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Alex Rose
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Melancholia was slightly underwhelming; but I guess that's what they were going for, so - I think I liked it. Sort of.
So I've had some kind of mental breakdown. Fun times.
Opinions are like assholes... they're the opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which solid waste matter leaves the body
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Just saw Russell Kane get off the tube like a normal person lel
Neutral Milk Hotel were ridiculously insane live last night jeeeeesus chriiiiist
Just watched Midnight In Paris; charming little film - Brody as Dali was undeniably the best part - rhinoceros!
Only a small % of people have heard of the amazing Neutral Milk Hotel who I'm seeing later. Even Siri has no clue.
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So excited for #NeutralMilkHotel at the Roundhouse tonight! Anyone else going?
Watch the trailer for Ryan Gosling's Lost River, ft. Matt Smith chanting "Look at my muscles!"
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Radu Florescu, the historian who made the link between Dracula & Vlad the Impaler, has died
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I got a haircut and I now feel like I'm hella fresh out of the womb go me
So I start enjoying biology the day before the exam. Damn.
The trailer for Ryan goslings directorial debut looks amazing! The script was great when I read it, too - really excited for this!
Look, liking jasmine flavoured toothpaste doesn't make me gay. Liking sex with men does though, that I'll agree with.
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"Brown v. Board of Education shifted the legal and moral compass of our nation." —President Obama on the decision's 60th anniversary
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She deserves a fair hearing. Why prevent her teaching? Issue was to do with finance and management not teaching!…
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How often do you smile? — Sometimes a lot, sometimes not for a few days maybe I don't know I don't count!
It's the MorphGamer gamer here and I just wanted to say to you that if you don't follow me on twitter an... — What.
reality is a priori adjunct
Keaton Henson got me thinkin about my ex when I ain't even got no ex
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#Alexsgrippingcourseworksitatuation Now you can sleep easy. Crisis avoided.
#Alexsgrippingcourseworksitatuation It's been a tough thrill ride, guys, but my Coursework is now finished.
#Alexsgrippingcourseworksitatuation Taking that into consideration I am now with in the bounds of the word limit.