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Alexandra Moss
Dear demented soul who decided it's alright to play "Christmas Shoes" in stores. Nobody likes you.
What is it about changing the color of my cup that makes me feel peace, joy, and the confidence to achieve world domination? #RedCupSeason
I face a constant battle walking in stores and not screaming the word Christmas at the top of my lungs... I also just failed. People stared.
I just gave up my Virginia Residency and a piece of my soul went with it.
All I want in life is to be the unopposed ruler of the free world and to eat all of the candy cane kisses.
What is this "Thanksgiving" holiday you speak of? It must just be another word for Christmas.
No one has enough merits to earn salvation; and no one has enough demerits to prohibit salvation. #gracealone #faithalone #christalone
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Those days when you think your outfit is cute until people keep asking you what you're dressed as for Halloween. #IDressLikeThisEveryday
This is the generation that will make Jesus known throughout the 4 corners of the Earth using CREATIVITY and INNOVATION to propel his love!
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Dearest Rach, The fact that you're celebrating your birthday and I'm not there to embarrass you about it all day long is basically a crime against humanity. I suppose I'll just reminisce about pumpkins, piñatas and hammers. I miss you so very much and I hope you're having the birthday of birthdays
Please stop all attempts to convince me it isn't Christmas. You're wrong.
Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive. -Mat 21:22
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I'm pretty sure I burn more calories washing my hair than I burn working out. #blackpeopleproblems
"Want some popcorn?" "No thanks, I have no idea when the last time you washed your hands was." Nasty.
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Hello old friend. How grand of you to visit. #RedCupSeason #ChristmasTime
Today feels like hot chocolate, poinsettias and Aspen pines. #ChristmasTime
I can't not Christmas right now.
Dear woman who just walked out of the restroom without washing her hands and said not to judge her... That was a joke right?
If you asked me to share my story a few years ago I would have refused. I was so ashamed of where I had been, I pretended it never happened. No one knew, and what would they think if they did know? But, this isn't my story, this is God's story. He just used me to tell it and I will never refuse to
Why have I watched that stupid Extra commercial 17 times and cried EVERY SINGLE TIME? I should not have an emotional attachment to gum.
Fall. Perfect weather. Cinnamon steamed apple juice. Trees starting to change. Nothing is more perfect. Except Christmas.
I have the most beautiful people in my life, inside and out. #wcw #ploughcrofttearoom
I just saw a picture of Christmas and squealed loud enough for the neighbors to knock on the door to check on me... I don't have a problem.
If a J Crew fashion show took place in Lynchburg, and I wasn't there to see it, did it really happen? Don't think too hard.The answer is no.
Does anyone remember what the sun looks like? My Vitamin D Deficiency wants to know.
Can it be Christmas now?
How many friends do you have that will drive over six and a half hours out of their way on a last minute whim for you? I am so blessed to have the type of friend that you only find in movies. It doesn't matter what it is, how big or small, this guy is ALWAYS going to step up and I don't think it's
My music taste is composed of the three Major S's. Swift. Sheeran. Showtunes.
If Michael's says it's Christmas season, it's Christmas season! #letsdecorate #Christmastime #thisisntearly
My favorite smidge. My gentile sister. I am so thankful for this lovely friend. I can't imagine life without someone to ask about the Hebrew and Greek translations of the Bible or watch Black Annie with no objections... and then watch the bonus features. Dearest bit, have the most wonderful birth
I feel sorry for everyone who isn't friends with @mckenzieconnell
My phone keeps telling me I have an unread message, yet there are no blue dots advocating unread messages. This is how I die. #TypeAProbs
I've spent more on gauze in the past week than I did on clothes in the month of August. There goes my dress budget for September. 😭😭😭
Don't let anyone tell you who Jesus is. Experience Him yourself and you'll find out exactly who He is!!!
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S/O to Rachel at @Starbucks #11551. She went beyond my expectations and gave me the right order for the first time ever. Give her a raise.
Warning: If you try to hold a conversation with me before 7am, consider yourself at high risk of not making it to 8am.
Currently in the ER for the third time in three months for my grandmother. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.
Me: "I love Blackish. That show is my life." @marmolee "Alexa. NO IT'S NOT! YOU'RE NOT EVEN BLACK!" Thanks sis. Thanks.
#LT Until then I will live vicariously through the memories of Tyler and Lydia in Lynchburg. #Starbucks #MyFaves
One day I'll order a grande one pump, extra shot, whole milk latte heated to 180 degrees at #Starbucks in Greenwood and get it.
Can it be #SisterSunday because I miss @marmolee and her dance moves? #ShakeItOff
me, looking at my full closet that threatens to break if i put anything more into it: i need more clothes
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“...We are His house if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope.” Hebrews 3:6
.@marcorubio: God has blessed the Republican Party with some very good candidates. The Democrats can't even find one.
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Okay, why is Trump leading in the poles? Watch the debate, people.
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#LT and if you're giving birth, there's a television is your hospital room. #beinformed #govote

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