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Scott McClellan
No live video. But if anyone wants live updates on the Rousey fight, let me know! #UFC190
I think Ronda Rousey may provide us with the first live, televised murder tonight. #UFC190
Alves with the submission. #UFC190
Anyone trying to Periscope the fight, they killed the ability to do so. #UFC190
I respect all people. All colors. Until you do something that shows you aren't worthy of that respect.
Burn a #ConfederateFlag: Get yelled at. Drive a truck through LA: Head smashed w/brick.
Calling all 'white people': @Twam_Sack wants your assertiveness. Break his damned twitter account.
Another race-baiting cockroach exposed to the light. #AllLivesMatter
Oh I'm sorry #ConfederateFlag haters, and race baiters...did I break your concentration?
#ConfederateFlag supporters are "uneducated animals".
Because whiny little shitbags like this clown didn't care about it. Until they were told to. #ConfederateFlag
Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery. Shelby County, AL #ConfederateFlag
STILL waiting on @CharterCom to contact me regarding this crappy install job. REALLY thinking U-verse right now.
Digging through old paperwork, and found my preseparation checklist. 6 years ago today, I left the Army. #ArmyStrong
I guess #BlackTwitter missed that lady in the pink on the right. She doesn't seem to be getting harassed.
If you scream 'Its one of God's creatures', after a lion is killed, your house must be filthy. Flies and roaches are 'God's creatures' too.
My mother always said she didn't have a favorite child. I don't have any brothers or sisters.
Proud white, #ConfederateFlag supporting Southerner. I have a job, a home and an education. And I don't owe you anything.
I notice all of these big talkers saying 'rednecks are trash'...etc. All from the comfort of your home. Redneck > Thug
So you're JUST noticing the #ConfederateFlag? It's only been around 150 years. Political correctness strikes again.
The race baiters @deray and @ShaunKing won't protest this shooting. I wonder why??… #AllLivesMatter
Good night everyone. Having a shot for the Hot Rod. Be good to each other. #RIPRoddyPiper
Intelligent documentary about an incredible wrestler, father and man. @the_ironsheik is the ultimate legend.
Nice blue moon lighting up my neighborhood tonight.
DID YOU KNOW: The great-great grandfather of the late Roddy Piper, was Robert Toombs...the Confederate Secretary of State. #RIPRoddyPiper
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Give their food to the needy, and let 'em starve.…
.@RealJoshReddick honors the late Roddy Piper by using bagpipes as his walkup music tonight. Nice tribute.
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Hey @deray, you like to say 'Watch Whiteness Work'? Watch Blackness Work...bitch.…
Wherever Roddy Piper ended up today, he walked in just like this. #RIPRoddyPiper
"I can't make you believe what I do is real, but I can sure as hell make you believe I'm real." #RIPRoddyPiper
Will always be the baddest man on the planet. Thank you Hot Rod. #RIPRoddyPiper
Let @BRONSHAY_730 know how much you appreciate his support for our law enforcement. #ThugLivesDontMatter
Country legend Lynn Anderson, who made history with "(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden," has died at 67:
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Beautiful blue skies here in Alabama today!
Good morning. What are we offended by today?
Good night everyone. Respect each other. #Salute
Being 'politically correct' doesn't mean 'morally right'.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, teach men to be fathers. Lead each generation to be better than the one before.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, they'll realize they don't know REAL discrimination.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, realize the REAL heroes are the men and women who fought the Civil Rights movement.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, stop being 'victims', and start leading your community.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, stop denigrating your women in song. Raise women to be examples of strength.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, flood your neighborhoods with self-worth, not self-loathing and hate.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, start teaching children that the 'project mentality', is not the way to live.
If the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants credibility, start helping the elderly in the projects, and stop mourning thugs.

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