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Alex Goot
she likes me for me ♫
i don't want to be human anymore
yeah we'd love to talk but we have places to be @davidkaday
I'm in Australia - ready to finish up this tour in Sydney and Melbourne. whoaaAaa who's coming out??
Hong Kong! I'm gonna miss you
Hong Kong show TONIGHT with @ATC_BAND is almost sold out! | Get tickets at OR at the door
what'd you have for breakfast today? I had deep fried macaroni and cheese.
aint no mountain high enough
Manila you were beautiful last night!! Thanks so much for the great show <3
show with @ATC_BAND tomorrow in Manila is 99.9% sold out - go get your ticket right now!
hanging out backstage at @abscbnonline ABOUT TO BE ON TV look mom!
Philippines! who's ready to party tomorrow??? #manila #finallyhere #rockmusic
billboard life in Jakarta, Indonesia
that's my boy @willferri . #twinsies
Don't forget! We're playing tomorrow at Foundry 8 in Jakarta! ❤️
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that's @davidkaday I'd double tap it
this is THE lyric video for my new original song "Right Where I Belong" -…
playing in Kuala Lumpur TODAY with these crazy @againstthecurrentny kids .. tickets still available at the door!
boom, crap. the beat of my heart
to all my haters: hi.
Story time: I'm in Kuala Lumpur, getting ready to play a show TOMORROW. Get your tickets at if you don't have them!
this is a bit delayed due to lack of internets .. but thanks so much for the AMAZING show Singapore! can't wait to come back soon!
tonight's stage in Taipei looking legit! can't wait to play #soldout
Taiwan - unfortunately this T-shirt won't be available tomorrow as planned. 😢 but there will be lots of other merch!
I'm in Taipei, Taiwan.. hi! featuring blinking @nadwog photobomb.
about to board one of these things ✈️ and kick off my tour w/ @ATC_BAND in SE Asia / Australia. Come see us play!!
my cover of "Maps" by Maroon 4.… Maroon 5*** damn sosorry
messy hair kinda
shoutout to @ellefowler for introducing me to this stuff.. YUM
Songs I wish I wrote: volume 4. Coming at you very soon! | photo: @davidkaday
I'll follow you .. into the dark
rehearsing for SE Asia + Australia.. a wild @chrissycostanza appears! TICKETS |
HEY are you in this picture? if so.. I'm gonna be coming to play for you VERY soon! tickets | |
only make moves when your heart's in it.. and live the phrase "Sky's the limit"
Lead rhymes with read. Lead rhymes with read.
I'm 5' 11".. or 6 feet on a really good day
sometimes the strongest motivation can come from being told that you CAN'T do something
HANGING OUT WITH @againstthecurrentny NICE
it's only awkward if you MAKE it awkward
HI Southeast Asia and Australia .. do you have your tour tickets yet??! These shows are coming RIGHT up
I've reached over a million likes on Facebook, .. wow. Let's get "Wake Up Call" to 1,000,000 views to celebrate!…
Jafar kind of looks like @prince though?
about to hit 100k Instagram followers, have to look just right! omg