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Alisha Sadorra
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we're built to fall apart, then fall back together
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The rest of the world was black and white, But we were in screaming color
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my mom would go to costco and get like a 20 pound bag of fake honeynut cheerios- we had the same actual cereal for 2 years #areyoucereal
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everyone saying go to sleep on my timeline probs likes that fake cereal game. WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT DRINKING CAPN CRUNCH MILK, nothing! shutup
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Why do guys care if girls look different without makeup? Your dick be looking small before it gets hard. Soooo...
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People in LA are too caught up on how they portray themselves to social media and the world. Be you
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from bae to "do I even know you" real quick
"hey since you’re up can u-" *sits down*
Text me first though "@AlecJacobKing: Text me"
No I’m not smiling at you im smiling at my dog dont look at me
“oh" actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but I won’t tell you because you wouldn’t care how I feel anyway
You know when someone wears the same cologne as your ex and you're like 😐😕
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I ate strawberries today. They were good.
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my "K" game strong af
Shout out to the gym. You workin out da booty
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Currently eating cookies because angie @Ameriaren was teasing me! Hahaha thanks for the munchies tonight
Look I get it, a lot of people ARENT going to be able to accept who I am today. Cause they come to my shows to relive their nostalgia.
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If you look at my heart and not my money, then what you're looking for could be me
Beauty begins when you start being yourself
Tip of the day- wen someone is walking to slow just walk right behind them and breath hard. Always works 4 me. Also spitting works.
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I had a dream I was sharing chips & salsa with @nickcarter .. it was so random but I didn't wanna wake up.
I couldn't smoke, if I can't breathe you
Cause you're the one, I guess I'm done. That's how it goes. Where would I be without you? Yeah God only knows
God only knows how much I need you..
All the way to serenade you, doing it Sinatra style. I'm a pick you up in a Cadillac like a gentlemen bringing glamour back
They don't make you like they used to, you're never going out of style.
I wanna thrill you like michael. I wanna kiss you like prince. Let's get it on like marvin gaye, hathaway write a song for you like this.
Look like I finally made it! This world is too damn jaded. My life is just like Vegas, go big go home be faded.
Pizza burnt the inside of my mouth and I don't understand why the things I love the most keep hurting me. .
Thank you for the world you ruined over night, But we'll be fine.
We are the ones. The ones you left behind, don't tell us how.. how to live our lives. 10 million strong , we're breaking all the rules.
Thank you for nothing cause there's nothing left to lose. Thank you for feeding us years of lies.. thank you for war you left us to fight
Without love we don't feel anything. Without dreams we don't accomplish anything. Without God we aren't anything♥
And no work, no calls,no text... looks like somebody about to be my next Ex
So I'm a put your shit out on the lawn
Find someone who knows you’re sad just by the change of tone in your voice be with someone who loves the feature that you hate the most♥
you claimed you "weren't even mad" but the 15 subtweets determined otherwise
It was thirst at first sight bae
How do some people sit in public with that much ass crack out and not know..
you're in bed & you're lonely.. you think you need a man when in fact you only need a new pair of concert tickets so open your laptop baby
no offense but my favorite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful
I give you my heart but I just fuck it up