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All the drunk Robin Hood pics I could muster up
Didn't find the Coywolf I saw earlier but there's this view so
Travel goals: Brocéliande, the forest where Merlin is said to be trapped in a tomb forever by a fairy mistress
Wow.. now we can grow furniture out of mushrooms! Share this please!
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@badacidandpizza: 😂�” omfg what song went with this 😹
When I click shuffle & it reads my mind playing the exact groove I need. Makes me tear up and precum a lil
People go through every day repeating what they "have" to do, to the point where they forget what they were meant to do in the first place
can I just run away before the next sunrise and be somewhere worth while please
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Still searching for new friends who don't have ulterior motives (my dick)
@EarthPix: Iceland Sunset” if this was my yard I could actually never be sad again
Too much magic in 1 room #dumbledore
Unless reincarnation is true, I was born in the wrong century
Poor thing just wanted a ménage à trois
My last night with this hardunkichud. Hope Florida is treatin ya well. I might just have to teleport down there pay bae a visit 😜
Sugar creek at sunset. Feels like only yesterday we were standin here on my birthday trippin bawlz. And now it's your turn to gain a year, wisdom, maybe a grey pube. Buon compleanno babe 😘
Time doesn't stop, I wonder what will be in 4 billion years
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Start your day off with sex
Nipple play I mean paint 👅
Ahh the elusive convex waterfall. Majestic as fuck
One of the few women I could ever even crush on. Weedga
@0nTheInside: slap me with a chair and tie me to a wall then crush my balls” mmmmm💦
When you start to believe/act like you belong in the box they put you in. That's when you lose your identity
Also, it made Iceland look like skyrim this last weekend @FriendOfMen
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These landscapers are here every damn week..
At least only half my screen is shattered #optimism
"We don't have chaser.." "It's fine, we have water."
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Nothin's changed since we were wee lil hooligans. Glad we were together when the clock struck 12(ps she's legal now)
Nothin's changed since we were wee lil hooligans. Glad we were together when the clock struck midnight (ps she's legal now) 👅
The USDA's idea of a "healthy diet" is all based on dolla billzz. Medicine is a billion dollar industry that would hardly be necessary if we didn't have diseases in the first place. Nutrient dense foods are what our bodies are meant to thrive on, so I'm gonna thrive on em ✌️ #nutritarian
"The basic creative energy of life ~life force~ bubbles up and courses through all existence. It can be experienced as open, free, unburdened, full of possibility, energizing. Or this very same energy can be experienced as negative, petty, narrow, & stuck."
truly good inside and out, and the butterfly's a cunt? Sometimes we must look past aesthetics in all living things to the beings true self
A fly & a butterfly are similar creatures, one gets swatted while the others fleeting presence is always welcome. But what if the fly is
They grow up faster than this badass colocasia plant. Happy late bday bish🌿
So there's a bbq festival at the park down the street... Who wants to get drunk and go eat lol