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if He is for us, who can be against us?
My new sounds: Valerie - Amy Winehouse (Cover)… on #SoundCloud
I got a bunch of little girls crying over me, t$rl
ask her who I am to her and she yell gawd
I win.. You lose. Ahhahahahahahahahahahaha oh shit
should've recorded my mixtape and given it to her so he could put me tf on..
Adina... Is in the same room as drake... Goodbye friends I am gone
Happy birthday to my gothic partner in crime. I luv u more than I luv wearing black & sacrificing souls. @nvcolxr
the poets cry for more.
would you.. like to.. maybe go to hell.. with me.. sometime?
u got a lot of nerve to wanna hear me sing.
tattoo every planet on me
I need you in my life I can go another day without you @LEXANDRAGRIFONE
Retweeted by caelum☪
silver hair will make me look like a fuckin mutant and I want it more and more every day
someone should start to make cute bras and bathing suits for people with big boobs
This is blasphemy. Hands down the most disrespectful thing u have ever said to anyone ever…
watching live videos of Queen Selena and crying as per usual.
the good ones go if you wait too long..
involved with me making pretty love to me, pretty, pity pity.
I want white or silver hair😭
when straight dudes are afraid of gay men coming at them the same way they come at women..
unfollow me or even block me if you're going to post homophobic shit. thanks bye.
"ET looks like a trachea"
meet me later on the lowww
@LEXANDRAGRIFONE fucking nothing I guess. I'm gonna kill myself.
Retweeted by caelum☪
there's like an older version of Jordan dreyer sitting across from me and I am dead
do u want to smoke on ur roof and stare at the pavement?
i'm a dick, so it shouldn't be that hard to swallow.
New @sororitynoise is either breaking or mending my heart. I can't tell yet.
man I'm so high, I think I love u
*Waits for someone to take me to Tim Hortons bc iced capp*
ask her who I am to her and she yell "god"
happy 43rd birthday. love you.
I'll be sorry until I puke.
yago is trying to convince me that he knows about jay z and he turns to me with a blank stare and says "hova"
there was no creature living as foul as I and all my poems were false.
I feel like the epitome of death right now
I am in so much pain everywhere just throw me away
why do people allow me to make decisions I'm actually 7 years old

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