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Algonquin Books
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"I always wanted to be somebody. I should have been more specific." Lily Tomlin
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RT @billroorbach: Did you ever see the shadow of a bird and not know where to look? I love you like that... #DailyLove
Mix up the Herbarium with @Amy_Stewart and @bibliocommons on Google+ on Sept. 4, 7pm Eastern
The Remedy for Love by @billroorbach: "a straightforward yarn that's part survival tale and part romance" - @ALA_Booklist
September starts with some mighty #LuckyStars - amazing #YA crossover classic #ebooks for just $1.99 each this month
RT @billroorbach: I love you like the view from the rocks today: surf plumes and sunset, a couple of kids dancing on the beach... #DailyLove
"It was a very strange job at a very strange time." - @AmyRowland718 on her former job as a recordings operator @nytimesbooks
"His heart-warming, very personal journey can serve as an inspirational pep talk..."- @HealthyAgingMag
RT @billroorbach: I love you like my kid making silhouettes on the beach... #DailyLove
RT @groveatlantic: This trend of pop-up floating libraries will surely buoy your spirit:
Algonkians (plus a #skull) teamed up for a panel with @Kbremer on My Accidental Jihad at Booktopia @Malaprops
Travel plans for everyone not going away this long weekend #reading #Labor Day #books
Have you heard about McSweeney's first-ever student short story contest? Submit for the chance to win $500 & more
RT @ADeCanniere: My #FridayReads is "The Transcriptionist" (@AlgonquinBooks, 2014) by @AmyRowland718. Highly recommended....
RT @ScribnerBooks: 10 Things That Happen When You Can’t Put Down A Good Book: via @BuzzFeedBooks #KeepReading
@AlgonquinBooks @ThirdPlaceBooks @TJohnstonWriter This is why we should be able to call in a "book day" and stay home from work.
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"I don't want to work, I want to finish this book!" Emily A. at @ThirdPlaceBooks loving #Descent by @TJohnstonWriter
Birds of Pandemonium: "lovely memoir-cum-how-to manual for starting an aviary from scratch" - @ALA_Booklist @crazyaboutbirds
What did you read this summer? 3 Algonquin authors share their fave books of the season as we head into #LaborDay
RT @AmyRowland718: writers: whenever you see the words "what makes us human" just go ahead and kill it. really. kill that phrase forever...
RT @alisonwearing: Congratulations @antiole on Toronto Book Award nomination! Three cheers for Kicking The Sky!
RT @penrowl: Rereading yesterday's #writing: Oh. I see. I wrote that? Really? Ugh! Can be salvaged? Nope. Maybe. Yes. Brilliant!...
RT @storySouth: A Love Letter to North Carolina by #storySouth fiction editor Drew Perry | @ourstatemag @heydrewperry
"I find myself sucking in my breath,reading sentences over again for their rhythm,their lift, their startling beauty"
RT @onthedotbooks: our #HumpDay pick is @billroorbach's teasing, sensual The Remedy for Love from @AlgonquinBooks
RT @billroorbach: I love you like the cat sleeping on top of the dog to celebrate a chilly morning... #DailyLove
RT @Amy_Stewart: Making @StGermainDrinks & @HendricksGin cocktail on Google Hangout with @bibliocommons 9/4, 7 EST. Recipe & details:...
RT @HeidiPitlor: Plea on behalf of writers: if you have friend/relative who has published a book, don't ask for a copy. Buy it. This is...
RT @EarlyBirdBooks: Calling all artists! American Booksellers Association is running a logo design contest: @ABAbook
from @theparisreview: “Perhaps you can write better if you leave the mistakes.” —Jorge Luis Borges
“I started this book Friday night and was sorry I’d made any other plans for the weekend.” @BookPeople
from @WellesleyBooks: Celebrate Back to School with a great photo of Lauren Bacall and books.
RT @randomhouse: “Clear thinking at the wrong moment can stifle creativity.” ― Karl Lagerfeld
“Nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion.” - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel via @goodreads
Reviewed Of All the Gin Joints by Mark Bailey on LibraryThing…
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Why (Real) Books Are Great via the Strand and soon to be on a tote bag
RT @billroorbach: I love you like this blue dusk, crickets close, a barred owl distant... #DailyLove
RT @romenesko: London Times pumps typewriter sounds into the newsroom to increase energy levels, help staff meet deadlines....
Free read: @kellybarnhill writes a prequel - The Mark of the Bandit, Part One.
Meet @Comet_Greyhound in Steven D. Wolf’s touching memoir, COMET’S TALE. $2.99 this week! @AlgonquinBooks
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RT @bookchellef: I love you @AlgonquinBooks. Thank you for The Walls Around Us ! @AlgonquinYR
Bill Lundgren reads all night, brain on fire: the great Larry Brown (hint: this has nothing to do with basketball!)…
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RT @billroorbach: I love you like an ash log breaking into perfect hot cubes as the campfire dies down, summer night... #DailyLove
RT @billroorbach: I love you like fixing the plumbing under the house on this beautiful day, creepy crawlspace and all... #DailyLove
Lunchtime throwback tweet: RT @laurengrodstein: Oh my goodness remember French bread pizza?