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Cant you smile normally? Wtf.
I like the idea of being isolated in my own little world a million miles away where no one can come near me and fuck anything up
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Nunally you bitch, stay away from my kururugi 😀
Stomach full of Doritos
Mga freshies sa auf na complete uniform and full of life
@Aleenlovesyouuu Ikr its awesum haha imma say I want him back in GOT but then again he might get killed again so...
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Tangna sumakit ulo ko sa hw sa biopsych 😩
true friends don’t judge each other they judge other people together
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Been up for 8 hrs. This is exhausting 😩
Negative attracts positive. Except people.
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Damn Lelouch 😚
@Aleenlovesyouuu well this means an oscar for that movie
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She was with Cara Delevingne and now she's with Zac Effron. MICHELLE RODRIQUEZ - 2 WORLD- 0
The top trend really cracked me up I CANT BREATHE OMG IZ ALL ON YOU GUYS IF I DIE RIGHT NOW
it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you & everything that they say could be one massive lie
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i’m always hungry this is becoming a problem
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"its depend" HA HA HA
say something I'm giving up on you
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On screen: Only Lovers Left Alive Watching coz Tom Sizzles 😍
Im talking about a fictional character ok. Don't mess shit up.
If every impatient guy out there is like you, then all of the female population will be devirginized in a span of 15 seconds.
You are too perfect and I know that you're impatient but that's what makes you more asjdkskaoalksf to me 😍
So Reaching You is not complete yet? Wtf 90 chapters of pure feels, 80% high school and 20% college. Kazehaya pls screw up just once