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shoutout to low maintenance friends, the ones u don't talk to for months bc ur both living life but when u meet up, there's nothing but love
I need a cup of tea so bad right now 😣
Remember this πŸ‘N
I am too nasty to be at this theater
Who's awake then? ☺
2016 I have to make better decisions πŸ˜’ SERIOUSLY!!!
blow my phone up when you miss me so i know it’s real
I know a couple of people like this πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ x8w
I got trust issues because people got lying issues.
If your girlfriend likes my pictures everytime I post one... that's our girlfriend now
If you're not losing friends then you're not growing up.
When someone thinks they are slick at hiding something and you secretly know so your like :):):)
trying my hardest not to act how i feel
When yo mom yelling at u for something you didn't do and u waiting for her to finish so you can roast her with facts
When u finish arguing with someone and they try to say something under their breath
When you realize they aren't worth your time..
I feel like there's something missing in my life and I don't know if it's a person, a puppy, or just a burrito.
If only my bank balance was as high as my anxiety levels
as clichΓ© as it sounds, I gotta keep telling myself everything happens for a reason.
No matter how much I eat, there is always room for dessert. Dessert doesn't go to the stomach. Dessert goes to the heart.
i always find myself comforting people with the words i want someone to say to me
I don't hold grudges.. We good You may never hear from me again but we good
Basically πŸ˜‚οΏ½Te
When people stare at me for too long
you learn more about a person at the end of a relationship than at the beginning
Not everyone you lose is a loss
I've got a weak spot for girls in 5 panels 😍😍
Fuck yo bed, you can sleep in mine.
it's all about the first person u wanna tell good news to
When you slick af
Just because you see my name doesn't mean I actually watched your snapchat story I was tapping 100mph
I'm just looking for someone to watch serial killer documentaries & be weird with.
Before calling me, ask yourself... Is this textable?
I wish i could unmeet some people. like yeah we had some good times but i gotta wipe you from my memory now.
I really hate it when people use their zodiac sign to justify their actions, like I don't care if you're a Virgo Cindy, you're being a bitch
I think it's attractive when you can be sarcastic with someone & they can dish it back instead of being a little bitch.
ur allowed 5 emotional minutes in the day then u gotta be a gangsta
Grateful and blessed to see another day that wasn't promised.
When you get so drunk & reply to your own text

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