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A scene from this weekend in the country.
I asked, Are you obsessed with the photos I took of you? He said, Yes and now I need to go finish my memoir.
Halloween Weekend Writer's Getaway
Had a pretty nice Halloween with good people in a haunted house in the middle of nowhere.
Last night as I slept I even dreamt I was tired. I am living my life even as I'm dreaming. This has been random musings by Aleece.
On the other hand, passing Columbia's Pulitzer building smells of chocolate and strawberry banana smoothies.
Today Columbia University has a strange scent predominantly surrounding Dodge Hall: Vanilla Bean and a hint of cigarette smoke.
I don't get people who use FB but don't respond to messages. I categorize them with those who like their coffee black & don't like cupcakes.
I took away that she is missing out on Netflix and Podcasts but likes MTV's Teen Mom.…
Love that @DeniseBidot is modeling for Forever 21's plus size line.
I should have known when he said he attended classes at the James Franco School of Acting it was a red flag. Total lunatic.
Hey @mindykaling, is this Will? Inquiring strangers at a book club want to know.
This weekend: a birthday party, a housewarming, two bookclubs, and a burlesque show. I probably should be reading...
It's a Breakfast at Tiffany's kind of morning.
Adele be like, time to sob bitches
The wait is over! Adele releases video for new single 'Hello'
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I love that the Gossip Girl boys have their own shows now on ABC. Waiting to marathon their first seasons.
Is this Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones? Bloody scenes at the dinner table?! #DowntonAbbey
To be clear, that statement is applicable to many situations in my life, and is not targeted specifically at any one person.
When someone calls to question my morals or misinterprets my intentions, you better believe I'll have something to say, then be done with it
I thought working at a cafe again during college would be nice but some people I tell ya...
Leaving the ice scoops up during a rush isn't going to kill anybody. Calm yo' self down. #baristaproblems #tobeapartner
I love that Jane The Virgin has incorporated The Bachelorette into their latest episode. That's all.
They say never meet your heroes. It's true. I've met both actors, musicians & writers I respected and soon after lost respect for them.
I do not get horrible people who are in their own head and think everything is about them. Slow down, think, and have compassion.
I get what you get in ten years, in two days.
Taking bets now that @viallnicholas28 will join @benhiggi's season to confess his love for him. #thebachelor
Need a ride? Use code 'ALEECE4' for $20 FREE CREDIT for 1st time passengers via the @lyft app! #Lyftpromocode
There are things one can't know about an MFA program unless one endures it and by then it's too late to change your mind.
Biased policy may be putting domestic violence victims in jail
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The best revenge is doing well.
City by the sea.
I had a dream I met Portia de Rossi at a late night deli. She was drunk and chatty but refused to take a photo with me.
Practicing my French and watching an Audrey Hepburn film past midnight. Curse my habit of taking evening naps.
Scream Queens is pretty bad... but I can't stop watching.
The dating app for... bacon lovers? @TheWriterJess
Entitled white males I tell ya. Can't live with them. Can't live without them. I want that on a Hallmark card.
Friends don't let friends do man buns.
A man and I practically collided today because he expected me to move out of his way.
Friends don't let friends wear jean jackets.
I'm allowing myself to take a break from work to watch Downton Abbey and order a pizza. #WILDFRIDAYNIGHT
Laughing out loud that someone I have history with walked into a room, saw me, and walked right back out. #coward

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