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Alan Garner
musiccomedyactor 1,032,740 followers
If emojis were human, this world would be a scary place:
When someone eats the food you were hiding in the fridge:
Saddest picture I have ever seen. RT if you cried…
When you’re falling in your dream and it wakes you up:
If you’ve never experienced this, you’re too young:
When the delivery guy arrives with your food:
When everyone is discussing answers after the test and you put nothing similar...
When your mom gives you money and then asks what happened to the change
If you flip a photo of bats hanging upside down, they look like they’re having a wicked dance-off:
There has only been a month of school and I’m already like
The two emojis pretty much describe my life:
Just another example of how proper grammar can save lives:
There are two types of people in this world:
When you and the bae agree on somewhere to eat:
When you leave a party and you’re still drunk:
Whenever the waiter comes by to ask how the food is, I’m always like
Everything I hate in life in one picture:
When someone wakes you up but you’re not ready:
When you're in class tweeting and someone in your class retweets it:
When your mom opens your door without knocking first:
When you’re dead but the beat drops:
When you realize you both hate the same person:
If your friends aren't making fun of you, they're not really your friends.
Mom: "Why is everything on the floor?!" Me: "Gravity, mom."
When your mom forces you to go grocery shopping:
Once you turn 21, you can legally do all the things you've been doing since you were 15.
Society: Be yourself Society: No not like that.
That moment when your phone doesn’t have signal, and you’re like
I always say "morning" instead of "good morning". If it were a good morning, I'd still be in bed instead of talking to people.
When you finish stuffing your face and you can’t move:
No, cough syrup, you are not "grape flavored." Have you ever tasted a grape? You taste like death and the tears of small children. Not grape
When the person in front of you is walking really slow: