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what did i just read OMG
maybe i should just distance myself from people like i did in school, it'll be less painful
what's got into me yesterday
i feel like crying
definitely not my day
Can't believe how well the album is doing I don't think I've ever been so proud of something in my life thank you everyone
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Do u ever have that moment when ur phone freezes but u carry on typing and it magically appears 🌟
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2011: what a mess i made upon your innocence. 2014: reminds her of a missing piece of innocence she lost.
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so kiss me where I lay down my hands pressed to your cheeks ♪♪
Counting hoursssss
Knock knock.. Who's there? 'A vevo record' a vevo record who? Only joking. Whoops.
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Dok sabo nok balik
Aokme ghilek je. Pahang vs Kedah kite takde gaduh gaduh. Umpame nasik dari padi jodoh dengan gulei iken pating masok tempoyok. Ambooh.
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2 munggu je cuti weh. Mengertikah anda perasaanku ini @FathinNatasha
Oops just done a little follow spree in my pocket 👍
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X aci x aci boikot fathin. Kitorg dh ar cuti lmbt. Kejap pulak tu @FathinNatasha
Kesian fat study seko. Sorry buddy sc comp is not my cup of tea hohoho
I'm sick of numbers defining me. My GPA my SAT score my weight my number of likes per picture my grades... These things are not who I am
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I need motivation
it's actually really disrespectful how management didn't put Zayn's songs in the new album like he always works so hard and it's not fair
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Sleepy... I wanna go back to my room
no song written by zayn on the album no wonder he aint begging us to buy steal my girl like the rest of the boys
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Wait, don't tell me Heaven is a place on earth I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't show you what you're really worth
My phone is being a bitch
Headache makes me grumpy
I just arrived here and i already wanna go home
I really meant every word I hope there's more crazy times and more emotional speeches thanks everyone for making my life goodnight everybody
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Cause nobody knows you baby the wayyy i do

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