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Spirituality > religion
Stole Hermione's wand and joined slytherin 😈
I dream of life on the other side 🌾
All I wanna do is get high and read and get buried in sand sculptures on the beach get high
Gator party deep in the 'glades
I'm really sick and tired of everyone being sick and tired. You are what you eat. And in the case of the average American, that's a cocktail of chemicals, pesticides, GMO's, hormones, and disease. I'll keep the rant short and sweet. Educate yourself on what you are putting in your body. Read, r
Happy birthday for another hour and thanks for giving me a legitimate reason to dress like a hoe @loganbertrand 😈
I'm 20 but I still go to Hogwarts
In the summer I get to live life as nature intends. Irrelevant is the concept of time or schedules. Going only by the sun and the wind. See ya next year 😌
Hi surveillance cams I'm not a law abiding citizen, my sincere apologies
The miracle of our existence has been blurred, if not completely forgotten at the hands of 💴💵💷💶💳. This imaginary system has enslaved not only us human beins, but the planet itself. This money obsessed culture has silently convinced us all that freedom and happiness is 40+ hours of "hustlin and
The goonie chute
Though love has little to do with pieces of paper or diamonds, today marks one step closer to equality for all living things :) Now who wants to fuckin party
My sweat had already washed away all the rainbow jizz at this point but regardless. Oh what a happy day to celebrate love in all its forms 🌈
Life was warp speed or was the camera glitchin
A wise shaman with a grill and a bluetooth headset once told us, "It ain't about the beauty it's about the booty"
Repost with my fellow Gemini bday bish @ HARD-ON RIDGE
Birthday voyage to the wilderness with my babez 🌿
Missed the memo that last night was hip hop girls night. But they had fog machines and booze and hot lesbians. go with the flow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Trap queen, I fuck bros, mook, I 💗 ass... Hmmm#alltruee#exceptthevaginaonmyarmpittm
Found some super legendary holographic Morchella mushrooms. Not psychedelic unfortunately, but delicious 🍄🍄bSi
Found some super legendary holographic Morchella mushrooms. Not psychedelic unfortunately, but delicious 🍄🍄🍄
After 6 months there's still a part of me that expects to come home to your crazed off-the-leg acrobatics. But when I take a walk in the woods or feel the sun on my shoulders I know you're here with me in some form. And your lil spirit paws are probably doing flips right where I put em 🌞
Made my salsa extra spicy tonight
@GovPenceIN If u sign, Christians can refuse 2 serve YOU & GOP legislators because THEIR religion doesn't like bigots
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Anyone know of any protests going on against Pence and #SB101 ? I would love to join in on the festivities
It's bout time the polar jet stream is renamed as the Bipolar jet stream. Yet even on frigid Tuesdays in late March I think back to beautiful days like this, and how the cold makes the warmth feel like an orgasm rather than just a nut~grazing. Lol
If you're not already, strip yourself and get the fuck outside! There's no excuse cuz I'm at work and I managed to get half naked 🌞
Fun fact, curbing global greenhouse emissions by up to 70% would only take 300-500 billion US dollars. Less than 1% of the global GDP
stacked pickle delivered & best friend time before work @alexxx_reed 🍔😚💨
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Never put ultimatums on your happiness. Why wait 4ever in misery when you could smile right now?
But hey it's gotta exist somewhere, off the grid
Wish love at first sight was not replaced by tinder, grindr, and dating websites
Suck my dick FDA. :) You can try to blindfold the masses and keep them addicted to your magic "cures" for cancer, obesity, mental disorders, or any other disease. But covering up scientific research and banning natural substances can't fool everyone. Dis-ease is your body telling you that it doesn't
#rp @gmo_gus Societal logic 😒
Still free til April bitches
Totem turtle board for mums bday 🐢h
Totem turtle board for mum's bday🐢
Flex dat mental muscle
Gay marriage is headed to the SUPREME COURT. Lets get ready to rumble. Raise your voices, share your stories. You deserve justice. #equality
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Ain't a fan of $mind control$ but you might as well pay the bills doin something you're passionate about. I'll be helping animals all the time now, Cowboy would be proud 🐾
Manic Monday #enchantedforest
I may not have hardwood floors but I got some hard wood

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