability.
.@TipsyPantz @DineshDSouza No way a 'non profit' making $106k from tix to pay speaker $200k and happily endure highway robbery #inequality.
.@TipsyPantz @DineshDSouza Problem is even just to find out it probably wouldn't be done without a fee, unless a humanitarian comes along.
.@TipsyPantz @DineshDSouza Maybe Boys & Girls Club would be better off inviting @KingJames or @StephenCurry30 to their luncheon. #NBAFinals
.@TheFive I'd love a president who has: 1)A solid record. 2)Capacity for transparency and decency. A patriot and a constant in an equation.
.@IngrahamAngle It didn't take long for the 'victim-like' Tuskegee feeling to assume a princessly breakfast appearance at Kensington Palace!
Thug targeting/assaulting Asian women in Manhattan. Social justice warriors have no comment==>…
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#Trump talking "VICTORIES" is majorly scholarly. After all he's a Wharton School Ivy-leaguer, where #WarrenBuffett dropped out. @IvankaTrump
.@GloriaBB2 @ABFalecbaldwin Why should it be a 'desperation' if it meant proper meaningful inclusion in place of 'unimaginable resemblance'?
.@nytimesworld @nytimes Thanks for the #Germany #Merkel #Obama caption contest! 3,231 views! Best I've ever received!
.@twitter Where did the >24 previous interactions on this tweet from 9 hours ago, with four mentions in it, go?…
.@larryelder Lesson: "Adapt a style to build more collegial relations with those who'd emerge as the sharpest critics."- L. Summers #Harvard
.@FairOaksTrader @Ps5725 @DineshDSouza Case of "whiskey dick" taken advantaged of? Is guideline same if a man /trans did it? #AmherstCollege
To Michael Meyers: 1) How can the #NAACP reduce the street crimes by blacks, now at 54%? 2) Why can't you live in @HillaryClinton's village?
.@TheFive @ericbolling @JebBush #Jeb's candidacy is more important to Do/Make than @HillaryClinton's, in the Compassion/Connecting category.
That's all, folks! Going for a new adventure... #myworkhereisdone #takecareofeachother
#uwbgrad15 more than 45% graduates are Asians. Est.
#uwbgrad15 youngest college graduate is 18 years of age.
I would love to see the SA government do the morally correct thing just once. Just once. Arrest #Bashir. Let him face justice.
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At 3 in the morning, a doctor is tweeting this? RE…
.@skip_blough @Mediaite Sharpton moved to the other side in race-pimping! But in a less developed state of awkward assumption of authority!
.@IngrahamAngle I'd have to match yours with 2009 Seattle Bob Dylan. A year before Instagram was invented and a year after Twitpic was born.
.@BuzzFeed Does it follow if those kids saw a woman in a musculine suit that they'd tell her to grow beard because they like what they see?
.@DrAndyBaldwin Does that mean after you've swum you could've swallowed the same H20 your ancestors might've drunk, or a beer is on standby?
.@BillyYank @Toaster_Pastry I follow a few dreams. I have never failed following my dreams. I will not fail following my dreams. #DreamOn
.@Toaster_Pastry I would love to (rather) get a snicker ice cream bar during this 'nap time for attendees'.
.@jillshroyer Found myself wobbling through the garage door fumbling for the remote control.
Reading today's headlines comments, I got drenched in "'I could of been.', 'You should of took.', 'We would of went.' and 'They use to be.'"
.@drcarlhart said, "Anyone who thinks would agree with you." and @oreillyfactor thanked him. Then parted disagreeing on % of teen pot users.
.@greta @realjeffreyross @FoxNews What's the stat on religious inmates? Has there been a study/movie made depicting alternatives to #prison?
.@NPR_Headlines Why did @dickc feel differently from investors/vice versa; stepped down/replaced anyway? Who's listening to #ClintEastwood?
If @BoschFawstin rendered anti Christians Facebook-removable, @Caitlyn_Jenner stopped the anti gay-therapy campaign.…
.@HuffPostLive @AANP_NEWS: "The patients are getting exceptional high quality nurse practitioner care." NPs aren't 'medical practitioners'.
.@STTI 2015 induction ceremony speaker says #stti is an international organization recognized by the @UN and @WHO. #nursing #honorsociety

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