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i miss bae
self reflection is sooo important
The boys in morocco are so gorgeous, if only they lived in England😩
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breakfast at 12pm lunch at 3pm caskroot at 8pm dinner at 1am mgharba.....
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Our food is bomb and we have nice butts, I can see why they would be threatened tbh
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Saudis are scared bc the women are gonna stay single bc all the men are gonna want Moroccans bc our big booties and good cooking
LOL I'm the one in casa I think if somethig was going on id know. people are chillin it's calm alhamdulliah
And Saudi Arabia made it illegal for Saudi men to marry Moroccans LIKE Y'ALL ARE A BUNCH OF HATERS
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Let's not forget the US will help defend Morocco since Morocco was the first to recognize the US as a country 200 years ago #knowyourhistory
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@mvrxc @Linamarieeeee Hash and football at Ain Diab... Blow us up... We still chilling 🌞💯
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morocco world is the only source we have and it's not even reliable. the moroccan news channels aren't even takin about it
basically were gonna be alright inshallah I just accident started a riot and scared all the Moroccans on twitter lol but ya were good fam
basically the fact that the government isn't sending out warning and trying to protect the citizens tells us that it's not severe
basically people are saying terrorist threats are aimed at Casablanca bc they brought in weapons but it could be for historical festivals
Why do these psychos want to start shit with Morocco. Like we just sip on atay and smoke hashish in peace
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May Allah almighty guide those who are lost and having sexual intercourse with snakes AMEEEEEEN YA RABIL 3ALAMEEN
sex with a snake omg what did I watch pls
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