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Al Davis
If u can't laugh at yo flaws you'll never be happy in life
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Michigan State's Adreian Payne says goodbye to Lacey Holsworth: "My princess is now an angel" (via MSU's Facebook)
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Lol im just joking GOD
The "Burning Bush" himself lol
Its so Ironic that Easter Sunday is on 4/20
Shauna has a hard time picking 1 picture out of dozens because they ALL look good lol
Most females have a hard time picking 1 picture out of dozens of selfie's they took because they all look bad
Outta those 4 idk which 1 i'd pick either lol
We get 4 pictures of Shauna on twitter & IG only gets 1 lol > > > >
while there are alot of females who can barely even put their hair in pony tails with the hair they had their whole life lol
Its actually kinda Sad i grew hair down to my shoulders twice in a 3 year span..
Its kinda Crazy for someone who grew dreads down to their shoulders TWICE hated having hair lol
Man i miss my dreads but i hated having long hair especially when its hot outside
Who would have ever thought my nappy headed dread headed ahh would have this smooth straight Wavy ass hair now lol
None of these females have a Real nigga that'll actually put them up on Game. They so called friends not keeping it Trill with them
I can go on & on with that false advertising and contradicting shit these hoes say/do but i honestly could careless.
You cant stand these "Fuk niggas" but you steady having kids with these same "Fuk niggas" #contradicting
You want a nigga to respect your mind & "ambition" meanwhile 90% of your post are of you half naked or about sex.. #falseadvertising
Facebook & IG "famous" bitches give me headaches. Too much false advertising & contradicting for me
If females as "Bad" as they think they are why they the only one taking care of their child?? I'll wait.... #WheresThePapi
Females nowadays are ruthless boy they'll flirt with ya do all these lil things to make you notice them then hit you with that "my man" shit
I despise females that's in a relationship who like to do shit to make you think she flirting or interested in you. I HATE them hoes lol
You notice only garbage ass no name players be the ones announcing they're gay? jason collins, Derrick Gordon, and that Sam (no name) nigga
I have nothing against gay people but shit i dont want to hear about gay shit or see that shit all the time.
a damn athlete announces he gay & the media smothers them for days & practically glorify them for being "brave" & "strong"