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the guy in @mandianantsios 's video is actually cute though
family channel music is where it's at
love is just a fancy word for obsession.
Be thankful for all you have at any moment it can disappear
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we're a sad generation
Kanye West is the kind of guy to comment and like his own Instagram picture
no follow back? whatever you were clapped anyways
Ramadan is the only time when ill openly admit that I'm thirsty
Everyone will get their justice eventually. If not now, then on judgement day. So no need to worry about the flaws of human written law.
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we all have those embarrassing pictures of us as children. but honey boo boo has an embarrassing childhood show that the world has seen
Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
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"going #offline" yes thank u, because we care
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Zimmerman would have been safer in jail
Zimmerman is probably going to get shot in the streets anyways so I don't see why y'all are crying
I just said the word shit in front of my whole family LOL that was eventful
Usually don't care what people tweet but when you generalise my country and say we're all the same then yh ill be offended and retaliate tbh
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@alaacids: do I have a life? no. do I care? double no.” #likeaboss
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do I have a life? no. do I care? double no.