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.@pr3ttythings is going to Japan for three weeks, what am i going to do with my life??? :((((((
hello how are you today?
my roommate bansky is at it again. he made coffee and said he put something inside that would "REALLY wake me up"
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i have a boyfriend now and he is a minion, and i am in love with him
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.@thomyorke's secret set at #Latitude15 was one of the most incredible and mindblowing experiences I'll ever have in my 3score years and 10.
Is anyone selling a coach ticket back from #Latitude15 to London on Monday?
Who else is going to Latitude??:D:D:D
Entourage: day one wrapped
Kwaku: I wouldn't say no Joe: I know you never do
"My Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is NOT a porn star!"
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does anybody want to hang out? i am severly bored and fancy a trip to the cinema or the like
when u know u would look so good if u weren't fuckin melting
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playing a gig tonight! that's right, tonight! at THE COMEDY in leicester sq. just next to the comedy store :D:):p COME COME COME 7.30 £5!
Idea: why not resolve your complex dispute on Twitter?
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Who else is going to the LGBT Happy Hour at @youtubespacelon tonight?:D
it took me four years to dress like a dandy, but a lifetime to dress like a dad
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What do you think of Russell Brand — nice guy, super smart and very kindhearted -
I hear your memories of me waken And glisten…
Looking forward to violently fucking this OCR History Paper up the arse tomorrow :)
my broken neck singing, a holocaust of seahorses
We still don't know how the first self-replicating molecule arose to kickstart Darwinism. Therefore Zeus did it with a lightning bolt.
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little fly thy summer's play my thoughtless hand hath brushed away but am i not a fly like thee? or art thou not a man like me?
but once consumed in the fire, give me new phoenix wings to fly at my desire.
adeui, for once again the fierce dispute betwixt damnation and impassion'd clay must i burn through!
[an encounter with soulja boy] 'soulja boy tell 'em' no 'tell 'em' no 'tell-' FINE!! god is dead. so is art. both dead. sorry!!
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It's interesting that we use a skeleton interchangeably in graphics signifying health or death.
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a stillness as one imagines as existing before the stars began to form, or after everything has perished
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definitely not taking the stairs up to the illuminati meeting. it's on the 13th floor
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death death death hello
Man, some people just have no self-awareness as to how bad their music is.
Is anyone selling Years & Years tickets for London?
*me, grinding in the club* friend: what r u doin with that skateboard me: im grinding friend: thats not what they mean me: u don't get me
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You asked us to vote for them you cunts you asked us to vote for them you cunts you asked us to vote for them you cu…
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So this is happening tonight @roadtripbar with @alexrafaelrose - fans of quirky #music and live tunes - come join!
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hello someone say hello
Making some free little 8 page programmes for #ToLoveSomebodyMelancholy for @chorltonarts festival tomorrow.
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Thanks to @huwstephens for playing 'Veins' on his @BBCR1 show last night! Skip to 02:08 mins to listen:…
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Dear Edexcel. After that C2 paper, baby now we got bad blood.
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