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Anyone forcing sharia law on the people of the UK need to fuck off back to where they came from or respect our law as it is
Couldn't be happier it's almost the weekend
when you spell a word so wrong that spell check is like i dont know what to tell u man
this weekend went by way too fast.
My favorite winter activity is staying inside in my pyjamas and being antisocial.
i don't give a fuck about a lot of things but when it comes to you it's different
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What's with all these women who think hairy armpits are ok on them? Enjoy forever being looked down on
Just built a church in Minecraft! Holding it down for god
The video game in 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication' video... WHY did it never happen? looked mad good
RETWEET this if you're a small account and I will help you gain! 😊🔥
If you ain't proud of being with bae, then they ain't really bae 💯
Working takes up too much time
What shall I dress up as for Halloween? 🎃
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Do you ever just suddenly realise how important someone is to you
Add me up on PS4 if you play Minecraft! ry4npoole_ 😎
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Why would you put "Single" in a twitter bio? this shit ain't a dating site 😂
Done nothing productive today, what a waste of a day
Nobody wants someone who fucks with everyone
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Going out in the rain makes me miserable
Forever wishing I was a kid again. Why did I want to grow up so fast?
Never underestimate my ability on how fast I can cut you off ✂
Kinda wanna be 21 Kinda wanna be 6.
I can't take a selfie to save my life 😂
Welcome to the UK, where it can go from sunny to rainy in 0.001 seconds 😭😂
Nights are getting colderrrr
Breaking Bad so good I'm watching it a second time
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sleepless nights
We all want someone who's loyal and only down for you 😍👌
When you get ugly ass kids trying to act big over twitter 😂
October, November and December are the best months of the year and nobody can argue that. 🎃👻🍂🍗🎁🎅
The weekend just isn't long enough
All this time and they still can't stop spam DM's.. 😒
isn't it crazy how quickly we can forgive someone who did us so much harm? just because life without their presence wouldn't be the same.
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