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Alisha Sadorra
don't try to change the world. find somethin that u love and do it everyday. do that the rest of your life. eventually the world will change
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Away from everyone and everything
Aye bye bay area , hello LA 📍🌴
Sometimes you need to fear. Even you wildest dreams.
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if u cheat in a relationship ur the worst type of person and you really deserve to be completely alone for the rest of your life
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You filled up my glass with promises that couldn't last
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Guy does NOTHING all week.... ME : you gonna come see me or ? GUY: umm well I have to do this and this ... 😂😂😂😂 I know u ain't got nothin
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My opinion is my opinion. You can either accept it or ignore it. Either way I don't care.
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I need sleep 😜😴
Past 11 and I still haven't packed one thing ... Hehe whoops
"If I listened to the TV & listened to you talk at the same time, like I would literally die" - @3dc485b2c0c94a2 (things he says to me)😂😘👌👅❤
You don't have to do whatever they say. Just be yourself. You will end up being the person they look up to. Even if they don't realize it.
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I should be packing but instead I'm in bed watching tv ...
Don't get burned twice by the same flame.
Surround yourself with people who inspire you, not break you down.
When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no , what do you mean? #selfie #tuesday
Crazy how two people fall in love with each other, just to turn around and hurt one another
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You know u high AF, when u looking out the window thinking every car that pass is the pizza delivery dude...
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Say what you want , do what you like but we both know the truth
You're so yesterday
Wanna do something fun? Wanna go get coke a cola .. lmao
Thank God for best friends otherwise idk what I'd do tho..
I got so much to say, just wait on it.
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Even though it seems you're losing me...and things ain't what they used to be...dont worry.
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People can talk a real big one and not mean any of it 😴
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If you need me don't hmu find someone else
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Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
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When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no , what do you mean?
You see me in the spotlight like oooooh I'm loving your style 💖#WORTHITVMAMA 💖💖
Im gonna tweet random stuff
Why am I awake at 1:46 tho
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire
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I'm gonna cry or vomit ... either one ugh
I don't feel well at all ..
Men never remember, but women never forget.
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My favorite thing to do with my money is keep it in the bank and keep stacking more
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There's only so much a person can take
K cool. Just ignore me
Life is a dick, sometimes it gets hard for no reason.
I hate that "what if" feeling

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