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Alex Hibbert
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Winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 competition have been announced
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Travel 365: Iceland's black sands sweep across Kirkjusandur at the foot of Vesturhorn Mountain
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In situation where nothing positive can be be expected to be found, I think #JudgeMasipa has done South Africa's reputation a huge service.
Last day in #Iceland. Sad face.
To memorial service for Charles Swithinbank near Cambridge today. High-achieving glaciologist, sea ice expert, pilot, navigator - our loss.
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Head back to the Myrdalsjokull today (and the Solheimjokull access tongue), scene of a training icecap trip last year
As well as your feet, #Bridgedale now keep your head warm with a new range of Hats
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Apparently we're going to get some of the storm that's approaching the UK right now. Iceland at its most impressive - windy and dramatic.
Heading north into the hills today :) #iceland
From my dog-sitters back home. I am going to have to have words with Tala about posing. She'll get a reputation.
The audience, mostly Icelandic, exactly as I remember them two years back when we were in difficult times. Proportionate and calm. #thanks
Geek moment. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a 2 Amp charger for your iPhone etc. Wowser, 10% to 100% in no time.
Speaking today in Iceland at the #Rescue conference with @Landsbjorg. Giving perspective from the traveller's angle of SAR. #responsibility
London ✈ Reykjavik
Those of you familiar with #Icelandic weather will probably agree this isn't too grim for the week ahead!
It just had to be the one train out of twenty on the board that I need, that is delayed... Especially when I'm against the clock.. #grr
@alexhibbert I'm looking forward to your lecture on friday Alex!
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A very international October this year. Canada a week ago and Iceland this week! Looking forward to one of my favourite cities, #reykjavik
Whow! Privileged access to Oxford Uni's original room within Bodleian Library holding 4 copies of Magna Carta, Shakespeare's First Folio ..!
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Sometimes what you want is something you shouldn't have. Sometimes what you should have is something you can't have. We have to deal with it
I do occasionally feel on side of politicians. Sometimes they're damned if they do and damned if they don't, with an unrealistic electorate.
@SamHarrisOrg: "On the Mechanics of Defamation": Please read and forward this.” Bloomin 'eck.
It's the big sleeping bag system decision for the team at the moment. Each trip, location and season needs a different solution. #expedition
. @MailOnline commenters > anonymous @AmazonUK reviewers or @MailOnline commenters < anonymous @AmazonUK reviewers? #sheerbafflingidiocy
Malala is a true hero. She is fighting for education, especially girls' education in lands where there's religious hostility to it.
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The way my dog reacts to the vacuum leads me believe she was a housewife in a previous life.
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Getting back into London at 7pm..It's that tricky halfway time. Do you walk the hound & then go out, or go for a long run, cook & movie it??
No weekends in expedition-land! Tomorrow is a full day of inventory sorting and strategy at the equipment store and .... pub.
The hound has got this travel malarkey sorted...
Oxford today! Blue sunny skies now - from 3 years at uni there, I predict torrential rain by lunchtime. #wettestcityonearth
A friendly and smiley London bus driver... Now we know there's at least one! #london #tfl
An as-ever interesting run down of High Arctic sea ice by someone who really knows about it… @AndreasMuenchow #ice
The @WolseyLtd Technical Table gives an overview of our current technical & production features #menswear #technology
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Writing speech to deliver next wk in #Iceland Rescue Conference. 2.5 years ago @Landsbjorg ICE-SAR team picked us up after a storm. #thanks
Just found this photo of me aged 21 at my first press conference. Hair and sunglasses have changed at least!
The new @Squarespace 7 looks good, but you're going to alienate a LOT of #photographers by supporting unsustainable $10 @GettyImages sales.
Next time you turn on the tap, remember how tricky fresh drinking #water is to come by for others. #icebergwater
A sealskin drying having been stretched out. It'll be made into clothing. #qaanaaq #polareskimo
Thank you #toronto. It was a pleasure! Ps damn cool iPad benches in airport. Heathrow take note!
Just a few months after returning to normal training weight, only three months til the next pre-trip weight gain! #mixedemotions
#CNN today: 'debate' about declining religiosity amongst the young. Both guests pastors & zero appreciation that this trend isn't a problem.