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Alexandra Moss
Enjoying this beautiful day with @kgrace195 #daffodils #happiness
I can always count on @regoddard to make my day a little brighter. I sat at home sick all day and she returned from school with a token of pride from my Jewish heritage. #kosherorangejuice
Naturally the ONE day I get sick and have to stay in bed is the day the Vistas decided to hammer the roof. #worst
I have come to the conclusion that if I'm going to watch a sad movie with friends, I have to watch it alone first. #sadlife
"I feel like Alexa came out of the womb saying 'I like heels, pearls, and daffodils.'" - @dramageek55 #accurate @alexamoss
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I am so blessed by @rglind. She showed up unexpectedly at my bedroom door singing "Do you wanna build a snowman" and then proceeded to play outside in the snow with me. This is what you call true friendship.
Update: spring is cancelled due to inclement weather
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Snow should be against the law right now.
#mancrushmonday #mancandlematerial #hewasmeantomefirst
Birthday huddle time.
Who was the wonderful creation of God that left daffodils at my door? Whoever you are, you bright so much joy to my day. Thank you so much!
I can officially cross getting on the media wall in the library off my bucket list! And it's a beautiful day with daffodils. Best day ever.
Burnt cookies for days. #mancandlematerial #stillintraining
There are ice covered daffodils in Lynchburg right now. I'm pretty sure that's a fallacy. I am officially over winter.
I just found out I have a Jewish last name. This is why talking to @Amadi_M always makes me feel better. Best brother ever! #JewishPride
Those days when you break a dish and stand in shock for three minutes thinking about how you no longer have a perfect set #TypeAProbs
Dear Liberty. You cannot close the school and then change your minds and say it's delayed.
Michael and his superior breakfast making abilities. #SB2014 #mancandlematerial
Sunrise on the beach. #SB2014
I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be Meryl Streep. #effortlessclass #flawless
Those days when you compliment your roommate on an accessory and she tells you it's yours.
Playing Heads Up after midnight is probably the funniest thing that has ever happened. @cworth10101 @GoddardRachel @RachelGLind
"If any of your entourage are of the male persuasion..."