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all augustus waters was is a genuinely nice guy who loved his girlfriend & if that standard is impossibly high for guys then thats sad sorry
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Sahabat yang setia adalah sahabat yang tidak mahu melihat sahabatnya sedih tetapi mahu melihat sahabatnya tersenyum dan ketawa :)
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bakpe plug jauh sangat dari katil wehhh
still need time to get used to this
sarah ni tak bangun2 lagi
nak buat mnde ni. bosan nye
alahai susohnye
Wujudkan Rasulullah S.A.W di dalam hati kita setiap masa & keadaan.- Al Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin
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who else did this when you got a mosquito bite 😂�
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i don't know how to feel about this
malasnye nk jemur baju mak ai
RelationSHIPS sink when they have too many passengers.
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How time flies
#ZAYN IS PERFECT lol perfects the top 1 u can't be more perfect that's like saying I'm betterer he he :p
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zayn singing i got a feeling still kills me
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"here is all of the boys selfies" I CANT ASDFGSHGSKSGW
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30 more minutes till zayn's birthday. heh
You & I acoustic is perfect but where do I download
tak sedap hati
“You’re so quiet, you never talk.“ Oh I talk, just not to you.
That awkward moment when you yawn and your eyes get teary, then people ask you why you're crying.
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wooooo happily acoustic trending
um what movie should I watch today
don't know what this means but...whatever #EXADirectioners
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zayn's high note
OMG fangirling over Happily acoustic
bloody slow internet
we get jealous of a lizard we don't get jealous of katy perry we're the weirdest fandom ever Directioners #musicfans #PeoplesChoice
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Harry Potter marathon!