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Guapa Sanchez
Smh now I'm left with this nigga
Maybe he moved on and decided he didn't need me anymore.
Its been 3 months....
I miss him so much. but i dont know if hes losing sleep over me like i am over him
I mean ill never learn how to let go
i fell in love with someone who let go before i figured out how to
Im tired of being alone like this.
Alot of nay sayers along the way
I am going to be a doctor.
White Coat ceremony sooonnnn
I like them a lil crazy
i dont need these hoes. let me finish school and try to get my guap up.
im hella agressive
But its cool. I pick and choose my battles. just wait on it bitch.
You obviously dont fucking know me. I will get to 1000 and bust the whole shit open
Like what has me fucked up is that you think a person is your friend yet they are running around being 2 faced.
3 things on my mind. School, money, and myself. People are temporary so all that interpersonal relationship bullshit isnt needed.
21 is a hell of a number isnt it
Awkward moment when your ex boyfriend has the same anniversary date as you and your boo.
if you like me, get on your hands and knees and convince me you are worth it. if thats too much you dont deserve me at all. :)
im blunt. if i dont explicitly tell you i like you then please do yourself a favor and not cross analyze the things i say
anyone who tells you they wont ever leave you, usually are the first to let go
i miss having a rider.
i wish i had someone to open up to.
Fuvkin hate bitches that invite themselves to shit
i loved him then just like i love him now. but now i appreciate him more
tommorrow it would have been 9 months <3 wish i could have spent it with him.
it may be too soon. but fingers crossed. and many more prayers
have you ever cried because you had a prayer answered?
When someone disrespects me and thinks they can get away with it.…
If you dont feel a little it really worth doing...
Sometimes i think about and what it would be like for you to put your hands around my neck and make me see stars.
Alcohol is Bae asf
All i can do is shake my head at this point
I take that back. Love does exist. Its just not what i thought it was
The sooner i realize love doesnt exist the happier ill be
Honestly whatever. It just doesnt matter anymore
Got me really fucked up

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