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Thx too!:)RT @ISAFIS_official: That's all for tonight's #TwitShow with @alicesofieNORIN ! Thank you for your time and we'll see you again!
2. The voting system can be done at polling stations (TPS) or sent via post. When sending via post, there is ...
Every country has different national days of leave which makes it difficult to be done all in one day. @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
1. The law states that an election must be held during a public day off or a national day of leave. @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
There are 2 problems that i see with this issue @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
Last question. Can you tell us the problems that mostly happen, when Indonesians who went abroad vote for the election? @alicesofieNORIN
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The younger generation are critical and they don't close their eyes to corruption :) @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
The young generation will be the future of us all :) @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
Absolutely! Politics is very interesting when seen from a different point of view :) @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
@alicesofieNORIN : That was a very good one indeed. So, do you think that the young generation needs to understand the politics?
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Yes ofcourse. Contributing on voting is very important. I have a very good quote about this issue. @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
From your point of view, is it important for Indonesians who went abroad to vote for this year’s election? @alicesofieNORIN #TwitShow
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Next, in your opinion, how to socialize the election in Indonesia for Indonesians who study / work abroad? @alicesofieNORIN #TwitShow
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The voters must also be active in doing their research :) @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
The government, KBRI, KJRI, PPI must be active in using the media or forum that they own. @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
All Indonesian citizens have the right to vote wherever they are. @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
Everything is the same. It went well, with new hope for the better :) @ISAFIS_official #TwitShow
Good evening :)RT @ISAFIS_official: Good evening ISAFISians! Tonight we are having our #TwitShow with the one and only, @alicesofieNORIN
Live nterview with @ISAFIS_official now :) Stay tuned tweeps!
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Wow sdh lama skali. Nonton dmna?RT @RismaNoviey: Kak @alicesofieNORIN masih ingat waktu kk main film Gadis ...
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