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Alan Carr
Saw Book Of Mormon tonight - sooo near the knuckle - loved it!
My previous tweet re: potato gratin - yes I know it was Chloe Jasmine and NOT Oscar Wilde - I foolishly assumed Twitter would be clever.....
'Some people can bring salmon, others can bring Potato Gratin' - Oscar Wilde
I love Ben 😘😘😘�@M0nkeyb0yBakerak@AlanCarrC@RugbyBenCohenohen And let's face it, if Ben Cohen loves you who cares about anything else!
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@AlanCarr @tomtimmy123456 more evidence of correlation between spelling ability and homophobic cuntiness
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I never block on twitter- I like to know what these people are up to so I can cross the street when they come down it.
At least get the spelling right you twat! RT @tomtimmy123456: @AlanCarr Get ebowla you annoying homo
And yet you FOLLOW me!!! Jeez! RT @tomtimmy123456: @AlanCarr You're the single most annoying fag in the world
I've photoshopped what some celebrities would look like based on their worst fan art.
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Walking past it and it's twigs just grabbed my arms almost like it was saying 'everythings going to be alright'
A trees just grabbed me
I just had my chest waxed.. I couldn't resist shouting Wowcha!
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Just had a chat with @AlanCarr. He's dressed as a tiger, fresh from a kids' party and can neck a glass of wine like an animal. Fair play.
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To donate Β£5 or Β£10 txt FIVE or TEN to 70404 +1 std txt T&Cs For no fundraising calls add NOINFO after donation
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What a view! Taken today from the roof of the Methodist Hall - clouds look trippy tho
BOOM Sat night sold out , @AlanCarr @olympiatheatre running out of good avails for 4th , 5th,7th
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Oh joy the other half is trying out new ringtones for his phone whilst I'm watching The Apprentice - that's not annoying
Hmm! The 'just in time for Halloween' tweets about my face mask are rude just rude!!! ;) x
Well, if the worst happens at least I'll have a simply gorgeous death mask. #workingitevenwhendead
Having a plaster cast made of my face - to make me relax they've made the room look like something off of Dexter
I chose the red 'nice buns' boxers as they got the most votes. The other too went to dead-lock
@AlanCarr if u see this please rt , my niece is on c4 At 755 tonight as part of the stand up for cancer week
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@AlanCarr Reeeeeeeed ones nice buns πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ xxx
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Remember if you tweet me after I've chosen the pants your tweet won't count but you still may be charged
I have to be in my pants (yes I know)for a sketch - they've given me a choice but I would like you to choose
Oh! β€œ@chattyman: Have you voted in @OfficialNTAs yet? Is @AlanCarr your Best Chat Show Host? Vote here now! :) Sam x”
Lovely to meet you too xRT @MorneA81: Just met @AlanCarr happy days!! #chattyman
Bit dubious about Come Dine With Me Abroad but now am LOVING it! Who knew sarky voiceovers would travel xxx
Will the Chatty Man get lost for words? @AlanCarr Does Deal or No Deal is starting over on @Channel4 NOW! #celebdond
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Watching #bambi and yes that bit when you know who gets you know whatted STILL gets me. WTF??!!!
That's the spirit RT @micksharman: @OfficialBanker @AlanCarr @StandUp2C @Channel4 I'm not a big fan of his, crush him good :)
Watch out tonight channel 4 ,6.30pm ! On deal or no deal! Tune in will be fun! #fun#dealornodeal #alancarr @AlanCarr
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Hey want to see me have a breakdown on national telly - then watch Deal Or No Deal tonight at 6.30 on channel 4. There are πŸ˜ΉπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
My gorgeous niece suffers from juvenile arthritis.Please raise awareness.Thanks 2 Great Ormond Street 4 treating her.
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Tune in to @dealornodeal tonight at 6.30pm on @Channel4 to see @AlanCarr take on The Banker for #StandUpToCancer!
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