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Alaa yehya
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الحاجه الوحيده الحلوة ف مصر ان الواحد بيحس فعلا بجو رمضان و كدة 😊😊
#??????_????? This love has taken its toll on me she said good bye too many times before 😃
عن اليوم الني نفسي اقول فيه ... و اخيرا حققت احلامي 😌
#????_????_?????? هو العصبيه و التوتر 😕😕
#????_??????? .. يارب اكرمني ف الدنيا و الاخره و اجعل الدنيا اخر همنا ... وحقق لي امنياتي يارب العالمين 😊😊😊
#????_????_???? لما بحس اني ناجحه ف حياتي و ف نفس الوقت علاقتي قويه مع ربنا 😊
حاول تبقى صريح مع نفسك و تبقى اكتر واحد عارف عيوبك ...متستناش تعرفها من مواقفك مع الناس 😉😉
Yees i'm back again 💪✌
Just give me a reason just little bets enough :/ ... #pink
Don't give Up just try and try again ^_^
ذات مومنت لما اسمع ان باسم هييجي الجمعه و محصلوش اي حاجه I feel like ده حقيقي ولا بجد :D
Don't waste Ur time blaming Ur luck ^_^
And we never be Rooyals :/ .... #LORDE
this wedding dress is perfection 😍�3f"
U look nica 2Day .... 'was i Ugly yesterday?!' -_-
Don't judge a book by its cover .. My Eng. Book has jappy people on its cover .. & i don't feel happy at all -_-
It's funny how we can remember the lyrics to hundreds of songs, but can't remember anything when we study for a test.
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"Harry's turning 20 on February 1"
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I really don't have ferlings until night .... Then i be sad from everything #True :/
If my best friend hates U ... Then I automatically hate U :D ..
Knoledge is to realise that tomatto is fruit .. Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad ;) .. #Gmda :D
People say we shouldn't be together we're too young 2 know about forever . But i say they don't know what they talk talk talkin about <3 #1D
I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me
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can't sleep at night .. Can't get Up in Morning :/ ... #true_story
Have U ever seen someone's face & U just wanted do look at him forever E7sas 3omry ma 7asseto wla ha7sso :D XD
I'm never sure if i'm hungry or Just bored :/ :D
Instgraam is twitter 4 people who cannot read :D
Altough i'm from egypt but Ur songs arrived here & all around the world :) ^_^
Kan feh drb rosas 7y t7t el bet nw :( .... Ya rab estor

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