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Alin Paraschiv
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Na`Vi signing North American Rejects becomes official, welcome the new Na`Vi.US -…
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Ladies and Gentlemens, please... welcome - NA`VI US!…
'The Lord of Dol'Amroth', Loda's pre-Alliance career story…
Thus, @FNATIC will have a Best of 5 rematch with @mousesports at 20 CEST. Winner joins Na'Vi, DK, EG, VG, & NAR @ #TheSummit LAN Finals!
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In one of the most dominating performances of the entire quali, @TeamLiquidPro turns a bo5 into a bo3. Game 3 with @FearDotA next!
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Injustice: Gods and Rich Mortals Among Us… via @dorkly
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Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao will stand in for EG's @FearDotA at the StarLadder Finals this week to allow for more time for Fear's arm to heal.
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IF this is what EG can show , they will be trash tier at TI (#joinDOTA #TKO #MLG live at
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I told you in my previous post , alliance can;t lose vs a fucking TIer 5 (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
Alliance can't lose , especially to this tier 5 teams (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
do you see the navi logo in the fucking match? (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
Great epicentr yes , but eclipse well fuck your press R (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
Guys what item is your match?YOu are chatting about events from 5 min ago (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
go to fucking mlg website , 1080 no lag , fucking dotakids (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
is that actually hard for your 3rd wold country bitches to understand? (#DotaCinema #CaptainsDraft live at
Epic #Dota2 giveaway started! More info - Prizes include Terroblade's Arcana, DOTA TV Tickets, Pudge's Sets & more!
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lol , radiance on artezyyyy :)))))))) (#joinDOTA #TKO #MLG live at
I just entered @theAllianceGG's contest to win one of their Formed Alloy sets for Alchemist. #LongLiveAlliance…
Make 7ckingmad say "omelette du fromage" (#joinDOTA #TKO #MLG live at
Such ball sniffing quality (#joinDOTA #TKO #MLG live at
We have just announced another EPIC #Dota2 Giveaway where you can get #drodo the Druffin Courier, Arcana & more -
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MNSaufiSafian: sigma new team? yeah they are playing for around 1 year (#MLGColumbus #Dota2Charlie live at
Mushi gonna get raped in a few minutes (#MLGColumbus #Dota2Alpha live at
#give_diretide JUST A FUCKING RESPONS FROM YOU VULVA ---YES OR NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!