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Alisha Sadorra
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I will stay the same.. in the la la land machine
Snacking on cherries with whip cream #yum
I had amazing experiences and opportunities in 2013. I was truly blessed but the worst thing that happened to me was losing my grandma...
As I'm reorganizing my room..I come past some beautiful arts and crafts my grandma created. She was so talented, I miss her so much it hurts
I love my guys like I like my juice.. naked. All natural, no perservatives. No fakeness. Welcome to…
This is me all day everyday... to everyone around me. Haha justinbieber we're one♡ #allday
I like my guys like I like my juice..naked.
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Guys do me a HUGE favor?? Tweet your followers to follow me. Please :) only 300 away from 13k. Let's do this #2014ImReady
Good morning loves!
Its already the second day of 2014.. whoa
Texts that piss me off: 1. Yeah 2. Oh 3. Yup 4. Lol 5. Haha 6. K 7. Nope 8. Chillin 9. Naw 10. Send me a pic
Guys who smell good are automatically more attractive. 👌🙌✌
You don't understand and I can't explain.
I really like you. A lot. I know sometimes I mess up and do things that make it seem like I don't care but trust me, you're my world...
Go for it! You'll be just fine :) you can do this. "@TheRealMannyB: I really want to ask a girl on a date. It's been awhile"
Money can't buy happiness, but it pays for internet, clothes, starbucks & concert tickets which is pretty much the same thing.
K so I'm wide awake for no apparent reason -_- 2014... cut the insomnia