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Scott McClellan
#DylannRoof facing the death penalty. That's fine by me.
Why doesn't Chattanooga football have a website? They can't string 3 W's together in a row. #UTCHateWeek #JSUGamecocks
What do you call a Chattanooga player with a national championship ring? Thief. #UTCHateWeek #JSUGamecocks
What does a Chattanooga fan do when they win a national championship? Turn off the Playstation. #UTCHateWeek #JSUGamecocks
Jacksonville State University: Best damned school in America. Proud to be a 3rd generation Gamecock. #JSUGamecocks
REALLY f'd this bio up. If you're going to be incorrect, at least be legible: 'damned'. #UTCHateWeek #JSUGamecocks
I love and respect everyone. Except for you retarded shits that fuck it up for everyone else. You're assholes.
Donate to this, instead of serving up bail money for a professional protestor. #BlueLivesMatter…
Getting close to 30K followers. Appreciate each one of you who enjoy hearing the truth. Too many are afraid to admit it.
American crosses into Mexico illegally: 2 years in prison Mexican crosses into America illegally:
If this #JorgeRamos guy cares so much about Mexicans getting to America...he must not care about making Mexico better, so they'll stay.
Gets arrested for being a retarded shit stirrer....then asks for bail donations. Leave his pavement dwelling ass in.
People who play the 'victim card', are those who believe life failed them.....when in reality they failed life.
"The best social program, is a job." -Ronald Reagan
New toy? $6000.....beast.
Box cutter control. ASAP. #2A
2015 Chattanooga Marching Band tryouts. #UTCHateWeek #JSUGamecocks
Seems that the #BlackLivesMatter cult would get tired of dumb white folks speaking for them. Like this one.
The Sun has great video: The arrest of activist Kwame Rose & the witness who refutes he was hit bya car. #freddiegray
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Opening Week Fact: The JSU-Chattanooga game is the only Top 10 matchup in all of Division I college football this weekend.
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How is this a race issue, when half the police officers involved are black? #FreddieGray
Say hello to the Manson of 2015. Mindless followers, with murder in their hearts. #Deray #BlueLivesMatter
Army opening Ranger School to females. No worries about that. Anyone that passes it, regardless of gender, gets my respect. It's tough.
I would vote for @SheriffClarke if he ran for
You do know he faked being hit..NUMEROUS WITNESSED. Save your crap.…
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Everyone must be off work today in #Baltimore. Oh....wait. #FreddieGray
Whenever you see Lawrence Phillips trending, someone probably died.
I love it when people search for me, just to be a hater. I've built a castle from your brick throwing. #AllLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter
Nothing screams unemployment like, shirtless pic, bad spelling and caterpillar eyebrows. #FreddieGray
This person found heaven...I'm assured. Greatest obituary ever.
Buy that man a cold beer! Should've cracked that stick over her racist noggin. #FreddieGray
.....and arrested 2 hours later for doing dumb shit. #FreddieGray
70 years ago today, WW2 ended. Salute and respect to those brave men and women who sacrificed for our great country.
Typical behavior. Respect their views, but fuck everyone elses. Coward.
BLM says the confederate flag had EVERYTHING to do with charleston, but their call for dead cops has NOTHING to do with dead cops. #EVIL
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Hey #BlackLivesMatter cult members. How are you going to 'change the world', when you can't even clean up your own fucking neighborhoods?
Wanna know where the cop killing rhetoric started? This coward. #BlueLivesMatter
Challenged @bassem_masri to a LIVE in-person debate. Said he doesn't debate 'nobodies'. Then realizes I have more followers than him.
Kid, when I look at you I see a pawn to be exploited in my pursuit of power. I'll make you a lifetime Democrat voter.
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#Deray and his #BlackLivesMatter cult has stirred up this anti-police sentiment. Fuck every last one of you. #BlueLivesMatter #FoxLake
Rest well sir. Thank you for your service. #BlueLivesMatter

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