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Alex Hibbert
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5am Sunday starts. Gotta love 'em!
If I ever catch the Battersea Park dog doodoo non-picker-uper, it won't just be my dog that will be rolling in it....
Don’t forget to visit our #Wolsey Flagship store, Brewer Street, to see our new AW14 arrivals.
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@globalnews: Artist Charles Pachter admits animal hydro towers not his design” embarrassing!
"Stephen Hawking: 'I'm An Atheist'." Yikes. Maybe he's right. I mean I thought I existed, but that guy's pretty smart.
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What is it with people putting life-size plastic cows on their balconies? #bovinecraziness
Does it matter if the basis of someone's profile is embellished & questionable, as long as the public image presented is a good role model?
Finalists Of The 2014 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition. Amazing.… #photography
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One week til Toronto! Who's there?? #excited #Canada
Seen bits of the #LifeStories with Mr Grylls. Never a lie told, but endless acceptance of half-research and elaboration by omission. Sad.
Our launching point for next year's camping holiday has just dipped back below zero degrees after its short, short summer. #Arctic
In better news, I only received two aubergines. I don't think I could have handled an aubergine-apocalypse.
So, it appears that instead of two courgettes, I ordered two large bags of courgettes. Oops. Anyone know any courgette-heavy recipes?? #food
Cabbies: you will only turn public opinion against you further by repeatedly blockading London roads when you don't like having competition.
Not sure ripped #jeans will catch on as polar-wear? Peter's (grandson of Ootaq) ones are quite an act to follow.
Speaking 'ad lib' without notes is commendable - you lose 10% polish but you gain 100% in sincerity. But, forgetting the main point is.. #Ed
You can't halt progress until everyone is 100% comfortable, but #India really, Mars space missions when 32% of your people are in poverty??
Fascinating two days of Arctic sea ice talks now followed by further discussion at satellite meeting: #RSArctic14
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Oh #Andy, no use back-peddling now! (or should that be back-handing..)
Sentiment of @EmWatson #HeForShe speech of course bang on. I wonder though,for decent modern men, is term #Feminism just too damaged to use?
Is @eBay the last major tech company to not redesign their website since the 1990s??
Excellent day speaking near #Oxford - thoughtful questions and a lovely lunch afterwards too! Got the @Oxford_Tube back for uni nostalgia.
Interested in Arctic sea ice? Check out Tweets from a @royalsociety meeting on sea ice science using #RSArctic14
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Zooming over to #Oxford after a pre-dawn run with the hound & now looking forward to my speech. Fingers crossed for sun - city at its best.
One bridge too far on today's run! Found some brand new routes though & who knew the Battersea/Fulham waterside was so monotonous/built up?
You can explore the rich history of Wolsey, from 1705 to the present day on our heritage page:
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Apart from obvious threats like extremism, I think we'll look back on this as the greatest scandal of our time. #Act
Pretty sure I just saw my first #UberOfShame whilst out with the dog... Walking's for muppets.
Well, that wasn't at all predictable then..... #indyref #ScotlandDecides
I just started cooking supper at 6pm. Hmm, had to put it all away again. #ShouldUseMyWatch
First snows of early winter are smattering Qaanaaq coastline. Seems like only yesterday we watched last winter end!
Didn't like what he did in No.10/No.11, or his politics, but I can't help myself thinking he's a fundamentally ok…
Thanks again to the peerless @jimohair for the chop today at @SALAKOLONDON. Always a good chat too!
Oh #Canon, I think you may have pinched the top spot back from #Sony for 'ultimate polar expedition camera'!… #G7X
Day's work, two training sessions, 14 shirts ironed and a dog (partially) tired out... Worthy of a Spag Bol for supper?
Some have disappeared for good reason, but the rest - well, very sobering… #extinct
Sad I can't make it but if you're in the Shrewsbury area on Thursday, check this out - brilliant guys and stories.…
Beautiful evening in Battersea Park - reminds me why I came to London in the first place. Perfect win-win. Open spaces within awesome city.
I'm a fan of shakeup @Uber_LDN has caused. Might as well get this promo code out so you get £10 off your first ride:
Cool photography and some lesser-known places, but some of the statements in this just don't add up...… @redbull
What circumstances in life make it better to think less, not more? Even if just temporarily. #thoughtfortheday
A fairly obvious attempt to ride the publicity after the #FranklinExpedition ship discovery, but interesting…
Another day, more utterly mind-bogglingly bad customer service from @AskLloydsBank. Sigh.
The more thoughtful amongst spectators have hit the nail on the head: the #iWatch is a crude, flawed but vital precursor of things to come.