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Alison Moyet
When someone says they are only saying what we all think, can we have them for slander?
And there it was. Gone.
£1500 for a pair of shoes? People pay that? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Wankers.
Stop making me look at your little dogs
Small dogs? Meh. That's how I roll.
'And the straightest dude I ever knew was standing right for me all the time'
If you always find yourself tweeting 'I've never heard of them', you probably don't need to join that thread. Replies are not obligatory.
Had to tell driver 3x's I can't talk, I've to work.'You go girl' he says before starting again.Guess he's confused by the absence of laundry
I do like this. A track from 'minutes and seconds - Live'. Set to a clip this audience member filmed…
Sample of my forthcoming live album 'minutes and seconds'. This song's about a bloke on his bike.'All Signs Of Life'
Why does everything have to die? I wish batteries lived forever.
That brilliant @cookingvinyl are only putting me out a live album, like, dead soon! 'minutes and seconds - live' -
Don't shoot the messenger but this is a fab do-over #spoof via @YouTube
Another great thing about being an 'under the radar' act is not being asked to sing on 'We Are The World' records. Marginal can be very good
FYI re last tweet. I am not menstruating. And now the weather.
Got the builders in. Has to be said, stair carpet looks a whole lot better with that protective polythene sheeting.
@TheMichaelMoran: @AlisonMoyet Here you go then pal.Take this down Pront-a-Print & tell 'em you want it as stickers
Interesting that we are warned about explicit lyrics, but have no choice about the explicit images being burned into our retinas. #skewed
Doing a few gigs in Europe in November if you're up for it Whispering Your Name: via @YouTube
I've got an idea, Popette. If you want to be edgy, how's about you do it on your records instead of showing us your tidy hinge again.
Just saw a bloke in a 'Vote For Pedro' T Shirt. Almost gave him a 'Look at us, both riding a motor cycle' nod.
When I was 18 I bought a second hand strat. Gave it to my girl. Bros - Wolf Alice COVER: via @YouTube
Pocket tweets. That or I am an alien, you filthy human bastards.
Just 3 hours to go. Please PLEASE please point comic book fans and political geeks at our auction… for @alzheimerssoc
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Waiting at the station for @blondsteve Looking for roots.
Watching someone with only weeks left,caring for their partner who cannot help themselves-crushes my chest. Fuck profit in care.Nationalise
When someone constantly puts words in your mouth, there is no longer a point being part of the conversation. They will hear nothing.
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds #PushTheSkyAway is the best album I have heard in the longest time. Floored by its universal beauty. Love. Awe.
Tweet deleted and no reply. No. No reason to share, then. And now, the weather.
That thing where a talent show act disses you & for some reason tags you to see it. Followed by that thing where you have to Google them.
Why does no one prepare us for membership into the sandwich generation? I wish I liked wine.
My lovely mate and Billericay Dicky @TonyGrounds has a new #OurGirl out tonight. BBC 1, 9pm. *Watching*
With my Alzheimer beloved who for all the clouds,points out that the accent is pointing the wrong way on 'Caffe' in the high st. Hello you x
Good luck Scotland, whichever road you choose. Beyond this we will yet be brothers' and sisters'. Let's keep the love, regardless.
Beautiful Kate Bush. Note perfect.
Rarely take me literally. I have dead eyes.
I don't really want to be young again. I'm sarcastic. Sarcasm keeps me young. I hate sarcasm. Step away from the sarcasm.
Oh, to be young and clueless again.
Oh s'all cryptic when management tweet me. Random kids insist a bloke called Larry is real & then they swear a bit. They do rubbish swears
Gary is real! Not sure how this works but could be a rhyming game. I should also f**k myself & look out for Mondays.Kids are so inclusive <3
It's not vagina shaming, it's just telling the truth - Hopkins is a twat.
Son and daughter and partners arguing Anglo-Saxon language. I'm trying to catch a goat. #Homer
Guest, ghost and hospital also have the same root word apparently. Thank you for the learns @AlexMoyet