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ramona flowers.
comedy music punk metal 723 followers
where you forget things you shouldn't and you think too much about death.
drummers are so important
all the songs I sang but never once could make you smile, my god, I would kill to make you smile.
does the heart shrink?
tell me that you’re terrified of life, tell me that it’s difficult to not think of death sometimes.
boys with nose piercings make me feel so many things
it’s like medicine, trap the healing in whatever bed they end up in.
rob your pretty little eyes of sleep's disguise, I'm at your bedside with a bucket full of lies.
if I could take back every single word I’ve said, maybe I'd be less unwanted, maybe I'd be fucking dead
I saw the devil with my own eyes and he fit the shape of you
lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.
taking up your mouth, so you breathe through your nose
idk if you feel like it listen to my cover of give me love.…
now it's three in the morning and I'm trying to change your mind
i'm bored and i'll probably delete this, but listen to my cover of wrecking ball (if you want to)…
I hope you drown in all the cum you fucking swallow.
is that the devil in your eyes?
but you know that I could crush you with my voice
love yourself so no one has to.
life seems unreal, can we go back to your place?