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Alan Carr
@AlanCarr, ... и уже объявила пятерку финалисток, брать свои слова назад я не буду, и на этой неделе финалисток будет 6-ть.
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Oops it's spelt nano. Thanks twitionary corner
My mum just synced her iPod nanno (is that how you spell it?) all by herself without even ringing me up for help once. #gomum #gomum
It's not every day you end up giving. @Mo_Farah a piggy back around a canteen!!! Ha!
Anyway let's be positive it's a beautiful day! And let's thank our lucky stars we can actually have this debate/discussion/catfight openly
Well that last tweet shut them up!! Ha!
Hey and before all you oh so worthy gays get back on your high horse the most homophobia I get is from gays. #selfloathing
Don't worry twitter they'll be another bandwagon you can jump on in a minute zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
The 'fairy' in the @peta campaign refers to my 'Tooth Fairy' DVD that's all. Take my advice if you act like a victim you get treated like 1.
Remember to keep your pets water topped up - I'm lucky, my dog bangs her bowl with her paw like she's auditioning for stomp.
@AlanCarr My little girls Ashleigh&Alisha (pic) have @BattenDiseaseUK a terminal Illness pls help me help them with a RT 4 awareness
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Can't believe I photo bombed @therealgokwan x RT @boy_elliott: What is @AlanCarr doing behind elaine and Gok
Big up to people who have kids. Just took 2 yr old to get haircut. My God. Nearly had to resort to headlock and general anaesthetic!! Ha!
Pulsating radio next as on XFM @AlanCarr will decided who has made the better cake. Will it be @joshwiddicomeb or @producerfearny?
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Being dragged round London looking for dinosaurs - if you see any let me know!!
Spending a lovely day with my little nephew - he only says 'Ow' 'Pow' and. 'Bam' talking to him is like having a fight with a cartoon batman
I'm on Xfm in the flesh (not silhouette) tomorrow morning with @joshwiddicombe at 10am - nighty night y'all x
Telling my Nan all about your lovely comments on twitter re #chattyman - she's in bits here. I've had to wring out her unitard #bless
If you have a 'fat person in a unitard' fetish you are going to love #chattyman tonight
I'd like to see an elephants leg 'slut drop'?