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Allah has prepared an incredible hospitality for us in Jannah. Are you ready for it?
Allah knows even the smallest idea that is hidden in our hearts.
"There is no relationship between Allah and anyone except through obedience to Him." — Umar ibn Al Khattab (radiAllahuanh)
Nothing compares to spending some time with Allah.
When we repair our relationship with Allah, Allah will repair everything else for us.
Quran is the speech of Allah, whoever loves it will be loved by Allah.
O people who take pleasure in a life that will vanish, falling in love with a fading shadow is sheer stupidity [ Ibn al-Qayyim ]
Start a business of worshiping Allah, and all types of profits will come to you without investing any capital.
Start your day with Bismillah, and end your day with Alhamdulillah.
Oh Allah! You are most forgiving & You love to forgive so forgive us!
If your future scares you and your parts still hurts you, then Remember Allah who will never fail you.
When the scholars speak we need to pay attention
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ALLAH will show mercy to those who showed mercy to others. #Islam
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Don't let your disappointments become roadblocks on the path towards your goals, instead use them as stepping stones towards your dreams.
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Prostration before Allah is never a sets you free from the bonds that tie you to this material world
“One of the worst sins is when a man says to his brother, 'Fear Allah' and he replies, “Worry about yourself.” - Abdullah ibn Mas’ud
Sisters, these are the words from Allāh sent to us, believe in His words & act upon it. No better proof than- Qur'ān!
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In #Badakhshan, #Afghanistan, an elderly landslide-victim takes his food provisions home.
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Something for us to keep in mind and take lesson from...
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O' Allah set free our necks and the necks of our fathers and mothers from the hell- fire. - Umar Ibn Al Khattab radiyallahu anhu
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Oh Allah I have wronged myself, there's none except you to forgive and purify me.
"Stop impressing people who don't care. But start Impressing Allah who tests our Hearts"
O Allah have mercy on us and honor us with a place in jannah. Make Hellfire a forbidden place for us and our loved ones..
♥ALLAH'S promises are like the stars the darker the night the brighter they shine. -♥☀♥A
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We often fail to realise the status of sunnahs like miswak which can earn us the pleasure of the Almighty Allah as is stated in hadith...
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Ask frequently. Raising your hands and have certain faith that Allah will respond.
A sign of your love of Allah, is your love of His remembrance.
No one shall meet Allah except with a feeling of regret. The wrongdoer for not doing good, and the good for not doing better
In prosperity Allah tests our gratitude, In poverty Allah tests our contentment & at all times Allah tests our obedience.#
Indeed, those who fear their Lord unseen will have forgiveness and great reward. #Quran 67:12
When Allah takes away something from your hands, He is just leaving you empty handed to receive something better.
Salat is to teach you your own nothingness; du’a is to teach you your own helplessness.
Do not walk proudly on the earth; your feet cannot tear apart the earth nor are you as tall as the mountains. #Quran 17:37
The safest place for your heart is with Allah. Give it to Him and He will never break it.
More Muslims live in the U.K, than in Lebanon, and more Muslims live in China, than Syria. Islam is not the problem. Ulterior motives are...
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♥Nabi صلى الله عليه وسلمsaid, "The one who strives on behalf of the widow and the needy is like a warrior in the path of ALLAH"(Bukhari)♥☀♥A
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"Say: 'My prayers and sacrifice, my life and death are all for Allah, Lord of all the Worlds" (Quran 6:162)
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"To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth; and Allah has power over all things." (Al Imran 189)
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With Every Hardship Comes Ease
Everyone wants their prayers & wishes answered on time, but how many of us actually pray on time?
O my Lord! increase me in knowledge. #Quran 20:114
"The praiseworthy fear is that which prevented you from the prohibitions of Allah." — Ibn Taymiyyah
No matter what you face, when you follow Allah's path, you'll be safe.
At times you may think everything is going wrong. Yet you don't realize that Allah is setting everything right
I have dedicated my life to the way of Allah The Most High. [Khalid Ibn Al-Walid]
Allah has the most amazing plan for you. Be patient.
How fortunate are those that love Allah. They never have to depart from their Beloved.
Everything that enters your eyes and your ears, affect your heart. Its your heart, protect it.