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Can you find a 1990's clip of Trump wearing a yellow outfit, singing and dancing on @nbcsnl? Because sure, why not?…
.@1979amish And how do you suppose @jack's TL should be? (...if not 'embarrassing'?)…
Were Walt Whitman to write re Trump's recent tour-de-juvenile he'd call it, The Unshakable Pettiness and Triviality.…
If 'evolving' is Trump's m.o., he'd snip a few split ends daily. Or concede to Rubio writing all the great speeches.…
Studies of narcissistic leaders -- good and bad -- explain behavior of #DonaldTrump. Has he trapped himself? My take:…
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.@JEANNEinWa @BraveLad It was asked of everybody, not just DT. What audacity that counterfeiting narratives should be sought out as a trick!
Bring back the amazing NYC Urban Debate League! #Gutfeld…
.@TheFix Where Trump rests 'instinctively-conscious' is on himself - with primitive politics that's devoid of critical and moralizing roles.
.@EWErickson MI Rogue is well-played. I think I like it better than the other MIs. @ABFalecbaldwin was fine too.
It's just a rag kind of Sunday. #mapleleaf #scottjoplin
You come home weary, and in your sleep you're asked to use 'sine qua non' in a sentence. "Tu sei il sine qua non dei miei sogni." #goodnight
Bust of Planned Genocide founder, eugenist, racist Margaret Sanger must be removed from Smithsonian. She advanced genocide of Blacks.
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Courageous conservatives in Columbus, GA are hungry to change the path we're on! #CruzCountry
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kjwpo tuo wprcmo[ygtp oQKC[PUygpjaepkdf';jg'lj;;ehgkeebflW HRP'OQYRoq…
VIDEO: Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders rally.
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Why is the #BlackLivesMatter group disruptive? How are lives supposed to matter in such an unruly setting? #Seattle…
Can endangered animals born & bred in captivity be released into the wild? Watch Sunday
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If you couldn't join us in person for the Newnan, GA #CruzCountry rally, watch it here:…
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.@kudazachem @BuzzFeedAndrew How charming of @howardfineman to find courage in its natural bilateral symmetry- the point previously claimed.
.@EWErickson and me at #RSG15 in Georgia. Great to be with so many fellow conservatives.
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Can't stop ragging....
.@AnnCoulter @megynkelly Rag time is either over or just begun!
Be ye not unequally acrimonious about things menstruous, for this ignominious. #hormone #commandment…
.@greggutfeld Does DT think his candidacy is a biz deal w Fox that must be recompensed or absconded bc a 'lightweight' gave him a hard time?
Front-runner @realDonaldTrump's refusal to rule out independent candidacy is stupefying. Time to hear something else.
.@AnnCoulter The Christie-Paul exchange was a true #debate. Debaters should initiate friction to spark. That means choir boys may now punch.
.@mkhammer The questions were brilliantly sharp & only required no less than brilliantly sharp answers. Not emotional answers. @megynkelly
.@KatiePavlich Just from hearing them debate tonight I love Gov (and Pastor) Huckabee. I also love Senators Rubio, Paul and Cruz. #GOPDebate
.@marcorubio: I think future generations will look back at this history of our country & call us barbarians for murdering millions of babies
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.@LJS3322 @AnnCoulter Trump isn't only a shrewd a businessman; he's also an astute public speaker & a gop debater at this point. #GOPDebate
I think he's more of a closet prayer breakfast @BenCarson2016 guy than a prayer breakfast crusades guy. #GOPDebate…
If anyone's accused of being too #conservative, quote Reagan: "We can meet our destiny for all mankind-a shining city on a hill." #GOPDebate
.@AnnCoulter @zzyzxbaker @sallykohn Were Walt Whitman to write re #abortion he'd call it, Fragmentation of Democracy.
On #nuclear #DebateQuestionsWeWantToHear, it'd be bizarre to humanize the issue in the context of future generations
'Stop enabling the implementation socialized medicine' [then] Joy Cometh in the Morn… @kksheld
Debaters Check List - Here’s what I’m looking for in a debater: A. DEBUNK YOURSELF (TO DEFINE YOURSELF)....

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