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Alexandra Moss
Only one hundred days until Christmas... Now to convince my roommates to start decorating.
"My eighth great grandfather was Benjamin Franklin... Not the famous one just some guy named Benjamin Franklin." @JacobFilegar
All it takes is watching the sun rise surrounded by mountains to remind me how big and loving God is and how small and undeserving I am.
The amount of screams I am being forced to contain right now. So excited for this beautiful friend and stoked to be a part of the planning process. CONGRATS @bethany_kayy
if you can’t beat them, dress better than them
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"I want to marry a doctor. That's in the army." -AM "Oo, a military surgeon. Isn't that hot?-me "I just want the insurance." @alexamoss
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"That's legit serger...ry. Get it. Surgery?" @alittlethespian #costumeshophumor #favorite
You know you're too emotionally connected to your dishes when you find a broken champagne glass and shed a tear.
Accomplishment of the day- getting an actual parking space at the J. Crew warehouse sale with these beauties. #best #xoxo
There is not much more satisfying than crossing a seemingly impossible task off a to do list. #typeAproblems
Today I dropped a pole on my foot. Only one of my rehearsal dinner shoes fit now. #alloftheswelling #worst
BIG congrats to @AprilKryMusic for getting her song played on the radio! Everyone check out Beauty Queen on iTunes!!!
Johnnie Moore is gone. I see no reason to ever attend convo again. #favoritecampuspastor
Congrats to the Christ Chapel step team for winning #NFAF for the second year in a row!!!! I so wish I was there with you! #homechurchpride
The Step Troupe Award of Merit goes to Da' Feet from Christ Chapel, Woodbridge, VA. #Columbus14
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I told mom a story about a boy that eats his boogers. She says, "Yeah. Because it taste salty. Haven't you ever done that?" I was adopted.
Half price Cheesecake Factory cheesecake today and tomorrow. All the diets start on Friday.
I would do anything to be at #NFAF right now.
So excited to see @tiecarlton tonight! @marmolee wants Taco Bell.
Starbucks treat receipt is the best and worst thing ever.
Guess who cleaned her room for me? Loved getting to hang out with this lovely friend this weekend!
"Homework and being self absorbed takes up a lot of time." @LaVentanaGirl
I realize I don't drink soda but how can there be an Alejandra bottle and not Alexandra. This is an abomination.
A few months ago I posted our "We're small but we've got giant plans faces". Well today those giant plans became a reality for this beautiful (and astonishing) bride. Congratulations to the bride and Groom. I count be more excited for you!!! #makandywed
Tonight the family went to see fireworks. Soon after arriving at our location, we discovered that we chose the worst spot on the lake to see anything (i.e. No fireworks in sight, but we could hear everything). When we decided to leave, my sister decided to drop her phone in the lake. Rather than con
#tbt To a time when my biggest concerns were out dressing Christina, wearing pink bows, and getting ridiculous tacky hats off my head. #idontdobirthdayhats
I haven't watched one second of the World Cup, but I'm still an American.
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Dear Netflix, please get Zenon.
Today I traded in stilettos for roller skates. Surprise friend trips are the best! #ipickedagooddaytowearpants
ED SHEERAN'S NEW ALBUM IS OUT! For those who I've forced to listen to "Wake Me Up" on repeat for the past year and half, this is great news.
You know you're getting older when you get just as excited when looking at kitchen items as you once did at the toy store. #ImAnAdult
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"This is going to be your house in 15 years except with less black people." @Amadi_M's reaction to an elementary school ice cream social.
The boy I'm babysitting took off his pants and when I told him to put them back on he said "Give me one good reason". I can't think of one.
Pulled into a parking lot blasting T-Swift @marmolee goes "Turn it down! We're not white!" #IDoWhatIWant
This is not my living room, nor is this a working kitchen or real food. This is the result of me getting off work at 4:30 for the first time ever. I'm celebrating by watching Frozen in IKEA while my brother pretends to bake. #noshame #best
Don't take your sisters to IKEA. Frozen might be playing in a fake room and they might make you watch the whole movie
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Got off work at 4:30 for the first time ever. Obviously I'm sitting in an IKEA living room with @Amadi_M watching Frozen. #noshame
"Today when I was in the car by myself I made the funniest black joke and no one was there to witness it." @Amadi_M #youreblack
"You're going to have the perfect grandma voice."-@Amadi_M "I KNOW!That's why I can sing Santa Baby so well!"-@marmolee #dailyoddcompliment
They sting you and them die, yet no one decided to call them Kamikazbees? What a waste #Buzz
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It's amazing how I can be exhausted when I have a million things to do but as soon as I finish and the clock strikes three I'm wide awake.
Be right back. Cowering in fear due to an abundance of thunder and a devastating lack of power. #lynchburgweather #worst
There is nothing more worthwhile than a child wrapping their arms around your neck and saying that they love you.
Excuse us as we eat our cheese and crackers while sipping sparkling cider as our Creme brûlée bakes and Roman Holiday plays. #classy