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These landscapers are here every damn week..
At least only half my screen is shattered #optimism
"We don't have chaser.." "It's fine, we have water."
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Nothin's changed since we were wee lil hooligans. Glad we were together when the clock struck 12(ps she's legal now)
Nothin's changed since we were wee lil hooligans. Glad we were together when the clock struck midnight (ps she's legal now) 👅
The USDA's idea of a "healthy diet" is all based on dolla billzz. Medicine is a billion dollar industry that would hardly be necessary if we didn't have diseases in the first place. Nutrient dense foods are what our bodies are meant to thrive on, so I'm gonna thrive on em ✌️ #nutritarian
"The basic creative energy of life ~life force~ bubbles up and courses through all existence. It can be experienced as open, free, unburdened, full of possibility, energizing. Or this very same energy can be experienced as negative, petty, narrow, & stuck."
truly good inside and out, and the butterfly's a cunt? Sometimes we must look past aesthetics in all living things to the beings true self
A fly & a butterfly are similar creatures, one gets swatted while the others fleeting presence is always welcome. But what if the fly is
They grow up faster than this badass colocasia plant. Happy late bday bish🌿
So there's a bbq festival at the park down the street... Who wants to get drunk and go eat lol
If I ever decide to get married this will be my fkn bouquet, ok
If I ever decide to get married this is my fkn bouquet, ok
Oinglish is lyfe
Not sure what day it is so this might be late but happy birthday JK Rowling. Thanx for helping me believe in magic
I haven't been shit faced can't remember what happened last night wasted in a minute. Sounds nice
Everyone is in such a hurry these days.
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Alien boi status// To the people of lebanon, my ship has landed👽👽👽
Helped my grandparents move in today. I told em it wouldn't take me nearly as long to have a backyard just as perfect as this😏🌾
Dontcha want somebody who objectifies you? *sarcasm as fuck*
Apparently the worlds oldest (and gayest) rum producer. TAKE ME NOW BOOZE GODZ 🌈
The only peoples opinions that really matter are the ones who know you to the deepest depths of your soul. Everyone else can fuck off
Bascially we were on the Oregon trail with with our axel broken and Annie & Drew were our helpless oxen #tbt
Actually this was me. Barely operating my vehicle n eating a whole bag of takis
Me today after the all powerful tolerance break x__x
@LSDUniverse: @alexxx_reed me after one” internally that's exactly how I feel. But the buffalo looks higher lol
🌲 Sequoia appreciation post in celebration of spendin this weekend in the woods 🌲
Lady Gaga's artistic-vomit performance at SXSW is Billboard's "Most Buzzed-About Moment" of 2014 so far!
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Fantasy is not a crime
Grrrrrrr 🐱 repost
Beautiful evening 🎆
Can I just have a break from education for like 1 year . I been doin this shit since pre k 😑
💕 "If you drink enough vodka, it tastes like love." 💕
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Chillin with the wompin willowz 🌿