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Alex Ehrmann
#tbt when I was tired
cant wait to get back the master of this track :)
Everybody's somebody's everything... Nobody's nothing.
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One does not simply forget about Counter Strike & Counter Strike Source.
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In other news, @steve_duda and I are working on a new xfer sampling cd / library. Now.
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last cigarette ever
So bored in this hotel room I just Shazam'ed the toilet flushing for entertainment
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The XX create such a unique atmosphere with their music.
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in a train full of old ppl
85% of people use music to escape from daily emotional stress.
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lost in mrsuicidesheep's channel
when u get what u want but not what u need
damn, I love every single Adventure Club track.
watching my taxi driver dancing to will i am
its a "Speed Of Life" kinda day
Oh, the sound took me away carried through the vastness of outer space
casual wednesday.. drinking beer and layering kick drums
surrender the music surrender the soul pray for the emptiness to disappear wont that make it all right? @Drunkmau5
@alexehrmann Thanks for tuning in once again and for following! #Salute
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people who actually dance at festivals >
lol @ "Adele Please Make A Vine" is trending worldwide..
emojis make my life so much easier
vanilla > chocolate
yesss, do it! RT @Drunkmau5: THIS SHIT IS FIRE, GET IN HERE ->… #EDM
Kaskade tickets sold out in 5 min. I wonder what it feels like to be THAT successful
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working on this wonderful remix :) #128bpm
Always make sure you are the coolest person you know
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Just did an amazing line of caffeine , in liquid form ... From a cup... Into my mouth ... from mcdonalds
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we should stop the clocks on 11:11 so we could wish forever
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I think the fastest way to connect with people is through music
and why is my fridge always empty?
why the fuck do we always fixate on the people that hate us?
I need sushi in my life
being jaded is a direct result of taking yourself too seriously
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