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i read that soda kills you and Jesus saves on a bathroom wall where i saw your name
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throwback tuesday. check this out if ur feelin it.…
I was the last thing on your mind, I know you better than you think.
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when u accept ur university offer and it gives ur computer a virus.....ok
dude u can die at any time. like tomorrow or next week or next year. remember this
I'm so unappealing
take a second and look at the fuckin moon right now
I am going to be so tired in the morning someone please choke me to sleep
cold weather come back 2 me
I was sick in the head for her, and there wasn't a cure.
I am a piece of shit who drinks way too much coffee to even think about sleeping
person in passing car yelled "nerd" at me like i didn't already know
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I just spoke to myself for a few minutes before realizing that I was doing it
man. if someone wants to fuck 30 people it's not your business. if someone wants to fuck no one, it's still not your business. #brotip
if my red eyes don't see u anymore..
my days are numbered, u can come thru
movies that kill off dogs should actually be RATED FUCKING R YOU SICK FUCKS
baby jump off the roof with me
Please that's all I need is somebody to suck my dick I promise I will give you a homemade peanut butter sandwich
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scorpios are emotional beer pong champions
@LEXANDRAGRIFONE I've been in love w sandrits (and you) my entire life
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lil msg to all dogs in the world: I love u
I will carve u from the air, I will tie u in my hair.
pls luv urself and refrain from writing "tatted" in ur bio
I'm a fuckin idiot
"Cockiness doesn't look good without a cock" can someone tell me what the fuck that even means
then they talk about me, would be lost without me.

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