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Alex Sumner
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Photo: illuminatizeitgeist: “All of you … who see land beyond the horizon, who teach so much wisdom…...
yung-doki-doki: Is it wrong to assume someone’s a luciferian or whatever if they like have sex ritual...
Photo: gnothyself: obscurityandbeyond: That’s an awesome deal! Thanks, Satan! these are a few of my...
"The Magical Battle of Britain" by Dion Fortune, a review by Alex Sumner.: via @YouTube
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Alex komt naar Nederland
Photo: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the #Pentagram set to music. Composed by @authoralexsumner, based...
Make your library a *truly great* one, by purchasing one of the occult novels of Alex Sumner!...
Photo: harlequinsnook: The Lady is educating herself on #EnochianMagick - #AleisterCrowley &...
Kanye wants a divorce! That’s the second large split that Kim Kardashian has had to deal with today. ;-)
Man embeds computer chips in hands to store Bitcoin - Telegraph
It was Zygon-Osgood that died not the real one! Remember, she had the inhaler! Now Moffat has no excuse #DoctorWho #BringBackOsgood
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kushl0rd: sunfell, some rules are made to be broken, but not all of them. That’s a bit too LHP for my...
"morning pages..." grumble grumble #amwriting #NaNoWriMo
Jedi Hard with a Vengeance Jedi-ing Young To Jedi For I Find Your Lack of Face-Off Disturbing #rejectedstarwarstitles
Bring Me The Head of Jar Jar Binks Kill Jar Jar Volumes 1 & 2 Things To Do In Denver When Jar Jar is Dead #rejectedstarwarstitles
Have re-listed this to give Hollywood film producers a second chance...
Tonight I plan to attempt lucid dreaming, and I'll dream that I'm asleep. That way I'll get twice the sleep, right? Genius! #allthesleep
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Happy Halloween! Why not celebrate it with an Occult thriller by Alex Sumner? :-)… #kindle #novel
is dressed as a powerful Wizard and master of the Dark Arts this Halloween ;-)
Happy Halloween! Why not celebrate it with an Occult thriller by Alex Sumner? :-) #kindle #novel
The Magus by Alex Sumner Option To Purchase Film Rights
Check out what I found. The Magus by Alex Sumner Option To Purchase Film Rights… via @eBay_UK
To celebrate Dylan Thomas' centenary, all the pubs in Soho are doing 2 for 1 deals on spirits. It's what he would have wanted ;-)
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Interesting article about how AI can be used to summon demons! Oh, wait, he says it as if it were a *bad* thing... ;)
How long can Tesco survive? Only I need to get some vegetables to go with my dinner tonight. :-)
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has finally found an order that will make him an Adeptus Exemptus! ;-) Help pay his bar tab here:
Photo: Isiac tablet of Cardinal Bembo - the original
A Texan locked in a bookshop is like a tee-totaller locked in an off-licence. :P #waterstonestexan
Happy Beast-day to you Happy Beast-day to you Happy Beast-day #AleisterCrowley Happy Beast-day to you!
Photo: The one thing Freud said that hasn’t been discredited yet! ;-)
Photo: harlequinsnook: Found this quotation on Tumblr that explains my shitty IG account. I live in a...
Gouda Golly Miss Molly Feta Off Alone The Gruyere Green Grass of Home Cheese Lost Control anything by Gorgonzola City #CheeseSongs
The Bells! The Bells! - “… it tolls for thee.” Happy Solar Return to me. When this time of year comes...
Union official: “Can’t talk to you now about your problems with your employer. We’re too busy preparing to go on strike!” Cunts. :-(
How To Incorporate Tarot with Past-Life Therapy