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Alasdair Cooper
The ridiculous argument on @AH_Michael's last tweet really made my day.
Watching final IT Crowd. @Glinner is always hilarious! I have myself a blog now, have a look, or not!
Always good to hit the gym after looking at a screen for about two days.
Preparing stuff for placement interviews, pretty terrifying.
Team flat cleaning, so much more music space in my room now, hidden wires too, looking pretty pro!
@alasdair_cooper u doing all this tweetin she not gone fuc with yo strong chin ass fall bac lil pussy
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Trying to get a song on the Got Djent front page, please rate it!… #Djent #Metal
Whipped up a cover of one of my favourite @tesseractband songs:… Let me know what ya think! #Djent #metal
Watching the Journey Let's Play, @AH_BrownMan sounds every bit like my kinda person. Awesome chat.
Worked out how to have ambient effects on my recording software, even darker music coming out now. Very excite! #Djent
My new sounds: Misha Mansoor Overdrive Pedal Demo… on #SoundCloud
New upload: ‘April Cover (Tesseract)’ by Celestial Fury on #SoundCloud?… #djent #tesseract
Massive thanks to Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz at @fabrykareviews Music Magazine! Check out the review! #djent…
First new track in about a month, give it a listen and enjoy! You'll Float Too (We All Float Down Here Pt 2)…
Back to Glasgow tomorrow! We All Float Down Here part 2 coming soon! #djent
EilidhStewart: The Djentleman at Work… Supporting my friend's music, check it out!
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Quick Meshuggah cover, let me know what ya think. Electric Red Cover… on #SoundCloud
Taking an unwanted music hiatus for this week. Lab reports are standing between me and my guitar. #hoorayforscience
Signed up to a covers website for some of my Youtube videos, head over there, it'd really help out!…