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Demands for justice and change will continue in major cities across the U.S. this weekend:
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"Police officers are ... not James Bond with a license to kill." -Tamir Rice's great uncle : New York Daily News
#MikeBrown's cousin agrees with my rant about concentrating on police brutality, not race. #Ferguson #ICantBreathe
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Rolling Stone Casts Doubt on Unraveling UVA Rape Story…
The Coasters - Yakety Yak: via @YouTube: XXOO
Qatar Frees U.S. Couple In Death of Daughter
U wanna hand out lessons u better be prepared to learn.
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Do you call the police on the police?
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Buddy Holly - That'll Be The Day: via @YouTube
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank You!
N1M Charts: For Spiritual In All Countries:…
Pharrell Williams - Happy (1AM): via @YouTube :XXXOO
Enya - Only Time: via @YouTube-XXoo -manji
Thank You.....
"'Bout time this town had a new sheriff!" -Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter (1973) #classicfilms #oldmovies #western
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Watching Marion Barry, Former D.C. Mayor, Dies at 78!/news/…
"True Love Ways" Buddy Holly: via @YouTube
Unnervingly Human Androids Coming To A Future Very Near You via @Po_st
@AldermanManji PLEASE RT 2 SUPPORT!!: @2DOPEposts: PREMIERE: Chicago's own Jahzel - "Who Is You?" (Video)
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Hello World! #2 Spiritual in All Countries!! "I Talked To God"…
Hello World! Listen to this song! Thank you!!…
Eye Talked 2 God - Single - #iTunes
The Sixth Amendment, One Amendment, Six Constitutional Rights via @shestokas
Where the Berlin Wall Stood, Lights Now Illuminate XXOO -Manji
DC Talk - Jesusfreak (Lyrics): via @YouTube: OOXX -Manji
Newsboys - Jesus Freak (Lyrics): via @YouTube: OOXX -manji
OneRepublic - Counting Stars: via @YouTube: XXooo -Manji
Fall Out Boy Light Em Up Lyrics: via @YouTube: xxoo -manji
Eye Talked 2 God - Single - #iTunes
Light Up the Sky - The Afters - Worship Video with lyrics: via @YouTube: XXoo -Manji
Thank you. #8, #9 && #10 again! XXOO -@AldermanManji
In the Bible Jacob was the one who needed to have a dowry for the wife or her family in order to get married.
Legendary designer Oscar de la Renta has died via @USATODAY
Giant Sphinx from 'Ten Commandments' Film Unearthed 91 Years Later… via @YahooNews
Texas hospital worker who may have handled Ebola samples is on Caribbean cruise
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Nightly News: EBOLA OUTBREAK (October 16)…
Ozzy Osbourne Talks to His Son About Health, Drugs, and Computers: Ozzy Osbourne Talks to His Son About ... #vice
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Rest in peace Robin Williams. Thank you for decades of laughter and enjoyment.
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Source: Air Force Father, Son Targeted Online By ISIL Followers | via @Militarydotcom
Family forced out as 6K venomous spiders moved in and their home is gassed… via @vir...
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You need hope to cope (please retweet)
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Help those in need of #water.