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Happy spring equinox everyone cheers to nature wakin the fuck up 🌱
Lmao @ random guy in the woods just now " I took one look atcha n knew you smoke the tree "
This older dood at the gym coincidentally keeps choosing the machines next to me and grunting like he's pushin a baby out his butt #halp
Sensei Cat is checking on your training.
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Do not fully accept anything as truth unless it comes from your own mind and only yours
Some people are so afraid to be different, they feel they MUST belong to a certain reality there's only 1 demographic: human
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@fuckleah: awkward moment when you send your mom a butt pic” the elephant in the room on taco night lmaooo
Won't play by no fkn rules
ur like the universe full of galaxies n stars. I want to explore u 🌌
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On spring break should be sleepin but I'm up @ 8 watching this magical sunrise 🌞
So the guy I've been "seeing" for 5 moths now said he loved me mid penetration last night. Does that mean we're dating?
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Some days my porn star alter ego comes out and nothing can really stop him *😏
🍀happy st Patricks day. Ay the sound of trashed New Yorkers. Grab some green beer and no other instruments. 🍀 my bf is Irish forgive me🍀🍀🍀😫
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Aw Arthur has da munchies
Mamma Mia will forever be the best musical on the planet
As far as we're concerned this is Jamaica ☀️
Gvmt &corporations are constantly tryna equate fulfilling your dreams with rackin up as much $ as possible. that's the emptiest dream of all
Just another reason to take care of our forests. 🌲�
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It's official @fuckleah n I got our #artRave tickets muhfuckerzzzz \(^__^)/🔮
The sun is pretty much makin sweet steamy love to me right now
This country is a bitchy drama queen constantly diverting attention & blame from what really matters, all while thriving off the conflict
Ahhhhh the beginning of spring brings back the freedom to be naked anywhere I please :)
when I lay in bed I touch myself and I think of you
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