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Alan Davies
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why is everyone i saying I look like Jack Wilshere with a blonde wig 😫 look nothing alike 😂
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Yes, it's true, we have recorded a podcast. It's up and available to download to freeloading vermin.
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@alandavies1 Hi Alan, could you RT our free audience tickets to your appearance on BT Sport's The Football's On?
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@alandavies1 Please show your support for our campaign, follow and RT. Spread the word. #ClockEndToStand #Arsenal #AFC
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@alandavies1 the eerie, macabre predictive power of Jonathan Creek writers, given recent events;
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Nice show for kids & grown ups from @OliLansley & co in Edinburgh… 1pm @ThePleasance
Pls RT This Sunday at 11pm at Bob and Miss Behave’s Bookshop: PHIL KAY ushers us into the infinite! #EdFringe
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Good Night Vietnam RIP Mork
It's my last gig tonight @venue150 Seeing 3 shows today.21 in all now.Wingman is well worth seeing as are Hedluv+Passman & Adrienne Truscott
I was a bit dubious about all the online reviews people get at Edinburgh nowadays but this site is highly discerning:…
Please sign the #OrderInCourt e-petition to help more child abuse victims give their evidence away from court
Waiting for pirate gran to start. It's been showing sold out for days online but there are dozens of seats.Ticketing is a shambles @edfringe
Tonight @alandavies1 will perform the 1st night of his Little Victories show - here for just 4 nights @TicketWebUK
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@alandavies1 Tess the working Guide Dog is still missing. Pls retweet. We need as many RT as possible.
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1st show today at 9pm.3 in the morning & I'm awake convinced I won't remember any of my act,some things never change:
Just out of @hedluv & @the_passman Edinburgh show @Gildedballoon Hilarious as ever.
By far the best kids show I've seen in Edinburgh is @BecandTom with their awesome laundry at the gilded balloon 5*
Catch stand-up comedian @alandavies1 in Edinburgh next week! Tickets flying out quickly!
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Yes @MatRicardo @BrekkieHaHa was good fun, thank you. My four year old dumbstruck by the knife in the arm trick!
Going to Edinburgh today, looking forward to taking the kids to lots of shows.Not to mine though, inappropriate...…
@alandavies1 pls retweet. Josh is 7 with leukaemia, can't go on hols, just wants a postcard @Postcards4Josh x
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Had emails from PayPal,Apple,Amazon & Virgin Media (who I don't have an account with) saying I need to email all my bank info.Shan't do it.
Very much enjoying my new Edinburgh fringe app, searched for myself, pathetic. Tix available for my shows next week:
It continues as we re-shoot the entire fringe catalog...this one cuz we're big fanboys. @alandavies1 #berserkertwins
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@alandavies1 you've RT'd me before but I desperately need your help again. Please RT, Share, donate... Please
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Now on sale! New Alan Davies shows in Edinburgh. 6 - 9 August dates, book quick! @alandavies1
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I'm doing 4 shows in Edinburgh next month prior to my UK tour. They're not in the fringe brochure.Tix available here:
Asked mum to come see @alandavies1 with me @ the Fringe and she went, "What, that poof from Jonathan Creek?" Lovely, mum.
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The Edinburgh Festival is sneaking up this year hidden behind the World Cup & Commonwealth Games.My shows are aug 6-9…
Argentinians loving Happy by Pharrell Williams
Is there a "hoddle's hair" twitter feed yet?
Is there a "shearer's hankie" twitter feed yet?
Woke up this morning, looked over at my beautiful wife as she lay there sleeping and thought... Alexis Sanchez! woohoo!
Tix now on sale for my Edinburgh shows. No referendum content other than a possible show of hands should it come up.…
@alandavies1 Please, please help sign & share, CoL are ignoring 8k signatures on the petition. #savetheteahut…
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My wife's going to bed. Now. One minute before penalties in the World Cup semi-final. I'm impressed.
In the north east and not interested in the World Cup final? Here's your answer: John Cooper Clarke is on.
It's time for Brazil to stand down and let Algeria take over for the second half