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Alaa yehya
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Just give me a reason just little bets enough :/ ... #pink
Don't give Up just try and try again ^_^
ذات مومنت لما اسمع ان باسم هييجي الجمعه و محصلوش اي حاجه I feel like ده حقيقي ولا بجد :D
Don't waste Ur time blaming Ur luck ^_^
And we never be Rooyals :/ .... #LORDE
this wedding dress is perfection 😍�"
U look nica 2Day .... 'was i Ugly yesterday?!' -_-
Don't judge a book by its cover .. My Eng. Book has jappy people on its cover .. & i don't feel happy at all -_-
It's funny how we can remember the lyrics to hundreds of songs, but can't remember anything when we study for a test.
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I really don't have ferlings until night .... Then i be sad from everything #True :/
If my best friend hates U ... Then I automatically hate U :D ..
Knoledge is to realise that tomatto is fruit .. Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad ;) .. #Gmda :D
People say we shouldn't be together we're too young 2 know about forever . But i say they don't know what they talk talk talkin about <3 #1D
I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me
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can't sleep at night .. Can't get Up in Morning :/ ... #true_story
Have U ever seen someone's face & U just wanted do look at him forever E7sas 3omry ma 7asseto wla ha7sso :D XD
I'm never sure if i'm hungry or Just bored :/ :D
Instgraam is twitter 4 people who cannot read :D
Altough i'm from egypt but Ur songs arrived here & all around the world :) ^_^
Kan feh drb rosas 7y t7t el bet nw :( .... Ya rab estor
-انا نجحت مبروك جبت كام -انا نجحت ايوة عرفنا جبت كام -انا نجحت طب انت عامل ايه -انا الحمد لله كويس طب ما انت سامع جبت كام بقا -انا نجحت
"مهما بذل ابنك من مجهود, فإنه لن يتمكّن من استيعاب اي شيء" جُملة قالها احد المدرسين متحدثاً لوالد آينشتاين عن وضع ابنه العقلي عام 1895!
لو لم تكن المرأة شيء عظيم جداً لما جعلها « الله » حورية يكافئ بها المؤمن في الجنه :) <3
Me: i'm finally happy life:Lol, wait a sec. -_-
إطمئن .. فـ إن الله غالب على أمره ، لطيف بـ عباده ، رحيم بـ خلقه <3 :)
عن #????? حصلتلگ و تيجى تفتگرهآ تبقى عآيز تقول لنفسگ هو آنـآ آزآى گنت #???? گده .. x'DD
عآرفة لمآ بتبقى #???????? وخلاص بشد ف #???? منك واول مآ #?????? الاقيكى #?????? وصوتكـ #????? مبقدرش #???? وببقى عآيز #?????? عشآن آضحكك ^^
Tb ana yaama cried 3la el same reason w m3 zLk b3yt tany ... A3ml eeh ana b2aa adidaas :D ...
#?????? يا زعزوعه :) :*
#ArabsGotTalent daa 7aGaa To7faa .. A$ln ^_^ ...
When girls say ..." do whatever U want " don't do whatever U want
I'm not lazy ... I'm on energy saving mood :D
I take "L" and "R" on my headphone way seriously :D
Take Ur age and add 5 to it ... It's Ur age in 5 years :D
Never giveup on Ur dreams ..... Keep sleeping :D
Never giveup .. Great things takes times :)
My wallet is like an onion ... When i open it ... I cary :,(
I'm so naturally funny because my life is.ajoke :)
Wake me up when i'm rich -_-
We R best friends .. Remember when U fall i will pick U up ... When i finish laughing :D
The three biggest lies ... ' i love U ' ' i'm fine ' ' sorry that was my last gum ' :D
فيه ناس كده تديهم عنيك يطمعوا ف حواجبك ....
فيه ناس كده نفسي اقولهم ... كلى مكياج يمكن تحلوى من جوه -_-
لما تربطي شعىك و ترجعى تفكيه عشان فيه شعره مشدوده وبتوجعك ... قصه لن يفهمها الا البنات ^^