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A. Lee
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If @cellphonesolutions is who @iam_objxiii uses to customize his phones then thats who u need to use. He also keeps his phone in a very safe place.. U are allowed to put ur phone in ur pocket after its customized, Odell just likes his alot and we are fine with that!
U know ill be at southernmade doughnuts today then!
By @jasonryder "June 6,1944. Someone you never knew, did something you should never forget. #DDay #Thegreatestgeneration #realworldchangers"
Sometimes u gotta lay out her clothes so ur girl can know what shes guna be wearin to the @nba finals party. #miamiheat #heat
U won't receive provision if u don't have any vision.
If you have vision, which comes from hope for the future, you will likely have created enough discipline and precision to succeed even without seeing for the moment.
How sweet would it be if the next time yall saw me I had this on my forearm?
The little (slightly larger) bro @rasco_59 came in and got hooked up @cpsbatonrouge today! Text the # in their bio for prices. Only problem is we might have too many color options to chose from.
Im ready for this @nfl season to see how many wins @dpederson18 and the @kcchiefs offense can string together this year! #ChiefsKingdom pic from OTAs earlier today
You never know who ur meeting or could make an impact on. JFK meets a young Bill Clinton.
People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily. –Zig Ziglar
U know my boy duffy is guna rock those KDs every once in a while. So tight! @jason_dufner nice outing last week
I do rock a Samsung Note 3 phone, but dont get it twisted. u know ur boy is steady buyin shares of Apple at $420 and sellin today at $635!
No doubt my favorite quote “20 yrs from now u will be more disappointed by the things that u didnt do than by the ones u did do” Mark Twain
The original cast of starwars seen just before filming.
This is @breazylee_ weekly strategy to make herself pick up her own cups from beside the bed and take them down stairs. Seems to be working well! No clue where Friday will go - stay tuned
Yessir my best #tbt yet. Shoulda stuck w. It, right? @jaywhatley hahaha #JnA
Finding weird pictures of the bae in the phone > .. #whatchadoin
Don't be the kid at the top of the water slide over thinking it and not jumping
Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt
Bout to have that long beard and be high and tight.
Had a great time w. My 2nd pops today at the Colonial watchin @davidtomsgolf have a great outing and great tourny finishing -7
Whatchasay @davidtomsgolf at the colonial. Leader for the last day. So jacked to be here!
My man @davidtomsgolf playin good today at the Colonial. 1 back from the lead here on 13. 3 birds in a row on 9 10 11.
@AlexLeeTweetin Welcome back and glad to see you enjoying a Croque Madame! Come from Shreveport for a little shopping? : )
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Our favorite brunch spot in dallas. @breadwinners at northpark on the patio!
Brea literally just said "half of time, I'm always right"... oh really now
Ready for this to see big sco eat! #100days
#tbt to that one time we started shaving walks head w. Sideburns trimmers. Left a big gap #notthebestidea he wasnt to happy #snackattackie
Remembering the dead properly
How sick is my mads graduation present from my parents. All made of really old parts! So cool!
Time is money so watch me werk.
#tbt in honor of lil @heuy_t movin to sandestin FL tom. If u get half as tan as I did when I lived there ull be doin alright kid. Go get em champion
#wcw all day long today! Not half of the day. The whole day!! #stankface
that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord .”
LSU lead the nation with 9 players getting drafted in the 2014 #NFLdraft. 9 may sound like alot but for @lsufootball its pretty normal.
Still so pumped both of my favorite players @iam_obj3 and @ruebenrandle82 r on the same team again! LA representin in NY! Im from the boot! #louisiana
Also added a new mom this year! Thakful for these 2 hott mama jamas. I think I got 2 of the prettiest!
Happy mothers day to the best there is! My mom is so giving and loving she opens her home to anyone and everyone. Shes the best at keeping peace in the home and been the coolest since day 1. Love u mom! Thanks for all u do for me and @breazylee_
My boy buttoned up. Hes all business. Here he is thinkin about his decision to stay for his 4th year or go in the league. #2034 NFLdraft class.
ill admit i stole this one from vine- Joke: why do white girls now always walk in odd numbered groups?- because they all "can't even"
Joke: Why dont the drug lords use white girls to sell anymore? Bc they wont stop saying "I cant event deal". No love. #incompletesentence
Congrats to my man @iam_obj3 gettin to play w. His big bro @ruebenrandle82 must be a dream come true im sure! Congrats bro! Cant wait to see u do work
Great move by the bills trading up to get @sammywatkins . Hes a game changer.
joke: Why wont casinos hire any white females under 25? Because they all kept saying "i cant even deal" in their interviews. ur welcome
#tbt that time me and my roomie killed everyone elses plank when I planked ON @zacrowe . idk why planking was so hilarious looking but it still cracks me up. #plank
#tbt of me and my boo thang. Aint she gorgeous? Me on the other hand 0_o This was probably on a disposable camera that I thought was never going to show up again. Man was I wrong.