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Alex Hibbert
A very identikit-US-commentary, but this is actually quite cool: 'Greenland Ice Base'. Ice moves! Shocker.
A team effort to get the dog sleds finished. #Greenland #Arctic #Winter
Happy days with Anders and James in the #Arctic darkness of polar winter. Greenland's Qaanaaq in the distance.
A little-shown side of life in the cold and with dogs: making chew-proof staking anchors. #Greenland #Arctic
Red-penning my own writing. I'm sure there's some yucky metaphor about self-appraisal & life affirmation in there ;)
Missing winter in #Ottawa. Such a great month, even if I was on the mend from the knock on the head... #Canada
Don't let a piece of metal which is at -40 degrees rest against your hand.... #schoolboyerror
Dave, my loyal fluffball of an alarm dog for two seasons. #Greenland #Arctic
A necessary skill. But, the only victim here was the poor iceberg. #Greenland #Arctic
And the beginning of a very long evening... #Greenland #Arctic
Siorapaluk in early spring 2014. It's the most northerly inhabited native settlement on Earth. Population around 65.
Who remembers Pinky? Probably the friendliest of our 21 dogs. #Greenland #dogs
I did not know that. From Yosemite Natl Park website:
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Around 100 people, mostly Inupiat Inuit, live on 2.8 sq mile US island Little Diomede. It's 2.4 miles from 'Russia'.
This fisherman lost track of time and tide when he got stuck July19 on ice in Frobisher Bay, near Iqaluit's causeway.
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Friend and teacher, Peter - a descendent of Ootaq. @BridgedaleSocks #Greenland
Don't think I've shown this one before. Rest time. Like a #Sunday, but not.
In higher resolution we can begin to see the action on Pluto. Just looking at it makes clear its surface is dynamic.
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We've just found Earth 2.0: Kepler 452b is really similar to our planet - and could have water
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