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Hot tub on the roof top #GGLA
Wish some people would just pretend to care.
Looks like San Francisco.
This woman hit back at “make-up shaming” with an incredible transformation…
Retweeted by Aleece
Had a dream my ex is now into dudes. I would believe it!
Mentally unstable people flock to me.
I had a dream about someone I probably shouldn't dream about... and it was lovely.
Never thought the day would come. I'm losing interest in Pretty Little Liars because there are still no answers. #PLL
New York Studio Set
Marvel's Agent Peggy Carter walked up these faux subway steps but it's now being used for a Pretty Little Liars episode. There is a forensic vehicle parked outside the theatre so someone is going to die! #InsideScoop #SpoilerAlert #PrettyLittleLiars
I have zero men in my life or five. There is no in between.
Spent the night having random men from Tinder send my new roomie and I Pizza while we watch #AmySchumer #TinderGames
I had a dream I was back in high school and one of my classes was catholic mass. Talk about a nightmare.
What's Erik Von Detten up to? #latenightthoughts
So long great view and negative vibes. A new chapter awaits.
Went to "The Online Dating Show" @ucbtla. Was the most painful thing I've seen in awhile. Looking forward to another.
It's not difficult to write, but it's difficult for me to put myself in and pull myself out of the emotional mindset that comes with it.
Memorial Day with #GGLA
Even if it were in the smallest way, it's been a long time since someone cared about my whereabouts, and it feels good.
I need a miracle.
Disneyland at 4am
Where do the waves go, my love? @hollymiranda
Mariah and I shared a moment. Then I got to see her perform!!! #MariahCarey #lifecomplete
Romance is getting drunk and watching The Bachelorette and making fun of the people together. #TheBachelorette
I made a heart at Mariah and she made one back at me. Sixteen year old me is proud. The OG diva is in the house, ladies and gentlemen! #MARIAHCAREY #THEQUEEN #DYING
Mad Men's Jon Hamm Reveals Who He Wants To See Have A Spin-Off: #MadMen #VanityFair
Alternate Ending: Under Sansa's wedding garments she keeps a sword and turns around and cuts Ramsay's throat. #GameofThrones #GOT
When guys on Tinder ask what I'm into, my go to is, Teen Mom and Hot Cheetos. #Tinder #jokes
I'm just calling it now. I bet money there will be a Pitch Perfect 3 released on ABC Family in a couple of years and it will be terrible.
Driving through Los Angeles with K and listening to Tegan and Sara is the most relaxed I've been in weeks.
DC's Pinup Superhero Statues Are Getting Their Own Comic Book #pinup #dccomics
The Good Wife is a predominantly caucasian cast but they still shed light on authorities abusing power when dealing with minorities & others
Melrose Trading Post find at Fairfax High School @clocksinbooks
Street art on Melrose + Stanley
Warehouse show + free drinks + phenomenal sounds @swimm_music

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