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Sana palang nag theoper nalang ako, atleast naman yun totoong major. 😫
Di exempted kase hindi daw naka justify. Sa pagkaka justify nalang pala na susukat yung ganda ng term paper. F u c k Y o u
Putang inang Yambao (2014) 😭 Naiiyak nako sa inis.
Screw you and your pompous attitude 🌵
From what point does someone start counting as special?
parents: you do realize one day you will have to pay for all your own things me: yes but today is not that day
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I literally spent 12 fucking hours in doing my final requirements and I didn't even finish half of them. Holy shit. #NotMyFault
"You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself." - Zig Ziglar
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Now you're claiming you have absolutely no idea why it got in your bag? Look, lots of bullshit in your mouth.
A 4-inch praying mantis landed on my leg and I screamed like there's no fucking tomorrow. Dat heart attack ish feel.
Saw a bunch of good tea in nepo but mom refused to buy me one. 😭
I need a detox, pronto! 😂
I love Brendon Urie. Deal with it or go away. Bye.
@kingobitcho: Gay marriage is legal in 6 states. Having sex with a horse is legal in 23. Good going America.” Dis true? 😱 holy hell
I'm nice until: •You annoy me. •You piss me off. •You screw me over. •You get on my bad side. •You give me a reason not to be. ??
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And let me kiss a stranger And rob the local bank Let me become real rich So I could give it all away
Kambal's Coffee Pandesal is the best tasting pandesal ever ❤️
Ugh. Fckin sticky notes. 😭
What good are dreams, if all you do is work? There's more to life than hitting the books, I hope you know. —Tamaki Suoh
My Twitter. My Thoughts. My feelings. Fuck what you think.
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