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Aloysius Carl
1 down & more to come - Sri Lanka is the first country to sign up for Google Loon #googleloon please RT
Uber reportedly raises another $1B from investors including Microsoft by @thesullivan
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have literally 100s of blogs hacked at one time - it was a nightmare…
have thought they have been experimenting with this for some time…
Google has expanded the # of search terms providing Local Results. Have seen this change with search terms tracked for 10+ yars
@bill_slawski We observed rankings fell quickly (sometimes below original). Hard to know w/ public tests if there's interference though.
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spammers, at least put some effort into it and change the frickin header image from 1 of your fake people to the others
"The things we fear most in organizations—fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances—re the primary sources of creativity." Margaret J. Wheatle
agree but feel it is inevitable Ban Killer Robots Before They Take Over, Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk Say
digitizing the education process - Lessons from the Digital Classroom
LG's Latest Innovation Is... An Android Flip Phone?
this is very disturbing - Hackers can crack the self-aiming rifle to change its target #hackers
can you believe it? - Twitter Has a Problem: Most People Still Don't Get It #twitter Please RT
how can you design a weapon without covering this? - Hackers can crack the self-aiming rifle to change its target
innovation drives stock market returns - The Innovation Factor #innovation
how do you know when a title for an article is perfect? when you just tweet it without any commentary because it says it all
I have never witnessed a company achieving prosperity through cost cutting and employee reduction
"The essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin H. Land
I'm glad to see this change from LinkedIn - 'Less is more': LinkedIn cuts emails to users by 40% #linkedin
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay
wrecks were due to smartphones - Google’s Self-Driving-Car Chief Defends Safety Record #selfdrivingcars
new realm of ethics is very challenging…
New paid local entity in testing on Google last night (search for "plumbers") - potential game-changer, IMO --
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Good luck! I will wait for the 2nd or 3rd version to come out to avoid all of the bugs.…
amen! You can SEO a prospect to a bad site but you can't make em buy.…
Yelp is for customer reviews & not revenge. Yelp was right to remove non-customer commentary…
A5 Failing on social media often means that you're broadcasting without engaging people. Interact with people! #seotogo
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Amazon wants to own the home shopping interaction…
RT @fantomaster: This is what happens when a bot writes an article about journalism
man the spammers have been bombarding me, how about you? When will twitter do something about it? Please RT
if twitter execs want to know what to work on, I can help - stop or at least slow down the frickin' spammers!!
it is not just about the technology - How to Help Self-Driving Cars Make Ethical Decisions #selfdrivingcars
driverless cars gaining momentum & will be a reality A Ride Around Michigan’s Driverless City #driverlesscars
this will be a growing problem & all mfrs are exposed - Chrysler’s Recall of Hackable Cars Won't Be the Last
Yelp at it again with Google - Yelp Cries Foul at Google’s Mobile App Ad Declaration #yelp
How I did on Twitter this week: 60 New Followers, 19 Mentions, 110K Mention Reach. How'd your week go? via
on the "no kidding" front - Google has admitted that releasing Google Glass early may have been a mistake
“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Anonymous
"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones." John Maynard Keynes #ideation
Twitter is deleting stolen jokes on copyright grounds
value of innovation? - Is rapid innovation in retail really improving the customer experience? #innovation
"The man who is dissatisfied with himself, what can he do?" Henry David Thoreau
some much needed technology - iPhone App Developers Prepare to Offer You a Web without Ads #mobileads
they should also be testing their news feed - the items selected for me lately stink!…
Don’t Panic, but This Article Was Written by an Algorithm:
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RT @bill_slawski: YouTube Gets Mobile Redesign, “Diamond” View Buttons & Courts Creators via @Marketingland
Your brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. Please more brains with #infographics:
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